9 Hpt Waiting On Blood Test And Worried

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goinginsane - June 30

Hello all! I feel like I'm going insane just like my name suggests! I have taken 9 home pregnancy tests in all since Wednesday night and they have all been positive. I've taken the line kind, the digital yes or no kind, and the digital pregnant or not pregnant kind and all positive. I finally saw the Dr. today and got a blood test done but now I have to wait till tom to find out the results! I'm just so worried it will be negative for some reason! Am I being rediculious? I mean urine tests are are pretty reliable right? Do people ever get that many false positives??


sbea - June 30

I doubt you would get that many false positives. ( positives is pretty conclusive. Don't fret, I think you are preggs.


mjvdec01 - June 30

You are pregnant! Congratulations!!


praying4baby - June 30

I got a bfp with a digital clear blue easy hpt, then later i took another one of the same kind and it was bfn. then all the ones i took after that were bfn's also. It ended up being a false positive (I'm not convinced it wasn't a chemical pregnancy)...but anyway, if you have 9 bfp's, I'd say you're safe. congrats!


Breanna Jo - July 1

I am pretty sure you are pregnant!! Congrats! you should be safe with 9 saying positive. Good Luck!


lillybug - July 1

I'm sure your pregnant too! Praying4baby - its very rare to get a false positive with a digital test. the same thing happened to me and after I got the Bfn my af was weird and extra heavy- I had a chemical pregnancy. That is actually very very common. 89% of women will expereience a chemical pregnancy before they actually achieve a full term pregnancy. They happen and women don't even know it. they just think its an extra heavy period.


austynsmommy - July 1

Looks like you are preggers. Congrats. Happy and healthy nine months


goinginsane - July 1

Yes I was pregnant. Found out today my blood test came back positive for around 4 weeks pregnant! Yay!!! I still can't believe it!



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