9 Days Late, Cramping, Negative Pregnancy Test?

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bbyrachel - August 22

Hi, im 17 years old. and im honestly so scared so any advice would completely help! my last period was july, 12th and my cycle is usually 30-32 days the most is 34 days. (back in march, this also happened i was probably like 4 days late but ended up getting my period) i usually get my period a day or two later then it expected. (since i use an app that calculates my period and cycle, its lets me know when im suppose to get my next period but this time my period never came) my boyfriend and i havent been using protection so thats why im really worried. i was getting tired of wondering if im really pregnant so yesterday(8 days late) i decided to go get a pregnancy test (first response) and it came back negative so it had me thinking "yay im not pregnant, i should be getting my period soon" but im getting really anxious. i also remember a while back my monthly period was in the teens (10,11,12 etc) and the next month i didn't get my period till the end of the month ( 23-30ish) so im not sure if this is happening again? but just yesterday i started getting slightly cramps (pain: 2/10) and today there coming on a bit more stronger and go away for a while and come back (pain: 4/10) and also i went out to a dentist appointment i was getting cramps and i felt kind of wet, like how you would feel when you just get your period but when i went to check it was just white discharge? is it a possible sign of early pregnancy or is it ovulation? 


p.s: if i dont get my period within this week, im gonna take another test and if it comes back negative what shall i do? thank you for those who reply. 


Grandpa Viv - August 23

Rachel, if you are having regular unprotected sex you can expect to get pregnant within three months. Does your period app also tell you the most fertile days?

Now you have weird cramps and lotion discharge, two early signs. Maybe you ovulated late this cycle and are just beginning to feel early signs. Let's see if you also develop unusual fatigue, peeing more, changes in appetite, smells, breasts, nips, backache, dreams, emotions etc. Perhaps you should wait one more week before testing again. 


bbyrachel - August 24

yes my app tells me my most fertile days but this month it never came till a week later. i actually ovulated a week before my expectated period, does that change anything? ive been really emotional these past few days, shedding tears once and a while, just yesterday i started getting tender breast and feeling a bit weak and dizzy at night. today all i ever wanted to do was cry and sleep. @GrandpaViv


Grandpa Viv - August 24

Rachel, you feel you ovulated a week late so you would not expect a reliable test until a week later than typical. Sleeping a lot and crying for no reason are signs. Run a couple more tests at one week intervals 



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