9 Dpo And Temp Dropped

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Help me plz - February 13

I am 9 days past ovulation and my temp has dropped also i have been feeling like af is on its way am i preg?


La Rae - February 13

Sure does sound like it could be....Do you have any other symptoms? I am about 98% sure that I am pg. My af isn't due until the 18th - but I have been having a whole bunch of symptoms, including one of the really good ones: Blue Veins popping up on my nipples, and around my v____a. For four days now I have been feeling like I am ON af! It started out like it was coming on - but now it feels like it's already here, and I am definitely NOT bleeding. I am willing to bet that you have other symptoms. Anything you have been feeling lately that is entirely out of the 'norm' for you?


hello - February 13

hi la rae yr def preg i dont think u even need a test to prove it ha ha I have had bad heads lots of creamy discharge dizzyness spots swollen b___bs back ache sore achy legs like im coming on pulling feelings even feeling sick after tea!!!! My nose was bleeding this morning and its runny also im freezing i have heating on full blast xxx Im due on same day as you x


to la rea - February 13

also noticed i have white lumpc around my nipples and one vain on my left b___st....nown there are signs i cant give myself haha


La Rae - February 13

Hey Hello: I FINALLY found someone (you) who has the achy leg thing going on! I started feeling that four days ago. Yesterday was the worst. I have been feeling pulling sensations in the front and back of my thighs and calves. My veins are more noticeable on my thighs now, especially the left one (maybe because the heart is closer to the left?) The blue veins around my v____a are also more prominent on the left side. Oh yeah, and I am NOT a big fan of Chinese food but I have eaten it (because of severe craving for it) six times within the last four days. I also have been feeling VERY achy in my arms. especially near my shoulders and at where the arms bend. Are you feeling that too? Keep me posted. It's funny you should say that I don't need to test. I have told my dh that getting a pos on a test would be for 'everyone else' because I don't need one to tell me that I am. Good luck to you, btw....


La Rae - February 13

Re: to la rae...I just noticed about an hour ago that I have a few more bumps on my left nipple (my left b___st is my bigger one). I normally have around 12 all the time, now I have 20. The new ones are smaller, and they look like whitehead-pimples. And yeah, you're right....you can't psyche the veins. If you have 'em, then that's pretty much a 'given' for being pg. Good luck to you all! I am praying for everyone who is ttc. I am still nervous about af coming on though. I can't help it......(but not as nervous as I was the last 3 months I ttc)


hi - February 13

oh yes my arms ache they even hurt after carrying washin this is not normal at all for me i cant walk up the stairs cuz backs of legs hurt and im out of breath at the top!! Yr so preg i will be shocked if yr not!!!!! Im so cold is that a good sign x


hi - February 13

oh and my tummy is very bad im sure im gonna come on any min now not even due and im at hospital tom to see gyno about not getting preg xx


R- to Help me plz - February 13

If your temp has dropped then I would guess you are not pregnant. Your temp would rise if you were, indicating a third thermal shift.


j - February 13

sometimes a temp drop can indicate implantation -- it is called an implantation dip. so if it rises again, i'd say that might be a good sign!


hi - February 13

i guess i will have to wait and see xxxx Fingers crossed



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