9wks Late Neg Preg Test

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bellasmom79 - October 12

i was wondering if anyone is in the same situation as i am.i am really late my last period was 8-7-07 so im not exactly sure how late but late.i have all the classic signs of preg but getting neg results.i have been really sick in the morning but not vomiting.never did that with my other pregs either tho.i have not seen a doc yet i have no health insurance.so what do you think?


newlywed0915 - October 12

Your last period was AUG 9th? That makes you 36 days late. I'm 24 days late. How many hpts have you taken? I would suggest finding a birth clinic near you. There are many places "birthing clinics" that offer free services to those who dont' have health insurance. Sometimes the HCG hormone just doesn't show until later. Or there is something called the "hook effect" where your HCG levels can't be detected because they are so high. I'd suggest going to the doc and having them do an ultra sound. You've gotta find out if there is a baby in there. You can go on a payment plan to the hospital if you can't pay upfront.


bellasmom79 - October 12

i have taken 3 tests,but the clinics just run preg test and they are all neg.


vonzo - October 15

cutting and pasting something i typed earlier on, hope it helps : Hi Ladies, thought i'd add in my experience. I didn't have a period for 14 weeks. I was convinced I was pg as I was TTC but it was all in my head. I went for blood tests after numerous - results. Anyhoo the tests showed up very low levels of progesteron which led to more blood tests, confirming that i 'm having anovulatory cycles. Basically I'm not producing eggs. So far I;ve had another 2 tests , still not producing any :o( I have to have another 2 (theyre called 21 day tests) and if they both come back saying no eggies too then it's off to a specialist for me. I would say that If you miss 2 periods go see your Dr to get things checked out. The sooner they find out why your periods missing the sooner you can get back to baby dancing :o) Good luck everyone!!!



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