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Ok .. is it possibe to get your period 2 (mind you after ovulating the week before) & starting this early period 19 days before expected one on May 13th) WEEKS early and be pregnant..?? can someone PLEASEEEEE help me


Baffeld - May 7



Cutie - May 7

Sorry dear, I dont know an answer but I wish you luck :)


B - May 7

thanks anyway Cutie... anyone else


Erin - May 7

I'm sorry, I don't understand your question.


Baffeld - May 8

ok.. I started my AF 12 days before I was due, day after dh and I did BD.. anyway.. on the 25th I had a thick white DC and from the 26-2 it was clear.. then I started a early Period.from the 2-6, I AM NEVER EARLY. ( am supposed to start on the 13th of may) then lite pink spotting only when I wipe.. wanted to know if that could be a early pregnancy sign?


Maria - May 8

I would say it's implantation bleeding, but I don't think that's suppose to happen a day after bd. Is it possible that you got pg the week before? Did you bd anytime that week? Maybe you ovulated earlier than you thought.


baffled - May 8

yes.. we did at keast 3x's the week prior.. then day before the early af , we did 3'x nite before lol.. I know dont laugh.. was just one of those things lol


Maria - May 8

Then that would be about right. You probably concieved one of those days. That is if this is implantation bleeding, which it does sound like. Were you ttc? Good luck to you!!!!!!!!


Baffled - May 8

to maria.. no we werent.. he has no children I have 3, youngest is 15... we were married last june.. so if I am. he sure would be happy.. BTW I am 42.. I started young.. I was 16 when my first was born..


baffeld - May 8

well then should I test if I dont get "normal " af on the 13th.. god its been a longgggg time lol forgot all these things


Maria - May 8

Yeah, I'd test on the 13th, and if you don't get a positive and don't start try again a week later. Sometimes it takes a while for the hormone level to build up, my first one didn't show up until a week after af was due. That would be pretty cool if you are pg. I hope that everything turns out for you guys. Good luck, lol!!!! Baby dust!!!!!!!!!


Baf - May 8

thank u so very much Maria, I feel alittle better.. He is kinda hoping I think.. He is a wonderful man... My kids love him.. they are 26( will be on 18th of this month) 24, and 15 will be 16 in July.. Hubby would love it.. I on the other hand would be nervous.. been a loooong time :) thank u for your support


Maria - May 8

I'm sure that everything will be fine if you are. A lot of women these days don't even start having kids until later, my sister in law had her first at 39 and she's pg now with her second at 41. She seems to be a much more relaxed mother than most. I'm sure everything will come back to you, and it'll probably be easier this time because you've already raised children. You might even enjoy it more. And it sounds like you've got wonderful support. I wish you luck, please let me know how everything turns out.


bafeld - May 8

thank u marie.. will let u know what happens



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