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sunnydaze25 - July 4

Good evening ladies. just recently, my husband and I decided to pick strawberrys. So, we went, and had to walk all through a field to get them. Well, I hit my foot or something, that caused me to fall right down. I was a trooper, I didn't want to walk all that way, and not get any strawberry's. Anyways, the whole day was a nightmare, and I was assuming that I was pregnant, but I hadn't went to a dr to confirm. I was getting pains so sevre, it was like going through labour. My stomach hurt so bad, and I was scared that if I was pregnant, I would lose it from falling. So, I had a hot bath, and I was really hurting, vomiting, and bad cramps all through my back, and lower ab. So, my husband and I went to the emergency room, to find out what was happening. The dr felt my belly, and then asked me how long ago was my last period. I told him I was about 4 weeks late. he said to me, well, then you won't be that far along ? Anyways, he told me, I just sprained all the muscles, and not to worry. It has been 3 days, and I haven't lost any blood. I have mind blowing cramps, and a hard time urinating. I suffer quite alot of pain when I do pee, it feels like something is just going to fall out of my va___a. Today, I had went to the bathrrom, and when I wiped my self, there was a clump of mucus....kind of like phlem. It didn't have an odour. I really don't know what to do, but I know I can't keep this up very much longer. Does anyone have any idea's (other than dr, where I live, we have a 6 weeks waiting list) I am gratful for your time. Thank you!


Patti - July 4

Can you take a home pregnancy test? Before you worry yourself to pieces, you should find out if you are even pregnant. The glob of mucus I would think could possibly be a sign of late ovulation. The painful urination and cramping could also be a sign of a UTI. I had them double me over in pain before. Try and get a pregnancy test asap. Also see about making sure you don't have a uti or bladder infection. I hope you feel better soon!


Lin - July 4

I agree. You really need to test.


TOGIRL - July 4

why didn't the doc do test at the hospital just curious



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