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Tama - May 29

Hi girls!! How have things been going, any Bfp? Me and dh have been on holiday last week, but something strange happened. We bd'ed the week before last and bd'ed last week, but since last Monday (22nd may) i have been having creamy brownish discharge ... any body know what it can be? just another hopefull ....(@).... babydust and bump!


KimS - May 29

Hey Tama good to hear from you!!! I don't know much about IB.. but from what I read it sounds very promising for you!!! As for my, dh and I bd every other day for the last 2 weeks... which has been a littley hard since we just moved into a new house.. but we bought a new bed so ... it's been fun.. anyways my fingers are crossed for you!!! baby dust!!


Tama - May 29

Hi KimS, thank you sooooooooo much for replying ... hope there will be something gr8 happening for all in June ... by birthday is on the 20th of June so who knows ... (@)... babydust and bump!


Tama - May 30

Hi all ! i'm still having the creamy brownish discharge and now, only when wiping bright red .... I hope that a bfp will show up soon .... my af are due next week Thursday ... so i'll wait this one out ....(@).... bump and babydust


Tama - May 31

Strange, its been 9 days of on and of brownish and brigth red discharge (sorry tmi) and yesterday afternoon felt sick, ready 2 throw-up, better after a while and last night felt sick again. Wasn't hungry and this morning normal creamy cm and very tender b___sts, more tender than yesterday ....(@)... maybe a sign ! bump


KimS - May 31

Wow Tama!!! sounds good for you! I have my fingers crossed and am sending you sticky dust!!! As for me.. I am 10 dpo today and had more "symptoms" last month... maybe that's good, that I am feeling different? or it may just be my body finally adjusting to being off of bcp... since I am a poas addict.. I tested this morning with a bfn.. although I can't say that I really expected anything different!!! baby dust to all!!


Tama - June 1

Hi KimS, how you been doing? Any symptoms yet for you? I wish we could get so far to buy a house, maybe closer to the end of the year. Today had brownish discharge again, well still hopefull ... you know it is strange ... i get anoid with myself obsessing about getting a bfp, well here is to all of us wanting to bring life into the world ...(@)... bump and babydust! oh, and stickydust!


KimS - June 1

Hey Tama... still no symptoms for me.. maybe that's good... who knows.. all sounds promising for you! but like you I obsess... I have been testing every morning since 9 dpo.. today is 11 dpo... I know it is too early but I can't help myself! And we are lucky to have a house but you don't need a house to have a home right!! Well baby dust !!!


Tama - June 1

That is true KimS, we have a home ... the house we'll find later! and another thing is that i don't get ewcm, only happend once after i stopped bc in January, only watery, sticky and creamy (ai sorry tmi) ... i'm also a poas-addict! i have to keep miles away from pharmacies and shops that have pregtests i have to go, lunchtime is over :( ...(@)... bump and babydust and lost of stickydust.


KimS - June 1

HAhah After all of the money I spent last month, I ordered some cheapies on-line, I got 20 strips for about $15 (canadian). well bump and babydust..


lavenda - June 1

Hi Ladies Tama , KimS how are you ladies doing. Hope to hear good news from you soon. My fingers are crossed for you. Loads of baby dust to you


KimS - June 3

Hey Tama How are you doing? I tested this morning... faint line... went out to buy a first response test.. i'll keep you posted. I am 13dpo... I am trying not to get excited......



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