MOMS2B Part 9

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soimpatient - January 25

"When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hang on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn." Harriet Beecher Stowe


soimpatient - January 25

I hope that you ladies don't mind that I started a new thread...the other one was taking too long to load. I hope that this thread brings us health, happiness & love...oh, and how can I forget...BFPS!!!


javidsgirl - January 25

thanks for starting the new thread angela i hope this thread brings nothing but good luck and bfps


staci - January 25

Beks i am so sorry about your family's loss :( You all definately have my prayers. And i so hope you are pg too! That would just be so awesome! So...the latest-my day gets worse. About 2 hours ago my bil calls and says my sil is pg! with their 3rd! I am just so mad right now. When i got pg with ds they decided to get pg, bam one month and pg. Since he has learned that we were trying he has been begging my sil to have another. She caved in and bam one month later she's pg. I just don't understand. I think i am giving up girls. I need to concentrate on what is going on with me right now. Thank you all for your kind words and your prayers, i def. need them right now-i am just not in a good place. Don't be surprised if you don't see me on the thread to much. I promise i will not totally leave you girls (never have before right?!) I am just so bitter right now and i really need to work on that. I trust that god is doing this for a good reason. But the hard part is not knowing why. So i will prob. check in over the weekend to find out if anyone has gotten bfps. I'm really rooting for you girls! Remember i'm not leaving! just concentrating more on me rather than the whole getting pg thing. Almost 2 years is way to you all! oh and angela you are the quote queen! love it!


soimpatient - January 26

Staci, I'm so sorry!!! That is horrible. I really hope that you don't give up just yet. I understand if you need to take a break but don't give up. Listen to that quote. Can DH continue with his plans to see the urologist while you take a ttc break? I'm almost positive that once he gets his issues resolved you will be able to conceive. Maybe you're right and you need to stop worrying about TTC until you know exactly what is going on. But, please, don't give up on your dream of being a Mommy again. I am happy to hear that you are not leaving us, I would miss you too much. Make sure to come back regularly. Take care of yourself sweetie!


ma2aiden - January 26

good morning girls - beks, i am soooo sorry to hear about dh's grandfather - i hope that the both of you are doing okay - you will be in my prayers!!! a little hint w/ the digital hpt's - take them apart, because the stick inside can sometimes tell another story :) my first digital said NOT PG but the stick on the inside showed a faint bfp! good luck!! i still have my fingers crossed for you.... staci - i am soooo sorry to hear all that you are going thru... when will you have the biopsy done?? if i were you, i would concentrate on this and keeping your spirits up until you know whats going on... i'm sure that you will be just fine in the end and that nothing will be wrong, but i'm sure that the wait is sooo unnerving - i will be praying for you that all goes well!!! and as far as your sil - block them out for right now, distance yourself if you have to and just worry about staci - as much as it hurts - you can't worry about any of that right now... and ttc just gets put on the back burner for you - but don't forget about us!!! we love you and are always here for you NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!! even if all you do is talk about what is medically going on w/ you until its all figured out... GOOD LUCK!!! kelly - i have yet to feel that kind of movement, but w/ ds it was so intense - like an alien was inside me - but his size explained it - 9lbs.1oz., 22 3/4" - decent size baby huh? hello to everyone else, have to fly to work - hey tonia - did you test yet???


javidsgirl - January 26

beks and staci i am so sorry for what you two have to go through losing a love beks is never easy but know our shoulder are here to lean on always that goes for you to staci. your both be in my prayers


Kelly11 - January 26

Hey girls! I just want to start by saying Staci we love you, are here for you ALWAYS, and will be praying for you...that God will comfort you and take care of our dear friend. I know there is nothing I can say to make you truly feel better during this nerve racking time...but just know we're always willing to talk to you about anything and it doesn't have to be ttc stuff either! My heart just aches for both you and Beks right now and I soooooooooooo wish there was something I could say to make it all better for both of you, but I know that's just not possible. But please know I am thinking of both of you during these trying times and I will be saying some extra special prayers for you both. And about your bil and sil it is going to be best to do like Daina says and just do whatever it takes to continue to focus on you and your family right now---even if you do have to distance yourself for a bit. These kind of things always seem to surface at the WORST time and it definitely tests our trust in the Lord and His plan for our lives. Angela thank you for starting us a fresh new thread---and ditto to what you said about it bring us health, happinness, love and quite a few more bfps-----and to continued friendship between us all! I love all you girls. Hi Daina! How are things going? You been feeling better the past week? I sure hope so! So I hope my little bubba's kicks aren't a sign of a 9 pound baby too!!! I am hoping for 7-8 pounder : )...not that it makes that terribly much of a difference, I'm sure either way it's going to hurt like heck...but one can dream right? OKAY, where is Tonia??? I'm hoping she got a bfp and is out celebrating...........her dh probably wisked her away to some magical place or something! Tonia, where are you??? So does anybody have big plans for the weekend? Beks I know you had some frers hiding somewhere over there---what did they say? Hi Michelle!!! How's our most recent preggo holding up? Sorry to hear you had a rough day yesterday...but at least it's a sign of a happy little bean growing away in there : ) Hope everybody else is having a great Friday and there's some serious chatting action today! Love you girls.


Bing - January 26

Becky - I'm so sorry to hear about your dh's grandfather...I hope you, dh and your families are doing o.k. during this difficult time. You're in my thoughts and prayers... Hoping that a bfp will still be coming your way. Staci - I know how scary it must be to sit and wait until your appt and wonder what's going on the whole time - I'm sending you lots of hugs and prayers and am sure everything will turn out fine! Just stay positive until then! The girls are definitely right, concentrate on YOU right now and put everything and everyone else to the side (ttc, bil/sil) for the time being. The timing obviously sucks so everything seems so overwhelming (isn't that how it always happens?!) so just focus on the important stuff right now. I know I'm not on the thread as much anymore but please know that you all are always in my thoughts and prayers! Right now I'm fighting a major cold virus (Angela - did you sneeze my way?!) so I'm super under the weather so I'm going to lay back down. Feeling lots of movement lately so things are going well. I'll check back in later this weekend when I'm hopefully feeling a little better!


staci - January 26

HI ladies! I wanted to thank you all for being such great friends and supporting me through this rough patch in my life. Becky how is the family doing? How are you doing? Do you feel pg still? Can you or someone give me your chart link? I looked and looked for it today and couldnt' find it because i wanted to see if you tested today? Tonia i'm getting worried about you! It's not like you not to post for days at a time! Hope all is well. Hi bing! So cool that you are feeling movement! I still can't believe you ladies are that far along already! I'm taking your advice girls, i am distancing myself from my bil and sil. If they come to visit i will not go(they usually just go to dh's dad's house). I know that may sound bit*hy to some, but you have to know how dh's family is. They like to rub things in your face. Like at christmas dinner his dad said to everyone at the table "i bet staci wishes she was pg!" what the heck!? I couldn't believe he said that and out of no where!. And then his brother making comments to us about not being albe to. Anyway, i wish we could hear from tonia! Anna if you are out there how are things going? Becca? I think about you girls all of the time. Well i guess i'm outta here. May check in before bed time. Ds is with my mom and dad tonight. He pulled a sobbing crying act on them while we were out tonight so they took him home! So i'm by myself. Oh and I turned down bding today-told dh it did nothing but make me think of having a baby. I feel so bad! Have you all ever done that? I need to stop it!! Hope you all have a great weekend!


staci - January 26

oh and bing i hope you feel better soon!


tonia - January 27

Hey ladies! I am so so so so sorry for the unannounced absence. We had a family emergency on Tuesday night and I am just now able to get on line! Nothing to major, but enough to interrupt the daily life! Anyway I need chance to get all caught up on the postings since I left.............I just wanted to raise my hand and say "Here!" I sure hope everyone is logging in today!!!! ; )


soimpatient - January 27

Hey ladies. Marley had his big surgery yesterday and so he's been keeping us busy. We actually stayed up ALL night with the dog. I didn't mind because I figure that it is good practice for when our baby arrives:) Tonia, I am glad that you are back and that you are okay. I hope that everything is okay with your family. Is af still MIA? (I hope so!). Staci, I can't believe what your dh's Dad said at Christmas. That is probably the rudest thing I have ever heard of! I have heard many rude comments but nothing like that. You should tell your DH to tell his Dad to be a little more sensitive. MEN!!! Bing, I am sorry that you are sick. It sounds like we have the same thing. This is day 8 of this nasty cold. Urgh, I hope that yours doesn't last quite as long. Congrats on feeling lots of movement! That is so exciting!!! I am hoping that I will feel something within the next week or two. So, what is everyone up to this weekend? We got our crib bedding FINALLY! It isn't quite as nice as I though that it would be. Whatever. No biggie. I mean, really you aren't supposed to use anything other than a sheet and bedskirt anyway. Here is the link to Beks chart (I hope that you don't mind Beks)


tonia - January 27

Okay, no af yet for me, so I am as little as 9dpo (if I O'd during my last surge) or as much as 20 dpo (if I O'd during my first surge that I had the EWCM and spotting).........yesterday with FMU I tested with a dollar store test and I thought I saw some color in the test line developing but then it ended up being so ambiguous, I discarded it. I bought some FRER and tested with one of those after about a 4 hour hold and it was stark white! I knew that you girls trust these tests so I decided that it is negative and discarded that one too. Well, when I bought that FRER, I got a three pack and a two pack equate +/- too. So early this morning about 3am, I POAS on the equate and went back to bed. About 3 hours later got up again and went to look at my pee stick (after dh left for work) and it was POSITIVE!!!! but, the test line was really thin and I thought, d__n it, an evap with SMU I tested with the FRER and I thought I saw a line, so so so so so so faint I thought I was making it up! Then yes, I tested with another equate and a dollar store test and they were both there you have it ! Damn it. I knew not to get my hopes up, BUT the equate positive is very obvious. I mean unmistakeable. So I drove to Target and bought a two pack of target brand and a two pack of early result clear blue easy digital, on sale for $8.86 ( I was actually scared to buy this one!) So I used the digital first and in less than two minutes the word "PREGNANT" popped up!!! I am in shock!!!! OMGosh!!! Holy c___p Dudes! DH is at work and I am going to surprise him tonight at dinner! I haven't told anyone, I am about to explode!!!! (big smiles over here!)


soimpatient - January 27

WHAT!!??? TONIA!! OMG!!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! This is the best news ever!!! Congrats! Make sure to post after you tell DH!! This is just so amazing! God is so good!!!


tonia - January 27

Thank you Angela! I am in shock here! I can not believe it!!! HOLY COWS!!! Sorry I had to leave ya for a minute, I needed a shower! Believe it or not, I went to the gym after I got my BFP! lol!!!!


soimpatient - January 27

Good for you!! I can't wait for you to tell your DH! Have you called your doc yet? This is just amazing! Oh, and I posted my pic of me at the is on my home page at the bottom. Oh course, I am eating and looking sick!



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