MOMS2B Part12

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tonia - February 15

Hello ladies! I am wishing all of us a very happy and healthy 9 months, and every one of us a super healthy baby in the very near future! Baby Dust Baby Dust Baby Dust!!!!!


tonia - February 15

looks like I skipped part 11!!!!! if it's okay with you, let's leave it that way! ya never know! ; )


soimpatient - February 15

LOL! Tonia, you're too cute! Part 12 sounds great to me! Thanks for starting a new thread!


ma2aiden - February 15

i was just checking back in quickly as dinner is taking longer than expected and was like - part 12??? :) just glad you started a new thread! too cute :)


tonia - February 15

lol! Hey Daina, I only have your address so far! : ) Staci, it looks like the rite aid(\\) test can be as sensitive as less than 10! so you may be on to something!


staci - February 15

ok i am back! wowee ds is crazy today! Anyway, tonia you are to dang funny! that is a great idea though! Kelly, i so believe that any wt. you gain is just from baby! like everyone else said you look great! You are def. all baby and no fat! Becca i have to check out your site so i can see that cute hat! Daina hello girly! So how much would it cost for you to ship that test? LOL! i'm kidding, i wouldn't make you do that for me, but you are to sweet to even think of it! So you were cardless last night also huh?! I think i would take the pay off on the credit card over that though too! Just like i'm taking our vacation as a gift-ahhh can't wait! So i showed dh the other test, really didn't want to, but i did. And he said that it is more of a line that the other. But hopes aren't up. If the line wasn't questionable in the begining i wouldn't be wondering! Shoot shoot shoot! Anyway, guess we'll know in few days right? I totally didn't notice the skippage!! Tonia where did you find that info at? I wannnnnaaa seeee!


ma2aiden - February 15

Early-Pregnancy-Tests . com 20 mIUs hCG E.P.T. 40 mIUs hCG Clearblue Easy 50 mIUs hCG Store Brand: Rite-Aid 50 mIUs hCG First Response 100 mIUs hCG Answer 100 mIUs hCG Store Brand: Equate/WalMart 100 mIUs hCG QTest 100 mIUs hCG Store Brand: Walgreens 100 mIUs hCG Precise 100 mIUs hCG


Beks37 - February 15

Thanks for checking out my chart Angela. I like to come up with some sort of rhyme for the cycle I'm on. Soon it will be #10, so I'm thinking of ideas. Michelle-sorry about your scare-I was praying and hoping that everything would be fine. Bleeding does seem to be quite common in early pg-all the ladies seem to have had it. That was cute that your dh posted for you, especially when he came back on and said that it was not your style of writing. :) Kelly-sounds like you had a great dr's appt. Do you have diabetes? I know you are always talking about controlling your sugar levels, but I didn't know if you had a form of diabetes. Staci-I hope this is it for you. I saw the line very very faintly on a few of the tests. What brand are you using? Tonia-I sent you my address just a few minutes ago. I want to be in on the baby shower action. Daina-that would be neat to compare belly pics from your previous pg with your ds to see if you are smaller or bigger. I want to see an updated belly pic on your piczo site. I officially o'd on cd 16, which was last Monday so I am 3 dpo today. Yay! We had lots of bding but it was too early I think. Those little spermies are not the best quality or quant_ty-I'm not sure they hang on for that many days. Tomorrow is the variocele surgery and they better not cancel it or I'll be mad. :( Well, I have the day off of work to care for dh tomorrow and then I have to go in on Saturday to catch up-I've got lots of tax returns due on the 20th that I haven't even started yet!! Oh and it must be Tonia's pg brain that made her skip part 11. :) Later ladies!


Becca - February 15

Staci, honey, you win the award for the most hpt pics on your piczo site, haha!!! Are they all of the same test? Even MYdh says he sees a line! :-) I do have one comment though, the tests are very....clear, and by clear I mean not yellow. Is that fmu? I don't know about the rest of you but my fmu is much more yellow, sorry not to be gross, but maybe your pee is more diluted then usual or something. I'll check in the morning to see if you have any more news.


staci - February 15

Hey! Becca all those are of one test. i know i'm such a dork to have 20pics on there!! And that was from a 4hour hold(2nd pee of the day). And you didn't sound gross, mine is usually very dark in the a.m.! if don't feel afish tomorrow i may test, but i'm starting to get little crampies again so i'm thinking she may show, i can't be this lucky! i'm gonna go look at everyone's piczo site then take some pics off of mine(my pee stick pics) Thanks daina for the link! gonna check it out in a minute. Hope you all have a great nights sleep and becky tell dh we'll be thinking of him and praying this is the end to your ttc battle!


staci - February 15

oh my god did you all watch grey's?! oh my gosh!!!!


soimpatient - February 16

I just wanted to pop in here quickly...Becky, good luck with your DH's surgery! You must be so excited....especially after hearing how quickly it worked for Tonia's DH!! Staci, I hope that you poas using fmu this morning! Let us know what it says. Well, have a great Friday and I'll check on as soon as I can. Oh and only 1 week until I learn the gender!! YAY! I had a dream that it was a beautiful, healthy boy that started chewing my nipples (it was born with teeth) when I would nurse...OUCH!


Becca - February 16

Becky, best wishes to your dh! We're thinking of you today! Staci, you too! Any news?


Michelle_in_PDX - February 16

Hi ladies! I am copying this post from the other thread....STACI!! I totally think things look really good for you! I'm praying for a very dark BFP really soon for you!! How are you feeling? Any more symptoms? Beks, how are you hanging in there? Are you still working crazy hours? I am praying for an easy and perfect surgery for your DH tmrw!! And that your in-laws provide comfort, not annoyance! =) Kelly, I'm so happy your dr visit went well--you are beautiful, girl, don't worry about the numbers on the scale. OMG I saw GREY's and I am so shocked! Meredith is not my favorite character, but I don't know what I think about what is going on. I won't say anymore, but sometimes watching that show is too much for me to handle while I am pg! Angela, your belly is so cute and you are still so little, girl! Daina, I'm glad everything is still going great for you--it seems like just yesterday when you announced the bfp, but I can't believe how quickly time has flown by! Tonia, your idea for DH to POAS is hilarious, but it would be a good baseline BFN. Anna, where are you girl? DH has been cursing our computer because it is so slow when he tries to upload photos. I'm not sure I'll be able to get a piczo site up until we get a new PC. DH and I (and peanut) are going up to Seattle today for the weekend to visit with my family up there (and to celebrate Chinese New Year) since we haven't seen them since Christmas. I hope everyone has an awesome weekend! Hi Becca, Tanya!


tonia - February 16

Hey there! Good morning ladies! Good luck Becky! I know the surgery is going to go very well! You and dh are in my thoughts and prayers today! Michelle, it sounds like you are going to have a fun weekend! I am jealous! ; ) Kelly, I totally agree with you on the shoes! Angela, that is a nice dream with a crazy twist! lol! I always have dreams that I have this beautiful baby that I love so much and then , somehow, someway, I leave the baby somewhere and I panic! Then I spend the whole dream trying to get back to the baby! Well, I am getting anxious angain for Monday morning's u/s! just a few more days and I will see the h/b! I am pretty excited! I think we all need to remember not to listen to nurses, medical a__sistants or u/s techs, OR anyone until we talk to our dr's! Those other people are not equipped to tell what is what! They usually are just goignt by what they see in front of them and not the whole picture or the education! : ) So there! Tanya, how are you fdoing today? Bing, are you ever going to come back and give us an update on you and your baby girl? Yeay Angela, you find out in a week! woo hoo! I can't wait! Anna, how are you feeling? Getting closer to your first u/s! Is it on the 26th?


Kelly11 - February 16

Morning girls! How's everybody doing on this fabulous Friday? Tonia I couldn't agree with you more about not listening to anybody but our doctor's! I think that's a great plan. Becky we're all thinking of you and dh today! Hope everything is going smoothly! Angela that is so cool about your dream. Now I bet it's going to be a boy. I know for me, my dream was the only thing that was right on : ). But then again I had some pretty wacky dreams and none of them have come true---thank goodness. But aside from those I had 3 dreams all about a baby boy and that's the only thing that made me think our baby could possibly be a boy. And low and behold, we all know how that turned out. Staci where are you girlfriend? So we have two big u/s's next week! Tonia on Monday and Angela on Thursday (it is on Thursday right?). I just know everything is going to look perfect on Monday for you Tonia, and same goes for Angela on Thursday!!! Hi Becca! How's it going over there? Still getting snowed on? Where's Anna been? And Bing! We're looking forward to hearing from both of you. Have fun in Seattle Michelle...I love going to Seattle and just seeing all of the cool stores and sights. It's a pretty groovy place. I hope I didn't totally miss where you told about the in-laws and their reaction to the big news! What did they say? Well girls, hope everybody is having a great day. I have a bunch of school work to do tonight so I'll be sure to check in during the day since I won't be able to tonight. Have a great one!


tonia - February 16

Okay, I am bored. I am waiting for a client to come in. She should be here at 11:30................after that, I am going shopping! Not for me, for work stuff, for me! : )



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