BFP Finally My Symptoms

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Kristina - April 22

I tested today which is 13-14 DPO and got a BFP. I had CM that never dried up after ovulation - it was very much like the CM you get BEFORE ovulation. White, pasty. Not tons, just a little on panties and when wiped. 10 DPO - present: when I stretch (hands over head), it feels like I have done some serious ab exercises. 11 - 12 DPO - very bad stomach (diarhea.) 12-13 DPO - ate lunch chicken tenders over salad - and had major indigestion. Tums helped a lot. I am 110lbs and 5'3", so fairly small and I already have tight jeans.... felt tight since 10-11 DPO. I feel fine today, but still feel weird when I stretch. If I can answer anything else, please ask. This forum had been great, because no one knows about DH and I TTC, except all of you. I stopped Yasmin BCP Dec 23, 2004. Thanks to all and pray for a happy, and healthy pregnancy for me and baby! I am sending BABY DUST TO ALL!!!!!!!


MM - April 22

Congratulations Kristina, that's awesome!! Good luck with your pregnancy!


MRS.R - April 22

Kristina, Congrats I also got my BFP Yesterday!!! I will pray for a safe and healthy Pregnancy for you. Good luck!!


stacey - April 22

kristina - Congrats :) Thanks for sharing!


c - April 22

i'm happy for you!! :-) xxxx


Kristina - April 22

Thanks you all! I am so excited - haven't told DH yet. I am trying to think of something special to do to tell him.


Cristin - April 22

Congratuations Kristina! Did you have the white/pasty CM the whole time between ovulation and when your period was due?


Amy - April 22

Congrats hon!!!!!!


J - April 23

Kristina, Remember me. I was the one that posted the question 'anyone due af tomorrow (21st)'. First of all congratulations to you hope you are doing well. I have some good news myself, even though I have no symptoms whatsoever I got my BFP this morning. DH didnt believe it and made me take another and yet again BFP so looks like we could be due about the same time. Let me know how you are doing or how your getting on and I will do the same. If you want to contact me direct just for a quick chat my e-mail is [email protected]


Kristina - April 23

Hey J~ SO happy about your BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I will pray for you and the baby every day! I have not told DH yet. I am having an U/s on Friday and am going to wait (try) until then and give him a nice book, card and the u/s picture. Where do you live? I would love to keep in contact with you! To Christin~ I had that white pasty CM the whole time from Ovulation to BFP!


nikki - April 23

First of all...congrats!!! When i read about your streching thing, i found myself nodding. But i have this pulling sensation when i inhale deeply. It's right on the sides of my belly next to my hip bones (inside). Also when i cough hard. Don't know for sure if im pregnant...I posted a question if you don't mind reading and responding...t_tle: does anyone else have this problem? Thanks so much and congrats again!!!


J - April 24

Kristina, Good luck for Friday, hope all goes well. I am going to try to see the doctor on Monday to see what the next steps are. I live in the North East of the UK. Where are you from?


Kristina - April 24

J ~ I thought by your email address that you were in UK - my father is British, and my grandparents still live there. (In Worschester) I live in the US - in North Carolina. :)


to kristina - April 24

Congratulations on your BFP! I got mine last weekend! I wanted to think of a creative way to tell my husband too. Just a suggestion- you might want to tell him before Friday so he can go to the ultrasound too. My husband is extremely excited for ours next weekend and can't wait to see the heart fluttering on the screen. You just don't want your husband to be sad afterwards that he missed it. Is your husband a big sports fan? You could always buy a baby outfit for his favorite team and give that to him!


nancy - April 24

congratulation soon to be mummy


Kristina - May 11

Just an update.... I am 6w5d and had an u/s today..... they found twins. Identical twins. I am freaking out! Happy, but scared to death. 2 strong heartbeats. 130 and 121. Thanks to everyone that "helped" me get my BFP on the site!


aimee - May 11

congratulations hun! i'm experiencing almost all of those symptoms currently! :)



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