BFP I Think

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Marie - March 15

You don't know how long I have been waiting to post this!! I finally got my BFP this morning after 26 months ttc! I am 2 days late and got a feint positive this morning. It was visible within 20 seconds and lasted for about 15 minutes and then started to disappear! I phoned the careline and they said that it has disappeared because it has dried up and that it is early and not to read the test after 10 minutes - disregard anything after that point. I will test again in a few days time or probably tomorrow knowing me!! Typical thing is that we have just booked a holiday to Cuba at the end of September and I won't be able to go :0( WORTH IT THOUGH!!! Typical that it's the one month that we thought 'oh well nevermind' and just BD when we wanted to and didn't pay attention to O at all! ** Baby dust to everyone else and hang in there - I know it's a tough ride, but hopefulyy we will all get our dreams **


Liz - March 15

A big, fat Congrats to you!!!!! My friend tried for 2 years also with her first and now has 2 wonderful children.


Marie - March 18

I did another test the day after and it was another first response one - negative!! I phoned the helpline number on the back of the box and they said that it must have been a fertilised egg that has not implanted and to expect AF in 1-2 days, well that was Wed am and it is now Fri am with no AF and no sign of it. HPT negative this morning aswell. Really confused and upset because we want this so bad and I just don't understand why there could be pregnancy hormone in my urine one morning and then completely disappear the next.....I am hoping that it is a false negative, although in my heart of hearts I am expecting AF to rear her big, fat, ugly and very unwelcome head any day!!


Poor you - March 18

That must be so frustrating!!!! I'd go to the doctor and ask for a blood test. You have good reason too as well. I don't see how the people there are correct. I thought the hormone didn't occur until the egg was firmly implanted in the uterus. I think its a false negative. I wish all the best!


Marie - March 19

Thanks Poor you - I'm hoping there false negatives aswell. I got that with my son and didn't get a BFP until I was nearly 10 weeks. All other tests were negative, but never did I have a positive first. This one has really thrown me! 6 days late now! Going to wait until Monday am when I will be 8 days late if nothing happens by then. I have noticed that for teh past few days I have loads of CM - milky/creamy in colour and odourless....I have this sometimes before AF, but only the day before so expecting her to rear her head yesterday or even this morning and she hasn't yet. Keep getting mild AF pains and back ache that last a few seconds and then go again. We shall see I guess.



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