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Cindy Lou - May 11

I know he has nothing to do with this website but I am just so sad to see Chris leave American Idol...Any AI watchers out there and shocked and livid by the results of the show? Sorry off the whole TTC kick but hey can't we all use a break or stress breaker?...I know I will back Chris up on anything he does after this.


gina143 - May 11

OMG! Im never watching that show agian! He was the best one there... Im so upset.....


grad19 - May 11

Please don't remind me of Chris getting voted off! I am so depressed. I thought for sure he was going to win. The compet_tion just won't be the same without him.


Celia - May 11

I was shocked to see him go! I live in Alabama and everyone here seems to be supporting Taylor just because he is a "Alabama Boy", well I think he sucks big time and will scream if he win's! Elliot and Taylor both needed to be out week's ago. This has been the worst AI yet!


BrendaW - May 11

Hey- Oh Man that was Insane! Everyone just knew he was the one! It is ridiculous. I think they did something on purpose because it was so obvious he was going to win........ I like Taylor too by the way :) I like how free he is being himself. And Kat is good and i think eventually be really good. I think she loses a little when she gets on stage sometimes. I thought for sure Elliot was going to be off the show last night! I am really upset that Chris got kicked off and Elliot is still there, Matter of fact between any of them Chris was definitely the best!


Cindy Lou - May 11

Chris is so much better then Taylor...Can you actually see Taylor at a concert...I can't...Watching him with the others on the stage last week he had a look on his face like Am I really here doing this like he is to old for it...I know he is not that old but the hair does not help out at all....Sorry but I am just a Chris fan big time...It is a gray day...I can't wait to him him again...His voice is do distinctive...Awesome guy in his real world too.


kimberly - May 11

I was totally shocked too! Just won't be the same without him on the show. I hope Katherine wins and not Taylor.


Celia - May 11

Hubby and I argued the last 2 days because he INSISTED that he knew chris was going to be voted off and that kat was going to be the other one in the bottom 2. I was so mad when he was right. Seems he has found a web page that tracks the number of calls and you can see who get's the most and down the line. I can't believe Taylor can get so many votes when as simon says.... he isn't any better than a good karaoke (sp?) singer. Chris was by far the best of those 4.


Cindy Lou - May 11

Celia I found that website this morning and I was like d__n Taylor got the most votes...Dam drucken daddy at a wedding Kareoke singing fool...Chris was not too far off by kat's votes...I don't want to watch the show anymore but I want to vote for Kat to get rid of the other 2 then not watching will make the ratings go down...I think it is a ploy from AI to get people into the show more so people will watch and see what the whole bru-ha-ha is all about...Damn ratings f-ing up a persons career..


linds99 - May 11

I found this article today...American Idol Scandal? Fans Could Not Vote For Daughtry! Well, as the day slowly progresses, we seem to be discovering more and more evidence of an unfair boot involving contestant Chris Daughtry. Fans across the globe are claiming that they tried to call in their vote for Daughtry, but could not get through to anyone. All these disappointed fans received was a busy signal ... for two straight hours! Was there something wrong with the phone lines, or was this American Idol's way of slipping Daughtry out the back door? One fan claimed, "Chris' numbers were busy, constantly, for the full two hours." This brings me to my next question: If the phone lines were so tied up that no one could get through, why did Daughtry get the lowest number of votes? Doesn't it seem odd that if the phone lines were tied up for two whole hours, and the other contestants' lines were open without a single problem, that Daughtry is the one left with the lowest votes? This doesn't make sense. The fan adds, "It stands to reason that if the numbers were busy, people WERE voting for Chris. How could he go then?" Another problem with the phone lines was that some people were even receiving statements claiming that they were experiencing 'technical difficulties'. If that were true, then the vote was judged unfairly, and fans should demand a "do-over". Fans are also upset with the way in which Daughtry was kicked off the show. Another disappointed fan says, "I, along with many other people that I know, are NOT going to watch the show ever again. From here on out this season, I truly don't care who wins. Especially after the best one was booted off so rudely." Meanwhile, Chris Daughtry will be receiving an offer tonight to sing for a famous band, and the details will be revealed on TV show 'Extra' tonight, according to a published report. The band members will show up on the set of 'Extra' to present their offer to the former American Idol contestant. Apparently Chris Daughtry will be making an appearance on Ryan Seacrest's radio show in Los Angeles sometime this morning, where the American Idol host, who knows about the secret offer, will insist that Chris watch 'Extra' tonight.


littlechick - May 11

i personaly don't live in us so can't vote but i did watch american because i liked chris this is the one season i actually watched this far and that was due to chris i truly hope he gets that deal he is very talented as for watching idol agian forget it


Celia - May 11

Cindy, I know I will be voting for Kat just to help push the other 2 off. So far that web site hasn't been wrong as to who's going home, so watch it after next week's show and you'll know who's going before it happens i guess. I have to watch, as much as I'd like to boycott, I'm addicted! lol


Cindy Lou - May 11

I wonder if that one web site that is all about messing up the true idol by having people vote for the worst has anything to do with this c___p. if so then Taylor should have went since he got the most votes...I wonder if all this up roar could start something with trying to get the votes reversed and bring him back...That would be awesome but let him start his new career already with the new band...Hope it is a good one...I am addicted too but this has made me sooooo Maaaaaad...GRRRRR!!!!!!!


linds99 - May 11

I actually like Elliott... he had raw talent, never had voice lessons. (And I just think it is great that he has all these ailments and has such a positive att_tude...that makes me believe he will never let things get to his head.) I just think he has come such a long way. I liked Chris too, (but didn't like how ungracious and mad he was like he came off too overly confident and nobody really likes someone who is "overly confidend". But seriously, he's already a big star and will have nothing but good coming his way. Like Bo Bice said, "I don't want to be stigmatized by being the American Idol"...Chris should follow that too because it could be a blessing in disguise for him...he will have a fantastic career ahead of him without the burden of being "American Idol."


Cindy Lou - May 11

A radio station here had Scott Staff from Creed on and he said that chris will be offered from the band Fuel...I guess we will have to see tonight.


spammy4145 - May 11

Hey cindy I too heard a clip from the seacrest show interviewing chris this morning saying he will be offered a lead job with a band that he loves on EXTRA tonight. So I guess we will see.. and did you see catherines face the whole time they were standing there. even she knew she was leaving and than BAM, they say its chris.. THERE IS NO WAY that he should have left.


starblue332 - May 11

I quit watching the show a year or so ago, because it seemed like people were just getting voted on for looks and clothes not talent and marketability as a singer. It drove me nuts! I saw him get kicked off on the news this morning and I have only heard him sing a couple of times but was totally shocked that he was gone...totally reminded myself as to why I quit watching it in the first place. Simon even looked shocked with "America's" decision!



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