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sth - April 27

has anyone seen her, i have been off for awhile and just wondered how she was doing.


enail - April 27

Hi sth! I am here--been checking in a bit on waiting buddies. I am OK. waiting mode her. likely ovulated on April 20, so can't test until May 4 or 5--hope af stays away. How are you??


bump - April 27



sth - April 28

I am doing ok...Same with me i can't really test until the 3rd or 4th..and its killing me..So i have stayed away from stores, sent my dh to buy stuff and have been keeping myself busy =-) But we have what a week? we can make it!


enail - April 28

sth: good to hear from you--I have a test in my closet [yikes] I am trying to pretend it is not there. I won't be tempted until Monday because I have one of those "test 5 days before" -- so hard. Hang in there!


sth - April 28

hang in there! hang in there! i know what you mean...my dh bought me one for next week, i was like thats sweet..but now i am going to be tempted...It was good to hear from you too! anytime if you want to email me you can!


enail - April 29

sth: what is your email address? You can email me at [email protected] How are you today?


sth - May 2

hey, sorry i forgot to add my email address its "[email protected]" I wasn't supposed to start until tomorrow, however i had cramps and a bit of spotting saturday and yesterday (wasn't really enough to even call spotting, but you know what i mean) then last night i whiped and there was red blood, then nothing so at first i thought IB, then realized that i started when i woke up. But hey, better luck next month! at least i enjoy the process of trying =-) Good Luck to ya BABY DUST!!! and i better read about BFP!


Lynette - May 2

So, Enail, have you tested yet? I think you are due for af on the 5th or 6th like me. Hopefully you will get a BFP!!! Sorry to crash your thread, sth, I just wanted to be sure Enail got my wishes. Good luck to you, too!! :-))


enail - May 2

sth: Bummer!! Sorry about af. Thanks for giving me your email. af is due for me thursday. So far, not much of anything happening. Did get a cramp last night, but my cycles are so weird, sometimes I start pms a whole week before it starts. Lynette: good to hear from you too! Have you tested? I am really trying hard not to test until Friday (if af does not show first).


Lynette - May 2

Yes - stupidly I tested - once at 6dpo (dreamin'!!!) and then again yesterday (negative again!) but that was still only 8dpo (what can I say - I'm weak! lol!) So now, if you PROMISE to wait with me, I'll wait til Friday with you. My cycles are usually pretty short (in that I would normally expect af this Friday) but last month she decided to show up 3 days late! B*tch that she is! I so hope this is our month! So far I'm completely without symptoms of any sort (which makes me feel quite left out on some threads!!) but I didn't last time I got pregnant either (that one ended in m/c at 13 weeks), so who knows?!



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