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Meelliissaaxo - April 3

Hi girls! today is dh's birthday.. so been planning something to do for him. of course i got to work! & i woke up with tons of little bumps all over my body that itch like crazy!! i think its a allergic reaction to something but idk what it is!? i've never been allergic to anything that i know of.. my doctor from the m/c called today and wanted me to go get bloodwork done because when they got it back in feb. my white blood count was low so had to go do that. just been a busy- stressful day!! how are you all doing?


MelissaP - April 4

Our poor little thread is dying....oh no! It was like way at the bottom =(.....How is everyone doing today. I am stressed as usual. I received my itenerary and am leaving for houston on monday. I have figured out what to wear to my interview....I am getting my hair done today....I paid the utility bill..and I have been here at work...and I have homwork to do! Not to mention I have to speed over to pick up and deposit my check right before my hair appointment. I feel like I am rinnign ragged and have tons of thngs on my mind. And I am waiting for one of the husbands checks to come in the mail...I am hoping it is here tomorrow because we really need it. Why is it that when you need always takes its sweet a__s time???....LOL...anyways, hope you girls are having a relaxing day....better than mine! =)


MelissaP - April 4

Melissa-you should get some benadryl to help with the itch..but watch out because it can knock you out. Well... it knocks me out. It makes my husband all jittery and wired


MelissaP - April 4

oh..and my little sweet pea Emily (stepdaughter) had hernia surgery yesterday. She did so well, she was so brave. Dont ask me how a five year old gets a hernia...but I guess she might have had it since birth. Anyways...she got through it wonderfully, but was in pain afterwards. A little pain medicine sure went a long way and before long she was sitting up and eating orange popscicles. She looked so cute =) Then she was able to go home shortly thereafter. She wanted to come with me and my mother in law..but I had to explain to her that her mommy took time off of work just to take care of her and spend time with she wasnt to sad. She felt special. Shes such a sweetie


brads wifey - April 4

Hi Melissa!!! I haven't talked to you in awhile!! Everything is going well here .. I dropped anatomy which lightened my load (although the semester is almost over). I couldn't afford an F in my gpa. How are you? I will be thinking about you next week and praying that your interview goes well. That would be an awesome job!!


MelissaP - April 5

Hey Ash! How are you? I hope everything is well. Thats ok that you had to drop. Sometimes its better to do that than risk your gpa. I had to re-take an IT cla__s that I got an F in...and I pa__sed this time with a C. But oh well, it was pa__sing and it raised my gpa back to 3.1. I have 8 cla__ses to go so I have enough time to really boost it. I started college out so well with A's, then I lost my momentum and started getting B's and a few C's. I am going to try and strive for A's in the cla__ses I am in now. Anyways, Thanks for praying for me. I am still up in the air about this job opportunity..but I am following through with it to see what happens. We have to take risks sometimes, right? =)


pod - April 5

Hey ladies how is everyone this evening? I am on cd 11 and should be O'ing soon. We have decided that if we are not pregnant this month that we are going stop trying. By that I mean I am going to stop obsessing over my cd's and O days and having s_x on certain days. I just want to get back to normal for a while and if it happens then that will be great. Plus we are trying to get the house ready to put on the market and stuff so that will keep my mind off it. I only tracked my O days this month cause I started the clomid but the doc only gave me 1 cycle of it and thought it would be a waste if we didn't do it on my O days. So from now on no looking up O days or anything. Plus I guess we will be testing the theory that as soon as you relax and don't try it will happen, lol. So we will see.Hope all of you are doing good.


winterwhite - April 6

Hey girls!! I'm sorry I haven't been in contact for ages.. I've just moved house and have finally got the internet back, yay! It's been snowing here so I'm pretty excited, I love the snow :) So how are all of you? What's the updates and how's the babymaking going? Lots of love! ~x~


pod - April 6

Jazz- I was wondering where you were. Where did you guys move to? How's things going with you? Nothing new here, I just posted yesterday about me.


MelissaP - April 6

Morning all. Nice to see you again Winter =).Pod-good luck with ttc. I hope you are able to catch your little egg! I am so dead tired today. I need to make a list of things to pack before I leave tomorrow so I dont forget anything. And I have a biology paper due today. I am seriously stressing. I miss my husband, and I think thats part of it. I just have this icky empty feeling in my tummy (haha sounds juvenile)....I am just homesick for him I think. And then my nerves are worked up about going to houston for the interview. I need to take a deep breath and just do one thing at a time. I really want to get to sleep early tonight so I dont feel groggy tomorrow! What is everyone else up to today? Is everyone at church or out?


winterwhite - April 6

Things are fine with me thanks :) Had af last week and luckily she didn't give me a hard time at all like last month which was pure agony, still can't work out why that happened. We're still living in the same area but the other side of town in a slightly bigger house :) I love it, its a cute house. Best of luck Pod, that's what I'm doing.. I'm not purposely ttc and I'm not thinking about it anymore. People say that a pregnancy works when you don't think about it as much :) Melissa - where you off to? So glad to be back, have missed all you ladies lots and have been thinking and praying about each and every one of you :) ~x~


MelissaP - April 6

I am leaving for Houston tomorrow. I have an interview Tuesday with Continental Airlines for a flight attendant position. I am going to be staying with some friends the whole week. I am looking forard to it..but not looking forward to packing and the flights. I am not scared of flying. Its just such a long process with layovers and what not.. Kepp your fingers crossed for me! =). You just relax Winter. You are right. When you are reaxed and not stressing, thats when pregnancy seems to happen. I wish you the best. Congrats on your new home


winterwhite - April 7

Aww best of luck Melissa, I really hope it goes okay for you :) I have just found out that someone I know is pregnant.. I am so happy for her but at the same time I can't help feeling slightly jealous and I'm thinking all sorts of things like 'Why can't it be me?' and I know it's so selfish of me and I really do feel awful for feeling that way... but is it normal to feel like this? I feel so bad for thinking things like that. How are you all? I want to see some lovely BFP's soon! Keep BD'ing girls :D ~x~


pod - April 8

Well ladies it looks like our thread is very slow these days. I have been trying to kind of take a break from it myself. How is everyone doing? I am officially on the 2ww and I did the clomid this time so we will see what happens. Me and hubby had a discussion over the weekend and decided that if we aren't pregnant that are going to just stop trying. I want to get back to a normal life for a while and if it happens in the process than great. MellissaP- how did your interview go? Jazz- I know what you mean. I have a friend that just had a baby March 2, and then another friend who is due April 11th. I had talked to my mom about it and she said it's okay to be happy for someone and sad for yourself at the same time. We are only human. But anyway, hopefully we'll see some bfp's soon.


MelissaP - April 8

Hi girls! Man, I am so freakin tired. I felt like I haven't slept in ages. Pod-my interview went well I think. I did well the first round, and was invited to come back after lunch for a second interview. The secind one went well too. I think about what I could have said afterwards, but oh well, its done now. I will here something by the end of the week. This whole process was interesting so i am glad I did it even if it doesnt work out. But get this-I accidently left my pa__sport and birth certificate in the cab on the way back to my friends house. I didnt even know I had left it because I was deliriously tired. But the company called me THANK GOD and is holding it for me at the taxi booth in one of the terminals at the airport. Just my luck huh? Anyways..I have been traveling and trying to juggle my online school and deal with some financial issues. I am really worn out. I havent been keeping track of my temps either. But as far as a few days ago I still hasnt ovulated. I think this is going to be a long cycle.


winterwhite - April 9

Hello girlies! :) How are you all today? Pod - Yeah that's best.. just relax, sit back and let nature do it's work. It's so hard when we are all ttc because we just get so caught up in that we obsess over every little ache or feeling and it can't be healthy. Also, ttc adds to stress because we get so desperate for our month to be this one etc, if that makes sense.. and stress doesn't help getting pregnant at all. Best way to get pregnant is by being completely chilled out and happy. It will all happen in God's timing :) Melissa - Well done on the interview, glad it went well and I bet you're pleased it's all over and done with now :) Very lucky about the pa__sport and birth certificate and them contacting you about it, phew!! I would be in such a panic lol. I need to ask a question about cm.. I always get a bit confused on it. Sorry if TMI but my cm is very creamy, lotiony and a bit globby. There's also lots of it. What does this usually mean? ~x~



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