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winterwhite - April 9

Hello girlies! :) How are you all today? Pod - Yeah that's best.. just relax, sit back and let nature do it's work. It's so hard when we are all ttc because we just get so caught up in that we obsess over every little ache or feeling and it can't be healthy. Also, ttc adds to stress because we get so desperate for our month to be this one etc, if that makes sense.. and stress doesn't help getting pregnant at all. Best way to get pregnant is by being completely chilled out and happy. It will all happen in God's timing :) Melissa - Well done on the interview, glad it went well and I bet you're pleased it's all over and done with now :) Very lucky about the pa__sport and birth certificate and them contacting you about it, phew!! I would be in such a panic lol. I need to ask a question about cm.. I always get a bit confused on it. Sorry if TMI but my cm is very creamy, lotiony and a bit globby. There's also lots of it. What does this usually mean? ~x~


winterwhite - April 10

Also to add.. today I am extremely bloated and it's actually hurting my stomach from it! And my face is so dry which is odd.. don't know what's caused that. So right now I'm pretty irritable lol. Hope all you girls are okay! Where is everyone? ~x~


MelissaP - April 10

Winter-Are you past ovulation? I have always heard that a lot of lotioney cm after ovulation and close to expected af is good. Sometimes I get lotiony cm before it turns into ewcm right before ovulation too. Bodies can be so hard to follow!


winterwhite - April 11

I'm not too sure :/ Af isn't due for another 11ish days.. when is ovulation meant to happen? I get pretty confused on it as everyone works it out differently ~x~


winterwhite - April 15

Hey! Glad your interviews went well hun, have you heard back yet? As for the trouble you had with staying at your friends, very sorry to hear that, that's awful :( How are you? And where are all our girls? This thread is dying :( It seems to be only you and me on it now.. come back girls!! Nothing new with me atm. For some reason I have a feeling I'm going to be pg soon but I don't know why hehe. Hope so! Hope you're all okay ~x~


pod - April 15

Hey girlies, How is everyone? Jazz- this thread has been pretty dead lately. I am still just kind of taking a break from the forums. I am still waiting to see if the clomid worked. Af should be here either Sun. Mon. Tues. so we will see. And if not we are going to take a break. My hubby has been such a trooper through this whole thing being my obsession of getting pregnant. I just want our lives to be normal again. So I know if I am getting tired of it, he has got be. It's like that's all I think about anymore and I need to stop. So anyway that's our plan. which is a good time to stop trying cause we have to get the house ready to put on the market and get ready to move in a few months. So we will be testing the theory " Just relax and stop trying and it will happen" that's what everyone says so we will see. MelissaP- I hope you get good news about your interviews. Good luck. I hope everyone else is doing good. I'll keep you guys posted about when af shows, which I hope doesn't but I'm not getting my hopes up.


MelissaP - April 16

Good evening girls. I already got my rejection email from the airline. =(. But thats ok. There were like 20 something people and when i got called back for the second interview, there were only six. So I am proud I made it that far. They must have only needed a few. Anyways, I am sitting here working the pm shift which I havent done in ages and it is going well. I get to work with a friend that I havent worked with in a few its laid back and easy going. How is everyone tonight?


Becky22 - April 17

Hi ladies. Melissa I'm sorry about yr rejection letter, well done for getting a 2nd interview tho. Is yr dh still working away? How's that going?


MelissaP - April 18

Hi Becky! Yes, the husband is away. He's in Houston right now. He made enough money to cover our late rent..thank god. But now I have to decide what other bills to pay first along with it. We are struggling right now. But hes supposed to go out offshore within a few days and he should be out for almost a month. If thats the case, we can get ahead for once! I am just glad to have a roof over my head at this point! W e have been having a lot of marital issues. Partly money (root of all problems!)..but my husband is severely depressed and it has impaired our relationship tremendously. We had a long talk about him making positive changes, getting therapy, dealing with his problems, and being more active as a husband and in our relationship. He needs to get out of his little bubble...anyways...haha..other than that..I guess I am well. I am in an economics cla__s and i have so much information to retain...its kind hard! How are you doing. Whats new with you Becky?


Becky22 - April 19

Sorry about yr problems Melissa, glad yr sorting them tho! Nothing much new with me, my af is late but I know I'm not pg as we didn't bd in time as bf had broken his knuckle, so it's really bugging me that it's late! It's a nice sunny day so gonna make use of it & hoover my car (thrilling) then I'm off out tonight to my friend's!


MelissaP - April 19

My poor little car needs an overhaul!! It is covered in dust and needs to be vaccuumed out as well. I have been too exhausted though between work and school. I feel like im runnung around all the time..i dont even get to relax. I hope you have a good time at your friend's house tonight. I went to a japanese place called Tokyo Gardens with my MIL last night. It was fun. They cook the food in front of you and kind of make a show out of it. I had shrimp....yummy....


Becky22 - April 19

That sounds good! I'm just about to go to my friends, going earlier than planned now & having dinner there.....which means I will be a__sisting her in getting her 2 little girls to bed. She said the bedtime tantrums may put me off ttc, but I'll just think of it as practice!!


MelissaP - April 19

Haha...the bed time tantrums aren't too bad. But I am lucky, my stepdaughter never really had a problem with going to bed. All she'll say if she's whiney is "I dont wanna go to bed" a pouty little voice..and she might fake cry for a second. But once we tell her we're going to read her a book or snuggle with her for a few minutes, she is fine! Her mother has her on such a strict schedule that she is usually pa__sing out by 8:30pm at our house!


pod - April 20

Hey girls, I got a question. Does implantation happen about the time af is due or before? Af is due between today the 20th-22nd. This morning I am having af cramps and a light pink blood mixed with a clear discharge only when I wipe. I am hoping it's not af and that it is implantation but I don't know. I guess I will have to wait it out and see if I get a flow.


MelissaP - April 20

Hey pod-I think u can pretty much experience implantation bleeding anywhere from cycle day 7 to when af is due. You are in the right time frame so i am crossing my fingers for you! Good luck =)



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