HEY GIRLS Over Here Part 9

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Missy - November 1

Well, no temp shift (yet) for me...so, DH is just going to "suffer" another night hahaha. I am beginning to not like anyones charts (including MINE) this month....Why cant we get textbook bi-phasic (or even tri-phasic) charts that end with a POS HPT and a bouncing baby....Jeez. Anyway, how is everyone else? Any signs, symptoms, anything to report?


cynthia502 - November 1

Hey Missy - just wanted to pop in and say HELLO!


annmarie - November 1

Hello girlies!! Nothing for me to report. I was so out of it and tired this morning that I actually forgot to temp before I got out of bed! Oh well, it's not like I have a beautiful chart anyway. I'm going to try doing better on it next month. Maybe we're just all getting our systems geared up for nice healthy pregnancy's this cycle or the next and that's why are charts suck so bad! haha


babynewbie - November 1

same boat as ann for me...slept through the alarm and ran out of the house in a panic...so no temp. anyway, not sure i understand my cycle all that well..LOL! we'll see...don't have my hopes up thats for sure! :) oh well. hope you're all having a great week! i'll check back in after dinner and Ugly Betty...TTYL XO Regan


babynewbie - November 2

morning girls! wow this thread is sooooooooo quiet!!! what's with that? :) temp is up for me today but no ch probably because of the missing temps. anyway i just wanted to say love you all. dh and i are taking a drive down to Seattle for the weekend since the Canadian dollar is so good for some shopping, arts and coffee...3 things Seattle does so well! I hope you all have a great weekend!!! lots of hugs XO Regan


annmarie - November 2

Imagine that, Regan's on the run!! haha I just realized I'm already 10 dpo but like I've said before, I don't have any hopes for this month. I O'd late which has everything messed up so I'm just letting my body even itself back out so I can get busy again next month! haha Believe me, I'm going to get REAL busy this next time! AF is expected on Monday so I'm going to get some fun BDing in this weekend. How's everyone else? It is definitely very quiet around here. Where's everyone at?


Missy - November 2

Mornin Girls. Yesterday I felt like c___p - I O'd with the worst cramps (think AF times 10) and I have been SUPER busy at work. Regan, I have no idea whats up with ur chart - that missing temp could have spoken volumes - we wont know for 2 weeks tho, will we? Ann - your chart too - but at least you have a biphasic pattern....Another few days will tell the tale I am sure. Brandy, where you at girl?


cnasmom - November 2

hi all! how is everyone?? I am good, just got off af this month, 8 days!!! sheesh. ff says i should o next weekend! yay! so we will see. i hope we see some bfps this month!


Kobysmom - November 2

Hey girls, still here. I have been extremely busy with work and cleaning house. DH is out of town for work, and I have been cleaning house with my mom's help. I love the smell of a clean house. Anyways, I FINALLY got my Metformin and talk about GI upset. The doc said it would make me go and it has for sure. We'll see. She is confident I will be preggers within 3-4 months. I was so made yesterday. I have been desperately trying to take my temp at the same time. My alarm didn't go off yesterday. Not sure what happened...ugh! Regan, you are never home. You are always on the run. Do some serious shopping for me. Missy, so explain to me. You had two mature follicles...is that good?


Elisabeth S - November 2

hey koby's mom not to intrude...i took metformin for years, it helped my pcos temporarily than abruptly stopped...do you have pcos? just curious...it def caused GI problems for me....but i found something else that works much better, without side effects...if i remember correctly. i think i had diarreah the full 2 years on metformin! good luck to you and ttc, let me know how it goes...i found a different thing that i felt is much better, will tell u about it if interested.....let me know! the gi problems r normal..hope you concieieve this month!


Missy - November 2

Hiya Brandi! From what I hear on the FF boards, it's very good - the size and quant_ty show a good response from the Clomid. I am offically in the 2ww and this is a weird one - I am really trying to not be obsessive and thus far it's working....but I am only 2dpo so it's still a while yet HHAHAHAHAH. I just hope it works out - i will get my progesterone tested on 11/8 so hopefully my levels are good.....Sorry about that GI upset - I don't know much about metaform so i have no idea whats normal (or not normal) but if you purchased the VIP version of FF the Medically Stimulated Cycles board is GREAT and they are soooo helpful! cnasmom - forgive me, but what's your name again? And whats ur FF addy? I "stalk" all the girls on this thread hahaha - I'll add you to my list =D Welcome Elisabeth - I've read some of your posts, but mostly lurking....Didn't you start the Cheri craze?


Missy - November 3

Regan - Lovin' those CH!!! I'm watchin you hahaha.


babynewbie - November 3

thx missy...just wanted to see what y'all are up to. we are sitting in the walnut street coffee house in downtown seattle trying to escape the rain. dh is reading the seattle times and i am having a latte and one of their famous ginger mola__ses scones...omg! yum. i'd forgotten what a great city seattle is, looking forward to the jazz festival tonight and a nice seafood dinner. hope you are all enjoying the weekend. TTYL


annmarie - November 3

Hello girls! Missy & Regan, woohoo for the CH's! I had my niece's first birthday party today and it exhausted me! It was great though. I babysat my 15 month old nephew last night which was fun. I need to do some laundry and stuff but really don't feel like it. I think I'll just hang out on the couch in my jammies all night instead!


Missy - November 4

Well, I had a baby shower at 12 and a birthday party at 7. DH decided that today is the day he wants to fish and Natalia decided she wanted to wake up early - so, besides being a busy social day, I was up early and had Natalia all to myself - no help from DH. Needless to say, I give alot of credit to single moms - I can take care of her just fine, and I take care of the house just fine, but to do both together on a time constraint - not so easy! I'm BEAT! Natalia is wide awake and it's well after 10PM now so its going to be a long night. Hey, anyone ever get cramping at 3dpo? They feel like AF cramps and they suck.


babynewbie - November 4

hello girls, i'm back at home now. what a nice romantic peaceful weekend...too bad I didn't O because we did much of the bd!!! LOL, it was nice to have it just happen in a natural way though. so whats the scoop? missy you're having cramps? maybe a sign? ann where are you? close to af no? brandy what you up to girl? i am looking forward to a busy week at work...and my big reality show i love is back tonight...the amazing race! the girls and i always have a season finale party with a crazy theme. so i feel nothing i am 6 dpo according to FF, this morning had some b___st tenderness but probably just pms because i had one moment of irritability today that felt hormone induced!!! LOL...so not much else to report! hugs XO Regan


Missy - November 4

I doubt it's any sort of sign - it's just WAY to early for that. Hey ann, saw the temp went up - tentative YAY cuz there's also spotting - let's see what tomorrow does, but maybe...........Regan, hey girl glad you had a good time this weekend. I always said when I was younger I was going to move to Seattle, but now I just don't think I could take the rain. I do want to visit someday though - seems like a great place to go see! Brandy - did U take away the CH or did FF? I had a feeling you had no yet O'd because of the low temps. Anyway, no news here. I need to figure out how to get and keep myself occupied for another 2 weeks until I test....How am I gonna survive? ahahhaa



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