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trdnnclk - September 21

Hi ladies im back. I know it took longer than first thought as the internet took longer as they had a few problems. How is everyone? My af was a few days late, i thought i was PG but it wasn't meant to be. My fertility clinic has told me that if i lose another stone and a half then i can do my IVF next year YYYYYAAAAA. It's taken my since march 2005 to lose 5stone (32kg in all) I have another 12kg to lose. i cant believe im nearly there. Tell me what you all been up to since i was away?


cynthia502 - September 21

Hi Trudi!!! Sorry about the AF this month. Glad to hear that you are well on your way with your amazing weight loss! Hopefully you won't need the IVF and will be pregnant on your own very soon! Things are good here....I am now 10 weeks along. I go to the dr's on Wed and get to hear the baby's heartbeat for the 1st time...I am very excited!!! Glad to hear that you are doing well.


Missy - September 21

HI TRUDI!!!! I have been (not so) patiently waiting for your return!!! Glad the move is done, sorry about AF. We will wait together! Congrats on that weight loss! It's amazing! Like Cynthia said, hopefully you don't need IVF and get pregnant on your own! Talk to you soon!


trdnnclk - September 21

It's so nice to know that you missed me, as much as i missed you to talk too. I hope to fall on my own but i know i have IVF if i dont. Cynthia i cant believe your 10weeks already, how are you feeling? Missy how are you?


Missy - September 21

I'm good! Hopefully getting ready to O here soon...How are you enjoying your new place? All settled in? Did you move far from where you lived before or just a short move?


trdnnclk - September 21

Im all settled now thanks, it was only a 2 mile move so not far, my new place is very big my cat gets lost and so does DH hahahaha. Im not due to O until 5th-14th October according to FF so it a waiting game again which i hate. I glad your ok when are you due to O?


Missy - September 21

Hopefully today or tomorrow....I O'd on CD18 last month and it's CD17 today, so we'll see....This month is going to be a real interesting month - last month my LP was 5 days, so we'll see what happens this month - hopefully I don't have to worry about my LP and I just get a BFP instead. Glad to hear you've got more space - my last move a few months ago left me with 1/2 the space - I miss my old house! But, we're glad we sold when we did - prices are drastically falling here!


cynthia502 - September 21

Hey Trudi! I am doing well! The m/s is easing up and it only comes and goes. I still fit into my clothes, but I know that they will be getting snug soon! I know moving can be stressful, so be sure to take care of yourself and get rest if you need to. Missy, I think you are going to o today or tomorrow! Your temp dipped a little I see. :-)


Missy - September 21

Yep ;) a little dip today, so time will tell =D I am just going to try and get DH to give me a little action tonight LOL as he game me some this morning - I'm just gonna follow Jenn's lead and go for quant_ty this month LOL!


trdnnclk - September 21

Missy i think it will be in the next 24-48 hrs time, i'll keep my finger crossed for you this month. Cynthia im glad m/s is subsiding now and you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. im hoping to get PG in the next few months before IVF starts.


annmarie - September 21

Missy, I did see your dip and you go girl!!! Get that DH to BD like a little rabbit! What do you have to lose? I'm hoping really hard for you this month!! You deserve it!


trdnnclk - September 22

Morning, how is everbody? Im fine today just enjoying my lay in, then going shopping. Missy how are you?


bell07 - September 22

hi trdnnclk bell......i too want to fall pregnent naturaly b4 having a couple of months without clomid first b4 we start the ivf get my body a bit of a break as ive been through 3 iui's with no luck my af today so thats abit of a bummer .....on to next month i guess.........


Missy - September 22

Hi Trudi & Bell! Trudi, I'm good - no temp rise today, so maybe I'm O'ing today or tomorrow? I O'd on CD18 last month, so since today's CD18 I am expecting to O soon. Bell - sorry about AF (((((HUGS)))))) I hope that things settle down so you guys can focus more on BD this month and not cleaning!


trdnnclk - September 23

Missy~ How are you, have you O'd yet and i hope your BD'n a lot i have a feeling this is your month girl. Im hoping i'll be O'n soon and plenty on BD'n DH doesn't know it yet.


Missy - September 23

Hi trudi! BIG dip today, so maybe today's the day. I am not sure am I supposed to continue to use OPK's until I have confirmed Ovulation? Anyway, I hope this is not only my month, but many BFP's all around!!! How are you guys settled in? I forget do you have piczo?


trdnnclk - September 24

Missy~~If i was me i would have bd yesterday, as it's a day after O and after opk was + . I dont have Piczo, do you?



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