Internet Cheapie CB Digital HELP

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Kayliesmommy - February 5

OK so on Saturday afternoon 9dpo I got a faint + hpt, an internet strip, Yesterday same thing and bit darker still light though. Well today with FMU I tested with Clearblue digital....says "Not pregnant" at 11 dpo....can anyone bring clearity to this? I am so bummed right now.... Thank you


Megs - February 5

Aren't the internet cheapies more sensitive then the CB digital???


Kayliesmommy - February 5

Im not sure what the clearblue are set at and internet cheapies are 20.... I was on FF pics showed very very faint lines on internet cheaps and the CB ditigal showed pregnant the same day? So thats why I used it today...wish I hadn't now... more confused now then ever


frozenfeet - February 5

CB easy is between 25-50.....but they are not nearly as sensative as the internet cheapies! I would try with First Response Early Response, with FMU, they are very sensative and a #1 choice by a lot of women.


nino3 - February 5

Internet cheapiea are alot more sensitive than the clear blue digitals by like 80. Wait a few more days and test again. Remember that everyone is different and a positive is a positive.


Kayliesmommy - February 5

Thank you all. I sure hope another test comes back saying pregnant in a couple days.... can't take much more of this horrible emotional rollercoaster that the 2ww brings....ugh!


babybaby - February 5

Hey kaliesmom I also used the internet cheapie ones and got faint lines from days 12 to 14 after ovulation. Today CD 31 was the first time I got a real dark line. If you didn't take any meds like trigger shot that mimic pg then I would say you are in fact pg. I got a beta on 13 dpo and got a positive result and my line was still very faint. Good Luck!!!!!


snickelfritz - February 5

Hey! I'm in the same situation. I've gotten faint lines on the IC tests, $tree tests and Accuclear, but negatives on FRER and EPT. I think there's two possible reasons. First, I've spoken to many women who get REALLY faint lines that are visible closer to the end of the time limit on certain tests but not others... it's just the way those tests respond to those people. Second, it may be because you have enough of the hormone to trigger a positive result for some tests that have more sensitivity but not enough for other tests. GL! Keep us posted!


SashaP - February 5

I called Clearblue Easy and the sensitivity is 25 MIU.


tonia - February 5

I got a positive on the CBE digital and on the same day my blood test was 11(HCG), that was 10 dpo. I was shocked that the CBE digital was so sensitive! But the box did say Clear Blue Easy Early ...........


tonia - February 5

continued.......on that same day I got a very very very almost invisible faint line on a FRER and a good + on equate +/- test and also on the accuclear, not really dark, just obvious. Hope this helps. GL


DaBonkElsMe - February 6

those digital tests are not as sensative, and even though the strips say 20miu, most of them are even more sensative than that, so wait a few days to try another digital! I am sure you will be fine, pregnant and fine!!!!



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