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Karyn - December 13

I am going insane - i think i am crazy so here goes my boyfriend and i had s_x on the 16th and 17th of november one week later i started being tired sleeping 10 hours a day no energy - headaches - nausea - my nipples were always hard - lots of excess saliva and discharge - then i wiped and there was blood I thought it was implanttaion bleeding 5 days later syill wiped and blood than i got my period for 3 days which isnt normal for me - i took a pregnancy test dec 10th and it was negative - but i can't shake the feeling that i am pregnant over the weekend i have a headache every morning and i have to pee a lot more than usual i normally hardle ever have to pee plus my stomach feels bloated althouhj i havent gained weight could i be pregnant am i just wishful thinking I don't have anyone to talk to my boyfriend was killed in a car accident on the 18yh of novrmber so i don't want to get anyones hope up any help would be greatly appriciated also i saw the docotor on the 10th and she said my cervix was closed i don't and i have been having insane dreams i dreamt that someone shot me in my stomach PLEASE HELP one last thing i have been feeling very lightheaded and twice in the last week i woke up in the middle of the night to pee Is It all in my head


bump - December 13



Christine - December 13

I'm very sorry to hear about your boyfriend...As for your symptoms..they all are great symptoms for early pregnancy...but one can actually "think" them on...Implimentation bleeding can actually last for a while from what I read so it is possible that that is what you have is still early for your cycle to start probably so the test may not have picked up hcg in your system...I would try to wait another week..or two...(I know it will be hard) and then test again..Otherwise try calling your doc and asking for a blood test...they tend to be much more reliable and can pick up "usually" any trace of hcg in your body...starting at a few days after conception...I wish you luck..and hang in there...


lianne - December 14

hya i had the exact same thing, sleep with my b.f and then for about 2 months i thought i was pregnant, but it was all in my head, i had all the symptoms and turns out i wasnt so good luck xx



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