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babynewbie - November 19

Okay new thread, new t_tle....and a boat load of BFPs for all of us just in time for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Love and hugs to all my girls XO Regan


annmarie - November 19

Yeah Regan! A new thread! I love that name! Very cute I hate being rude but I was feeling like our thread was being lost to all the new people which in turn lost me! Now we just need to get Missy and Brandy over here. I'm currently gearing up to O. I'm on cd13 and finally got a faint 2nd line on my OPK so I'm anxious to see what today's brings. I'll do that as soon as I get home from work. After tonight my cla__ses are done till January so I can have more time for BDing and working on that Christmas BFP!! Me & DH's first anniversary is next weekend so we're working on a weekend getaway. Nothing much but something to get out of town. Unfortunately, it's the same time that AF is due. So hopefully she just won't show at all. That would make a great anniversary gift! haha Ok, enough of my rambling, how's everyone else?


babynewbie - November 19

hi ann!!! good to hear from you! actually i can't take credit for the was missy's idea...i caught up with her on another thread! :) not much new here, the work contract i have is crazy...trying to get the restaurant open for a dec 5th deadline and i am stressed to the max! i am going to try the clearblue digital opk kit this cycle, a friend had some luck with it and said it was easy to use so i bought one today. looking forward to working on my christmas bfp!!! so brandy and missy you turn!!!! LOL...


shelby3218 - November 19

Hello girls!! Sorry haven't been on lately. Been preoccupied with life. I really do hope that all us girls that have been trying to fall will actually be blessed with a wonderful gift of life this holiday season. Every month I dream about different ways to tell hubby that I am pregnant. But for the past 6 months I haven't gotten pregnant. I think if I were to get pregnant before christmas I would put a baby outfit in a box, wrap it up and have him open it on christmas day. In front of everybody so that everyone will find out all together. What about you girls?


Missy - November 20

I'm hhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeee. Regan - I spent all day over "on the dark side" so I didnt even see the new thread! YAY! I got what may be a bit of EWCM tonight! YAY! I take my final dose of Clomid tonight too so I will get started on my BDing - hopefully I can get in enough to catch it this month! DH was a wild man last month - let's hope he's ready to go again!!


annmarie - November 20

Missy, that's hilarious! You're right though. Your DH was a wild man based on your chart! I could never get mine to BD that much. I'm looking forward to this new month with refreshed spirits and a clean slate! Let's go girls and get those spermies!!!!


shelby3218 - November 20

That's funny!! I just visioned all of us with fish/sperm nets. Waving them back and forth. LOLOL **Baby Dust ** girls!!


PreciousBaby19 - November 20

So a lil update on me...Hubby and I are now back to ttc after the Okay from the doctor yesterday. =) yay. I have been put on Levothyroxin i have to take every morning. She said that this should dramaticly effect me and i should notice this difference in the first two weeks of being on this pill. This pill is for an underactive thyroid and should help me conceive quickly and safely. the baby should be fine and i can carry the child to full term. I also will be concidered a high risk pregnancy and my dosage will have to be changed through out each pregnancy depending on the baby and whether or not baby is getting enough from me. I should start to lose weight which i have gained a bit and it was harder to lose because of the side effects for an underactive thyroid. My periods should return to normal as they were before. i should be able to have a normalllll sleeping pattern for once and i wont be sooo tired. Not only this...but guess what!!! I've found out I'm not a diabetic!!! i was diagnosed when i was 10 but I dont have it!!!! they overlooked my thyroid since they cause some of the same symptoms. Funny huh...hahaha. Yay. I never needed inciline shots or anything..i just had to have sugar because i was so d__n tired sometimes and i though i just had low blood but it wasn't.. Hahaha. Damn doctors sometimes huh. Lol . I'm soo glad i got checked out. I've had two miscarriage and when i went in the doctor was alll over me. Lol tests tests and she thinks shes found the issue. A normal thyroid level is suppossed to be leve is 6.8 and its higher because its not working hard enough and my brain is making it pick up the slack so now its just getting worse. Slower ..i still dont have some sort of presence of anti bodies that means its really thats good..shes trying to fix it before it goes downhill all the way. period is almost over and I shuold be peachy from now on. I have to get my levels checked again in 8 weeks when i'm done with my first 2 packs of levothyroxin. So...yay. Everything should be peachy from now on. I hope i get preg this cycle!!


Missy - November 20

Where's my girls? Brandy - no updates on teh chart in 3 days - did you decide after all to quit temping? Regan, Ann - waaaaa__sssssssuuuuuuppppppppppp. precious - hi glad you're back, hope you get a BFP soon....Nothin new over here, just waiting to O....wait wait wait - God I am sick of waiting! Whew OK thats my vent today hahahaha.How is everyone?


babynewbie - November 20

hey girls!!! wha__sup missy...i'm in the same boat as you....waiting to O...ugh! i am trying 2 new things this cycle the clearblue digital opk kit and we shall see! did some xmas shopping today, picked up a playstation 3 and a leather jacket for dh. i even bought my xmas cards which i am going to write tonight! i figured chinese food, pj's, tv and xmas cards will be my glamorous!!! LOL...dh has hockey tonight. how is everyone else doing??? ann have you O'd yet? brandy where you at girlie??? XO Regan


cnasmom - November 20

BFP BFP BFP!!!! yay! i got it at 10 dpo! i was having a lil bit of brown discharge yesterday and a today and i am not due for my period for another 4-7 days so i thought what the heck, i even tested in the middle of the day! it is a lil faint but def there! i hope this one is ok. I lost my last one at 9 wk. 5 days. i hope the brown discharge is a good sign. baby dust to all!!!


Missy - November 20

YAY for BFP's. The first one on our thread in MONTHS. Hopefully it spreads like wildfire. Congrats, H&H 9 mos! Regan - chinese, xmas cards and PJ's sounds lovely - count me in!


Kobysmom - November 21

Hey girls, what's going on? I am here! So glad to see you all back. I was starting to think you all were MIA. Well, not much going on here. I am on cd 33, still no AF but BFN. It has been almost 3 weeks of Metformin, but I didn't expect much this month anyways. I just wish AF would freakin show and get on with it. Missy, I have stopped temping. Actually the little man stuck my thermometer in the fan and now, it is totally destroyed. I guess that was his way of telling me I am obsessing too much. I just needed a break. It has been 6 months now and a little exhausting. Ann, how exciting. Maybe you will get that little bfp during your anniversary weekend :) Regan, good to see you back too. I just got my dh a PS3 also. He is such a kid. Well, off to bed ladies. Talk to you all tomorrow.


annmarie - November 21

Hey girls. I know I've missed everyone but I wanted to pop in. I got my 2nd pos OPK today but I'm a bit frustrated. DH has had to work overtime the last 2 nights so hasn't been home till 4 am. I didn't get to see him at all today so no BDing for the past 2 days! That really frustrates me. We'll be able to get some BDing in tomorrow though so hopefully it's not too late! Regan, I think your evening sounds wonderful! Brandy, glad you're back. I'm still stalking everyone's chart so I'm waiting for some more good news for our thread!!!


annmarie - November 21

Girls, where's everyone at? I'm spending the day cleaning and decorating for christmas. Just thought I'd drop by to say hi.


babynewbie - November 21

*sigh*...stuck at the office elbow deep in purchase orders and fabric swatches!!! want to go home...want this restaurant account to be finished. so ann i hope you get some bding in soon, i know all too well what its like when you and dh are on opposite schedules. dh flew out this morning to LA on business but will return friday evening. i can't believe you're decorating already!!! its not even december...LOL...we usually do the cut your own tree thing around the second weekend of dec. although i did put a wreath on the door last night so who am i right? LOL...i'll be back later i've got make some headway here or i'll never get to leave! :) TTYL


Kobysmom - November 21

Hey girls, just checking in to see what is going on. Well, I didn't really have a good day. Really sick from Metformin (must have gotten into some carbs) and found out my dh's niece is pregnant after 1 month ttc. I am really happy for her, but also so sad for me. Still no AF but BFN...? Not sure if I should call the OB to see about getting something to get me started. What do you all think?



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