No Ovulation Signs Pregnant Grandpa Viv Or Anyone

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Jenn - July 30

dagirl, congratulations!! I cannot stop smiling I am so happy for you...and you have giving me so much hope that I can get pregnant too. I was so worried all month that I have not been ovulating and you have just proved to us all that it is possible!!! Thankyou and taje care of yourself and your new little bun in the oven.


Louise - July 30

Jenn--I wonder if you're pregnant too. Is it possible that the answer to my original question of this post is "YES". It seems that maybe it is. When is your af due?


dagirl - July 31

To: Louise!!!!!! (thats sounds much better than "me" loooooooooooool. Thank you so much for the congrats! YES i took my dh out tonight for dinner and told him by handing over the hpt! (I said i have a present for u want it now or later?) he's like now...I said well its not a present u can use...Its a present that gonna cost you....cost me what he says...I said money and everything....he said ok now im excited...give it to i did and HE WAS SOOOOOOO HAPPY he was like I wanna scream and jump up and down but I cant in the resturaunt.. I said wait till we leave! loooooooooooool It was the best day of my life..anyways as for u sweetie... dont be discouraged!!!! Like I said every pregnancy is different. If your not getting any symptoms, IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT UR NOT PREGGO. Not evey woman gets the same symptoms and SOME DON"T GET ANYTHING AT ALL. Some take some time to show up, some are mild and some are unbearable! Dont give up will happen when you dont stress to much about it! You know i read all the posts about checking ur cervix, taking ovualtion tests etc...I never did any of that, all I did was have s_x and it happened. I think when its meant to be....IT WILL BE NO MATTER WHAT. OVULATION OR NOT! I mean think about all the women who get pregoo while on their period? (have s_x during their period and actually get pregnant) and what about all the women who have s_x whenever or ONLY ONCE>>>ONE NIGHT STANDS and get pregnant. So DONT MAKE IT A CHORE to have s_x jsut to get pregnant. HAve s_x...get wild & kinky....go a little crazy....and before u know it....AF has taken a detour! GOOD LUCK TO YOU GIRL and pleaseeeeeeeeeee let me know either way!!! REMEMBER: BE PATIENT SWEETY....GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT!


dagirl - July 31

To: Jenn, Thank you so much for the congrats! I wish you the best in ttc. It will happen...ALL IN GOOD TIME. You take care and I wish and pray that you are pregnant...KEEP ME POSTED.


Louise - July 31

Dagirl how are you feeling? Thanks for the advice! I really don't think I ovulated now. Things don't seem right. I usually have no question about it when I ovulate. Oh well, I just have to wait and see. If af doesn't come on time, I'm sure I'll test, and keep at it until either BFP or af (which ever comes first LOL). Who knows, maybe this will be the longest cycle ever--------or maybe more like a 9 month cycle LOL!! Like you said, though, this hpt'ing can get out of hand; it's difficult to wait until it's time to test. I'm not going to test early, though. Especially since I don't even know when I ovulated (if I have). I am going to try and wait until after cd 28; so about a week from now. It'll be interesting to see if any more get BFP's after missing their ususal ovulation signs. HAPPY BFP TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!


dagirl - July 31

Louise: Listen up girl...I SERIUOSLY DID NOT THINK I WAS PREGNANT because i got all the af symptoms. AND i really beleievd that i didnt ovulate either as time pa__sed and thought that af was coming! Sooooooooooooo DON"T be DOWN! You NEVER know! I'll pray for you to get a BFP!!! U said thngs dont seem right? what exactly do u mean? Things didnt seem right for me as far as ovulating either and I must u probably did too and just dont know it cuz ur preggo!!!!!! If NOt...dont let it get u i said before...when its meant to be it will be.....ovualtion or not! GOOD LUCK and I hope you get ur BFP! TO: AF...A.K.A. BIATCH, stay the F*** away from all my girls!!!!!!


Louise - July 31

Well, I was thinking yesterday that maybe I ovulated late. Yet, I don't think so now because my cervix has been firm again and low; and no fertile CM. Maybe this lack of ovulation signs is a pregnancy sign--seems like it was for you "dagirl"! Also, there have been a couple other ladies posting questions about lack of ovulation signs. Smells at work today were really bothering me! These chemical cleaning wipes that we wipe off equimptment with were actually un-tolerable to me! The smell made me feel sick and dizzy every time. They never smell good, but this was different. YUCK! Also still ga__sy, and very regular BM's. Thirsty too. Oh, and today I kept falling asleep when sitting still. It was all I could do to stay awake, literally! -------- Everyone: what's going on with your ovulation or lack of ovulation and hpt'ing? And dagirl how's everything? Wouldn't it be something if we both get BFP's with this 'lack of ovulation signs' thing?


Di - July 31

Congrats!_to you know who!!!. well yes i have spent $$$on pregnancy test. I am supposed to start around the 12th of Aug, but my b___bs hurt and i get car sick and my mouth also so dry were the inside of my mouth gets stuck to my teeth so i do drink lots of water. i feel like am going to start any time i am so blosted for the past two months and i have not yet ovulated, it was like a yeast infection took its place. Right now i feel like i started but it is just heavy discharge. my nail have actually grown fast too. I don't know maybe it is just in my head. i too have had my share of sweatyness and i have central air.(so its cooled. well i am going to wait to see if af comes. if not off to the doctor i go. well GOOD LUCK to the rest of you girls. ***************************


dagirl - August 1

louise...sounds promising to me!!! I guess all you can do is wait and see. Im doing great! My stuffed/runny nose is going b___bs are now killing me..(even to the touch) and i feel a sore throat coming on...It would really be something if you get BFP too!!! That will be 200% proof that it is possible! I am really praying for you girl...I hope you are so I can be just as happy for you as I was for myself! Di: You poor girl!!! If its not af...its a d__n yeast infection! Let us know what happens with you and goooooood luck to you all!


Jenn - August 1

sorry, was away for the weekend. My af has been crazy since mc, last month was 35 days, but my "normal" was 27-29 so based on that af would be due around 8/4, so we'll see what happens, dh and I have been on edge lately so not as much bding and would be best for ttc, but all is well now and we've been bding a lot (i hope just not too late) good luck to you louise, I hope you have the next BFP!!!


Louise - August 1

Hey Jenn, good to hear from you! any signs of ovulation yet? or pregnancy signs? are you due for af soon? Who knows, maybe we'll get BFP's soon!!!! -------- Dagirl, how's everything with you?


... - August 2



Jenn - August 2

Well, af is due anytime from thursday on...hopefully not. I haven't had any more discharge so I hope that was a sign of me ovulating, as for pg or af signs I've had sore bbs off and on but I got that last month before af came. so who knows, I'm not so discouraged anymore after seeing the results dagirl had, so if not this month I won't be so let down at least I have more hope that I could have ovulated without really knowing it. And can try again next month without stressing so much about O. Louise when is af due and how have you been feeling? I hope we both get to share in dagirls good news of BFP!!!


Louise - August 2

My af has been irregular lately. But Saturday will be cd28, so I'm planning to test on Sunday, and then just keep waiting (and probably testing) until af comes or BFP! I know what you mean, Dagirl's results are encouraging! She seems to prove true my oiginal question here!---------------Do you know when you're planning to test? Are you going to wait until af is late? Let's hope ugly af stays away from us!


Colleen - August 2

Hi everyone..Congrats to dagirl! (and who cares how long your post was?!)..Louise, you answered my post a few days back about clear cm on day 21 and no sign of ovulation and referred me to this thread. If I may, I will join all of you. I use the Clear Blue Monitor, and I am on day 23, and it didnt pick up o for me this month. Last month I o'd on day 17. I have been testing "high" on the monitor since day 11 and still am testing that way today. I cant seem to find anyone that this has happened to, using this monitor, or even close. I have been having a lot of cm, sometimes clear and watery, sometimes cloudy/lotion like. The only thing I can think is, I didnt o at all this month, I am going to o super late in my cycle (tomorrow is day 24!) or hopefully I am pregnant and it threw off the monitor. Good luck Jenn and Louise, I have been reading this thread for a few days now and are sending good wishes your way!


Louise - August 3

Welcome Colleen! BABY DUST TO YOU!



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