No Ovulation Signs Pregnant Grandpa Viv Or Anyone

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gYpSyRoSe - August 10

Thanks Kimberly!! I need all the info I can get, I was wondering how having a baby was going to effect my b___b job and my tummy tuck, i am bummed that i didnt wait until i was sure if i was going to get pg again to get those surgerys, 11,000 down the drain, oh well, I am discouraged about the soreness of my b___bs, they arent that sore. I want to be pg so so so so bad, I hate this waiting game.


Louise - August 11

Deb, I'm not sure how to tell if it's open. Mine seems to always be a tiny bit open and doesn't change. I know many say that their's goes from open to closed, but mine doesn't. It it easy for me to tell when I'm ovulating or when af is coming, though. (very soft and high means ovulation and low and firm means af is coming) -------How is everyone????--------------------I had the worst, sudden wave of nausea tonight. I thought I would even throw-up. I didn't, though. I felt so sick, so hopefully I'm not getting a flu. I hate flus! It went away for the most part after only about one hour. I was so mad because I went from being hungry for dinner to not being able to eat at all even though I still felt hungry (only the nausea was so much stronger than the hungry feeling). Also I forgot to say earlier than my cervix has moved up higher even though it's still firm. It was low and firm but af hasn't come yet. If it softens then I'll get excited! hope everyone checks in with updates!


suzieg - August 11

louise you don't know me I'm suzieg and ttc this my 7th month and feeling like it will never happen you know like everyone else!!!! but i've been following the wait and need to know the outcome


Louise - August 11

Jenn and EVERYONE any updates???


Jenn - August 11

well, today..still no af. i am going to test again tomorrow morning. woke up this morning with sore nipples but not anymore. good luck everyone. i am at work so can't type much


Colleen - August 11

Hi everyone, just checking in this morning for any updates..Was hoping to see good news! Seems like Louise, Jenn and I are in the same boat. No news, no AF. I am on day 32 and thinking this will be a long cycle for me since O came so late. Not even testing, dh and I bd'd at all the wrong times this month, unknowingly. Will keep checking for updates from everyone else...GL!


Louise - August 11

Colleen, I was thinking about your situation. Did you read on the explanation of how OPK pick up hCG too? They read positive for pregnancy hormone too! It doesn't work the other way around, though--hpt don't pick up ovulation hormones. Have you taken a hpt lately? Maybe you tested positive for pregnancy not ovulation! I recommend you read about it; that site is great! I really think there's a chance you're pregnant!! Let us know!


Colleen - August 11

Hi Louise, I actually dont use a "OPK" but what peeonastick terms a FM (fetal monitor)..I use the Clear Blue so I am not testing anymore since it said I O'd on day 28..You dont continue to test using Clear Blue once you O. So, essentially I could use a stick and do a HPT but I would rather use a actual HPT if I were going to do that. I did (after I read your last post) read how a OPK can be used as a HPT and I see what you are saying about maybe it picked up pregnancy and not O..I guess its a possibility (I already threw away the sticks not thinking I would need them this month)...I really dont think I am pregnant but thanks for the happy though. Guess I will take a HPT sometime next week if AF still hasnt come, but really I think by next week I will have a BFN and no AF!! You are a day ahead of me (its cd 33 for you today right ? ) How about you ? Do you usually have regular cycles (I know you said in one post that you have had longer cycles then 31 days-mee too!) Are you going to test again ? You have a lot of postive symptoms!! Jenn...Anxiously awaiting your results from your test tomorrow.!!


Jenn - August 12

so at about 4:00 in the morning I woke up needing to go to the baathroom, figured I would take the test and BFN!!!! i am on cd 35 still no af!!! what is wrong with my body? I have a lot of stress in my life right now, but I've had a lot of stress other times in my life too and it didnt affect my period coming. Is my body still adjusting after my mc 4 months ago? I thought I would have been back to normal by now. I am so frustrated, sad, worried....on the verge of tears. If I'm not pregnant I want af to come so I can have some hope of getting pregnant soon. Sorry, if i sound whiney but I just need to let some of it out. I know you girls are going through the same emotions. I hope we all can get some BFPs ASAP.. I will be going out of town tomorrow for a family thing, just my luck af will come then. Louise, Colleen, and the new girls I wish all of you lots of good luck and baby dust! Keep posting!


Louise - August 12

Jenn--You're not whiny AT ALL! Sorry about the BFN. Don't you wish things would get going so you could get on with it?. -----------How is everyone?---------I only have a minute, but I need you're advice! After my last post yesterday I had what I thought was the start of af. But ever since then I've had only little amounts (like only when I wipe or check cervix) of tan ,not dark brown old blood, with tiny flecks of darker brown mucus. Still no af when I woke up this am! I'm cd 33 today; isn't that too late for implantation bleeding????? Should I re-test today? Maybe I'll stop at Dollar Tree later today. Maybe I should wait until tomarrow to see if this is just a very slow start to af. Yet, I don't think I've ever had it like this before. I'll check in later.


kimberly - August 12



Jenn - August 12

well, not too long after I posted last she showed up!!! af is officially here. So all i can do now is hope for next time and keep my fingers crossed for the rest of you. I hope she stays far, far, away from each of you. Thanks for all of the support, I will keep checking to hopefully some BFPs!!!


Louise - August 12

Jenn, sorry about the af. I guess the only good part to that is that things can get going and you'll have another ovulation to ttc again. -----------Colleen, Gypsyrose, Deb: any news from you ladies?----------------Guess what? Still no af all day today on my pad. Only the same tan mucus with dark (old blood) flecks in it and only when I wipe. Could it be pregnancy even though I got a BFN at cd29? Also my cervix is staying high and seems like not as firm. Who knows; our bodies can be so confusing! I did stop at Dollar Tree and got 2 hpt's this afternoon. I'm going to try and hold out for as long as possible to see if af is coming before I test. However, I've never started this slowly before. It's been almost 24 hours since I first had this slight spotting. It could just be stress, though. Stress seems to be an effient way of keeping af away! By the way, did anyone read the post today about cats clinging to you when you are first pregnant? See, I'm not the only one to have heard of this old-wive's tale! LOL! Who knows though, right.? Oh, and do any of you know much about implantation bleeding? It seems to me that it would be to late in my cycle for this, but everything else except the timming seems to fit.-------I'd like to hear how everyone is doing!


Louise - August 13

Hey, just checking in to say I won't be on for the next day or two. I hope to hear some good news when I check back on, and let me know any advice/answers you have for me. thanks


Colleen - August 13

Jenn...So sorry about your AF! I know what you mean about just wanting it to come so you can start over with a clean slate. I didnt know you had a mc, but that could explain the ups and downs and the lates of the AF. I was sorry to read about the mc as well. If you had normal cycles up until that point, it would seem your body is still adjusting. Louise...I dont know about you. It does sound much too late in your cycle for implantation, but you never know, our bodies are all different. I have started AF for 1-2 days before actual "bleeding" began, so that was my first thought when I read your post. Hopefully not, and you will have good news to share with us! I missed the post about the cats, but that cracked me up when I read your post. Old wive's tales could prove true! As for me, I have been MIA because my husb. and I got food poisoning and I ended up the ER last night. I am feeling much better now, but they took a bunch of blood and I am not pregnant. Didnt think I was, but that was confirmation enough for me. Jenn, I am on cd 34 and feel like you..Just come already!! I will be doing HSG when I start and Clomid this month as well..Doesnt look like we are going to do it without help in my case. How old is everyone and how long have everyone been ttc ? I am 32, dh is 38 and I am thankful that I have a aggresive OB as we have been ttc for only about 6 months and she has already given me the Clomid. We figured there would be some issues as I am irregular. Anyway...Its nice to have women to talk to. It really does help. Hopefully, we can keep the thread going and see each of us get BFP's...


kimberly - August 14

Hello everyone! Colleen, I am sooo sorry to hear about the food poisoning! You must have felt awful. At least you did get the blood test which is also bad news but at least you will be ready in a few days to start clomid and try try again...I will keep my fingers crossed and keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Louise, af yet? I hate that you have to wonder. Since i have been on this sight days seem like months for everyone. Jenn, sorry to hear about the af...good news is that you get to practice practice practice which can't be all that bad right? hahaha. Anyways, nothing here. I am on day 22. Is it possib;e to o this late in my cycle? Since off of bc I am not sure which day was my O. I didn't really have symptoms on day14. Oh well, I will keep trying. I really enjoy talking to each of you, I hope thatI am welcome and you all enjoy my company. Well lets keep updated!! Best of luck to everyone!!!



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