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Angel - March 31

Im normally a regular person when it comes to my period. But the past 2 months have been different. B4 i go on, i am NOT just getting off the pill..In February, I was 5 days late, but had a normal period. This month, I was 9 days late. I took HPTs but all negative. I also was experiencing nausea, and tender nipples. Right b4 i came on, i had a light pink spotting, and then the next day my period came. I dont believe it was implantation bleeding b/c it was bright red blood. I always have cramping with my periods, but this time it didnt come. Im off my period now. I still have the tender br___tsm and the past 2 days I have been vomitting, i've had a metallic taste in my mouth, and my br___t itch terribly. Am I pregnant?? Sorry this is so lengthy, but im really really asking for some of u guys opinions....


Grandpa Viv - March 31

Sounds you likely are. Take prenatal vitamins in case. Take hpts at one week intervals until the situation resolves or your next period. At that time you should probably go to the clinic. Good luck!


Angie - March 31

I'd say it sounds like congratulations are in order. I agree with Grandpa Viv run out and buy you a hpt and hopefully you'll get the answer you are seeking. Good luck hon.


amy w - April 1

i agree with both of out and get those tests, if you dont feel like you can wait, you can always make an appointment with your doctor too. good luck


Angie - April 1

Angel did you take you a test? Let us know. Good luck!!


erica - April 1

You mentioned that u just got off bc in February. It could be that you still have in your system. It takes about 3 months to leave you system. Plus you haven't missed a period? Right? I'ts just been very different and late from others.


Layla - April 1

Angel, I think people are skimming over your post and not reading it fully. I see that you aren't just getting off the pill and that you have taken Hpt's which were, if I were you I would continue taking hpt's every several days and in the mean time consider having a blood test. Sounds like you could be preggo!


erica - April 1

Sorry! Angel how long was your period and how heavy was it?



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