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MM - March 24

Okay, first of all, I have very irregular periods. I never know when it is coming. It could come after 1 month, it could come after 3 months - I've even gone 6 months between periods before. I had blood tests & ultrasounds about 5 years ago just to see if there was something wrong with me because I knew eventually I would want kids (I am now 26 & have been married half a year). Dh & I are not ttc but we're not trying not to either. We feel it will happen when God wants it to. My last period was around Dec. 26 & the one before that was around Nov. 6 (forgot to write it down). On Feb. 9, I wiped & there was blood on the tissue. I thought it was af so I put a pad on. The next morning there was no blood, just very faint brown spotting on the pad. I have not had af or any other bleeding since then. (Was this ib?) My symptoms are the following: fatigue - I've been extremely tired the last few weeks, even though I get to bed at a decent time, gassy, bloated (my stomach looks bigger too), I'm hungry a lot more - if I get really hungry sometimes I start to feel very nauseous, a few times this week I have felt a little dizzy/lightheaded, I had cramps the last two weeks but they seem to be subsiding now (but I still get odd feelings once in awhile), I have never had a headache but in the last few days I've been getting headaches that only last a few minutes, my nipples are very sensitive (I have never had this before either, not even before af) & they sometimes feel like they are on fire, I think I noticed an increase in my sense of smell with perfume & I think my bowel movements are more frequent. DOES THIS SOUND LIKE I AM PREGNANT?? PLEASE HELP ME!! It is hard for me to get time off work to go see my doctor. I have a vacation week Apr. 11-15 so I could make an appt. then but if I am pregnant I should probably go sooner than that. Oh yeah, hpts are -ve. Any input would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!


Audrey - March 24

From your symptoms, I'd say you are. If you had implantation on Feb. 9th then you'd be approximately 9 weeks. Use a home pregnancy test, and start taking pre-natal vitamins containing folic acid. I recommend making a doc's appointment soon. Best wishes!


Jena - March 24

I agree- you sound like you could be preggo so make an appointment for your vacation time and keep taking hpt's at one-week intervals unitl then. Good luck!


MM - March 24

Thanks for the input guys! I have never been pregnant before so I am a little nervous. Since I don't have regular periods, I wouldn't know if I have "missed" one. I was thinking of making an appt. for Mon. but I think I might wait a few more weeks - I don't want to get a false neg.


MM - March 24

Symptoms not present this afternoon. Could I still be preg.? Has anyone else had symptoms come & go like this? Nipples feel a little tingly & very mild crampiness but I haven't really felt nauseated yet today (not that I want to!)


b - March 24



Megs - March 24

Yes, that happend to me today..symptoms are lighter...still hoping!


deanna-marie - March 24

hey im 17 but i kno alot about pregnancy cuz of books i read and my moms pregnant and i took care of my younger sis and my brother.... my moms books and research talking to docters helpd me learn alot sooo heres my advice..... if u think ur pregnant make the appointment cause brown bleeding and everthing else u said is all signs of u being pregnant.... and ur periods r like that cuz as u get older ur periods on many woman change because ur bodys changing.... alot of people have thos kinds of periods... and it helps to talk to ur doctor about it.... my aunts friend has the same thing and thier ur age... and the docter said the same thing im telln u sooo ya c the docter cuz from how it sounds ur pregnant..... not to scare u but iv been around pregnancy and stuff if its not friends its fam... its hard to find out if ur not expecting it.... and if u wanna talk more u can im me if u have aol instant messanger sweetypie3168869 im on 24/7 or e-mail me at [email protected] and if what i said confused u... ill make it more clear... well good luck and take my advise... cuz it seems u r hunny and if u r... im happy for u and ur husband... o ya if u r... warn ur husband thiers ganna b alot of b___hy mood swings where u wont want him near u.... and ur ganna have emotional issues... and ur ganna want him to help u thro it... well i hope this helpd u... luvz always deanna-marie



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