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michelle - March 3

Where is everyone been? Especially kristen and vicki. haven't heard from anyone lately. I hope you are all doing well and please check in so we know you are doing ok.


Emily - March 3

Michelle how are you doing? af show up in full force yet? I was also wondering where everyone went. Hoping kristen is doing good and gets her bfp soon again!


michelle - March 3

Hey emily, yeah af showed up full force. horrible cramps but oh well. i am worried about kristen i hope she didn't give up on this site.


Emily - March 3

you could always e-mail her form the yahoo site......


michelle - March 3

yeah i could - i also have her email address anyway. back when we had all those imposter issues.


Vicki - March 6

Hi, sorry I've been so quiet over the past week but I've not really had anything to report, not to mention I've barely had time to get near a computer even if I wanted to. Work has gone manic. I'm on cd11 at the moment so will start using the opks in a day or two. Hope that everyone else is ok


michelle - March 6

Boy everyone must be busy w/work. I emailed kristen and she is doing good. the same busy w/work. she sends everyone her love and said she will post soon. I start my clomid today. so i will be one busy person next week.


kristen - March 6

hey all just wante to say hi ...still waiting for my 1st af after the m/c hope it comes soon...hope everyone is well....thnx again for all ur support i appreciate it alot...


AmyB - March 6

hi everyone...vicki i hope this is your month! good luyck on the clomid michelle, maybe you will get twins! hope all goes well for you kristen! i am sooo tired and all i want to do is sleep, i have no energy to clean or dad and step mom are coming over tomarrow for dinner and i need to clean...i juts dont feel like step mom is the one with lung cancer and they dont give her but like 6-9 months so i have been trying to hang out with them more, but i have to be careful b/c her on chemo i have to make sure the kids are nice and healthy....


Lacey - March 9

WOW, I think this thread is dead. Anyway, if any one still checks in from time to time. I had my second dr. appointment to day. Got to hear the heart beat for the first time. It was pretty awesome!!! It was 162, I thought it might be a high but my doctor said it was normal and very health. I am now 13 weeks. Time is going pa__s sooooo fast. I do not show at all yet. I guess that is good, since I am sure I will be tired of my huge belly by the end. I hope everyone is doing well and we are getting more bfp!!!


nikki - March 9

Hi ladies. Hope you all are doing well. Lacey, that is so exciting that you got to hear the baby's hearbeat.


michelle - March 9

Lacey Glad to hear from you. I just asked about you on the baby poops thread. and you are right no one has been on here for awhile.


michelle - March 9

Oh and that is awesome that you got to hear the heartbeat and i can't believe you are 13 weeks already. I am on a fertility drug that brings on ovulation. So hopefully soon i will be pg. I forgot did you say how your mom reacted? short term mem here.


Vicki - March 10

Hi everyone. Lacey I can't believe that you're 13 weeks already, it seems barely any time at all since you were telling us about your bfp. Well I think that I'm due to O at some point over this weekend so I really hope that dh is going to be up for some serious bding!


Emily - March 10

Morning everyone. Glad to see everyone is doing well. Glad that eveything is good Lacey. Hearing the heartbeat is great. Wait until you get to see your baby on the u/s or when you get to feel it you know when your first u/s is? If you haven't had one yet, I bet you will have to wait until your 20 weeks appointment. It is wonderful and it will be here before you know it. How far are you now AmyB? Vicki, Nikki, and Michelle, hope you get your bfp soon.....and Kristen again too. I am now alomost 25 weeks. Over half way there. I am getting anxoius already. AmyB does it get liek that with every pregnancy, thaty ou get anxious faster or is it just me? I am thinking that since my m/c and another friend of ours had a stillbirth, that I am anxouis to hold that little healthy baby in my arms....well gotta run, hope eveyone is good and can't wait to see more bfp.....


Lacey - March 10

Michelle-my mom is so excited about the news!!! I think she is more excited than I am. She calls every other day to see how her grandchild is doing : ). I hope you can get pregnant soon!!! Emily- I have not had an u/s done yet. My doctor does not do one until 20 weeks. I can hardly wait to see my little baby with the u/s. We are not going to find out what it is. We want it to be a suprise. When I first found out I was Pregnant, I was sure it was a boy. Now I do not know. Guess I will know in six months. : )


michelle - March 10

lacey that is wonderful. my mom was like that to my sis. I think she is gonna be even worse when i do as we are closer. we talk everyday as it is. And i think she would visit more once i do. I can't wait either. Auugghh.



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