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Vicki - March 21

Hi everyone, I hope that you are all ok. I'm now about 10 dpo and have absolutely no idea if it's my month or not. I had some pregnancy symptoms last night but they've pretty much gone away now. Anyways let's hope that this is a good week for us all. Baby Dust.


michelle - March 21

Vicki i'm praying this is your month. I have no idea how many dpo i am. I am cd 20 right now though.


Vicki - March 22

Thanks Michelle. It sounds like you're not too many days behind me, do you have any potential symptoms yet?


nikki - March 22

hi. ladies. I hope that you all are doing well. I think i am due to ovulate today or tom. It has been crazy around here though. i finally had my first normal af after coming off of my pills in november. i hope that is a good sign. that the pills are finally out of my body. I am cd 13 so needless to say i still have a while until anything happens though. Vicki, i hope this is your month.


michelle - March 22

Your welcome vicki, and no i haven't noticed any potential symptoms yet. I'm gonna try and not think about it. How about you? Nikki glad to see you around. And i would say start bding now. my ob told me to bd cd 13-18. at least every 36 hours but everyday is good. I think dh and i did about 3 days out of those, so i'm not getting my hopes up.


Vicki - March 22

I try not to think about potential symptoms but everytime my b___sts give a twinge or I feel a bit sick I start to wonder. We only Bd'd the once this month during my fertile days but I think that it was less than 24 hours before I O'd so hopefully it was ideal timing.


Vicki - March 24

Hmm, another quiet week. Maybe we've been a victim of our own success. How is everyone? Me, I'm not so good day, kind of achey and I feel like I'm coming down with something. I'm spending most of my time trying not to read anything into it though as af is due on Sunday.


nikki - March 24

Hello ladies. I am about 1-2 dpo. I am supposed to have af on 4-4. Hopefully I want though. What days are you supposed to bd if you are trying. I keep forgetting. although we bd'd cd 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15 so far. i am only at cd 15. anyway. I hope you don't get af, vickie. I am praying that this is your month.


AmyB - March 24

hi guys! i went to the doctor yesterday and their u/s tech had quit so i had to make an apt at the hospital for my u/s on the 3rd i just have to wait and see my peanut! i am excited!i wish you guys luck this month!


Vicki - March 27

Hi everyone. Nikki, I hope that this is your month too. Amy I can't believe that it is time for your first u/s already. Well af was supposed to have turned up yesterday but hasn't so far. I tested this morning using a strip that I got off the internet but it said bfn :( I felt like I was fighting off some virus which never came to anything over the weekend so maybe that has delayed things or maybe the test strips I bought were c**p. Who knows, will keep you posted.


nikki - March 27

Hello ladies. Amyb- i know you are so excited. Vicky, no af is a good sign. I have 8 days not counting today until af is supposed to show (hopefully not though) I hope everyone else is feeling well. I'll let you know of any changes.


Emily - March 27

hey ladies, how are you all? I have not been posting here for awhile. I am keeping busy. I see that this thread is down to only a few. may I suggest you join the baby poops thread? I know it was brought up before, but with half of you posting on both (kristen, michelle, and amyb) thought it may be earier. I am sure they won't mind, just drop by. If you wish to keep your own thread, I completely understand. Hoping everyone is good and that vicki, your almost cold didn't delay things and you are really preg.....good luck to you guys this cycle....


Vicki - March 28

Still no sign of af. If it still hasn't shown by the time I leave work I'm going to pop into my local pharmacy on the way home and but a couple of brand name hpts. Will test tomorrow morning


Vicki - March 29

Hi, well I tested this morning but it was still bfn. Af is now three days late.


michelle - March 29

vicki good luck and remember its not over til she shows up. i havent been around cause i was on vacation. i dont remember if i told anyone on this thread that or not. i went to tennessee for the nascar race and it was cold!! af is due tomorrow for me.


Vicki - March 29

Hi Michelle, I thought you must have been around about that mark. any symptoms?


michelle - March 29

well i noticed that my nips are very sensitive and the bbs are getting sore but not painful. I'm not sure if it happened or not. and Not sure how long i'm gonna wait to test.



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