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nikki - January 22



AmyB - January 22

i hope kristens BFP is a start to a good new year for us....maybe we can start a pattern now...who's next?!


Vicki - January 23

Hi everyone. I posted on last weeks thread not realising that the new one had already been started so lots more congratulations to Kristen and amy I'm really sorry and I hope that you have better luck next month. Well I am now on cd29 af is due at any time and am I nervous? . . . well I can't see me having any nails left by the end of the day. I thought that I felt it coming yesterday as I had cramps etc but nothing and when i checked my cp it was high, is that a good sign? Of course for all I know it's probably dropped again by now.


Vicki - January 23

Wow it's quiet on here today


Betul - January 23

Good Morning everyone...Vicki, I am on CD 29 also but I have a 31-32 day cycle. A high cp is a very good sign but I don't know how reliable it is. Mine has also been high but a couple of days ago it seemed it was high again..quite confusing. Are you going to test soon? Baby Dust to all of you!


kristen - January 23

hey all just thougt i wuld pop in . i called the dr to schedule an appt. they are calling me bk some time soon i hope ...i can't wait to have a u/s ..but that won't b for Baby Dust Vicki hope u get a BFP this month!!! Welcome Betul... are either of u going to test soon!!!


kristen - January 23

Hey Lacey when are u due???


Lacey - January 23

I am due sometime around September 13th.


michelle - January 23

hey everyone. i was very busy at work 2day that is why i haven't posted. still no af but got stomach aches. but might have been the eggs i had for breakfast. i think i am gonna try and get dh to let me do the basil body temp thing and use fertility friend cause i now know another person that used it and got bfp the first month and wasnt expecting it. i am so excited for her. Her daughter which is now almost 8 was the flowergirl in my wedding. i just think dh would think i would be nuts if i did that cause he could care less if it happened or not.


Vicki - January 24

Good morning. As this is only my second month off of the pill I am still not too sure how long my cycles are so I'm probably going to wait until the end of the week before I even think about testing. No sign of af turning up as of first thing this morning though. Kristen did the doctor call you back? Betul, hi, when are you thinking about testing?


Emily - January 24

Hey how is everyone? I am doing good. Two more weeks until my next u/s. I will be at 20 weeks. We do not plan on finding out the s_x, we like the surprise. We didn't find out w/ Mary either, but my dh had his supisions. So did my mom. Anyway Lacey, Carrie in baby poops has been asking about you, thought you went missing on us. Hee, hee. Well that is about all for now, if I get time I will stop in later.....


kristen - January 24

yep my dr called bk i have an appt for Feb 16th i am nervous!! it is going to b an hour and a half long....dh is going with me !!!


Betul - January 24

Good Morning Ladies...I tested this morning and got a BFP!! It was light, I am 11 dpo, but I had my DH checked it to make sure I wasn't seeing things and he said he saw a line too!! I will continue teating this week to make sure the line gets darker and no AF on Friday. Should I call my dr? Should I wait?


Emily - January 24

I would wait until tomorrow morning. Test again and if there is a line there, then call the doc. You could call now though, it is your call. Good luck and congrats! And Kristen, good luck for your appointment. Will you be what 8 weeks by then?


Lacey - January 24

Hey girls, I did not mean to go missing. I have just been really busy. My birth mom is up here from Elko, NV so I have been spending some time with her. Yesterday when I was feeding my horses I must have done something to my back, because when I was opening the gate all the sudden it felt like someone took a sludge hammer and hit me square in the back between my hips. Than like an idiot I went and loaded 36, 60lbs, bales of hay on the trailer. I can hardly move this morning it hurts so bad. I have always had a bad back. It runs in the family. I just pray my baby does not inherit it. As far as my pregnancy signs go. All I really have is a very, very, sore bbs and a tingle and little cramp every once in a while. Should I be worried those are my only signs or should I just feel lucky?


Emily - January 24

I say as long as you feel some signs, then you should feel lucky. Those were really my only signs with Mary. I never got sick or anything, but boy were my bbs sore! As far as your back, streach it a lot. If you use a heating pad, don't use it too much. It can raise your body temp and that isn't good for baby. I would sugest you refrain from too much lifting until after baby comes. a- not good for your back anyway, plus all those pregnancy hormones make you more subsetable to backaches and b- not real good for baby. I am sure everything is fine, I just woudln't do it very much. Glad you are feeling good, hope it stays that way!


michelle - January 24

betul - congrats. this thread is one lucky thread. i want to be next lol



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