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Kenzie - February 18

Trying to conceive....okay my last period was the last few days of jan. I had a weird 3-day spotting (very,very,very light) of a light pinkish thing going on around Feb 13th, 14th, 15th and now i have been geting nausiated, head aches, my stomach feels harder, my stool has been diffrent. I think that i could very well be pregnant Its too soon for a preg nest.I have never been pregnant before Please share your thoughts on what ya think...


lynn - February 18

Dear Kenzie. I am in the same boat. My period is twelve days late and i have a brownish blood discharge.I have been suffering from headaches, fluttering in my tummy, my stool is soft. Actually i've had all the symptoms except nausea, but all at different intervals and i am waiting for two weeks from the first day of my missed period b4 taking the test.Your symptoms are all signs pregnancy, but the waiting can be torture. It sounds to me like you could very well be pregnant. Now its just a waiting game for us both!


Kenzie - February 18

I know and that is the worst part i hate the anticipation of stressing about it... and if i am i want to make healthier choices ya know?


Kz - February 18

Any more inputs ladies?


lyla - February 18

Well it could have been implantation bleeding. You should wait until your first missed period to test. Do you have any b___st tenderness? Well let us know the results.


Denver - February 18

yeah i would put my bets on implantaion bleeding. Wait till your missed period to test or go to the doc.


me - February 18

yeah i have had a little bit of b___st tenderness but nothing too out of the ordinary ??????


Lucky you!!! - February 18

Hi Kenzie, I think usually most women tend to ovulate about 10- 12 days after the first day of their last period, and then implantation spotting happens some days after that - it could be that you managed to get pregnant and implantation hapened unusually quickly - if I were you I would try a test anyway, and then if it is negative you will have to wait till the end of this month to see if your period does or doesnt come, and if it does, whether it seems different - if it is, then try the test again a few days after you finish. Good Luck!


kenzie - February 18

Is that uncommon to have early implantaion bleeding. im really hoping that thats what it is :) :)


bump - February 18




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