A New Day 26 All Welcome

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jeanette - January 23

Big hugs & kisses to you all. Hope all the preggos are doing well...and the TTC'ers are heading towards bfp's! God bless!


Frances - January 23

Hi all! I just wanted to be first, I don't have anything new to share. Except that my 5-year-old has a seriously nasty flu that has gifted us with a temp of 103 or so that seems sort of resistant to Motrin. Uck. What a bummer. Hope everyone is doing great!


danimarie - January 24

Frances..hope you get rid of that bug quick...yuck! Just checkin my email before bed. Nighty night..sleep tight!


Purplehaze - January 24

Morning all hope you are all well. Sorry you feeling so tired Jeanette make sure you have lots of rest and look after your self. I'm on 6DPO I've got quite a good feeling about this month I feel like I'm going to be pregnant which is completly jinxing myself by saying it out loud but I've just got this feeling. Time will tell I suppose. Hi everyone else Love ya Hazel


Frances - January 24

Thanks Dani. His fever broke last night so he just has a really croupy sounding cough and a really boogery nose. He's sorta driving me crazy now. He's being demanding and whiney and chooses something to eat and then changes his mind when I bring him his food. Makes me want to smack him! Don't worry, I'm resisting! Anyway, 8 weeks tomorrow! I'm freaking out!!! Hope y'all have a great day!


jeanette - January 24

Hi girls...sorry Frances, that your son isnt feeling well. Hope he gets better soon. Thanks Hazel, I am trying to rest as much as possible, but I have such restless insomniac nights that I feel like a zombie most of the time and I am so frustratingly LAZY. I dont want to do anything, eat anything, go anywhere or talk to anyone. Bleh. Miserable. I have been having some anxiety attacks too. Gonna go in and talk to Doc tomorrow. I'm sure everythings ok though...every pregnancy is different. Hey has anyone heard from Jeanne? SHe's been on my mind and in my prayers lately and I am hoping she is doing ok. Hey girls...I have to ask this...I saw an argument on this board about the pregnant women posting here. Does it bother you girls when I talk about my pregnancy? I sure don't want to make you girls feel uncomfortable or sad if I post something about my pregnancy. I know sometimes its hard to stop feeling like we do when we want something so bad. I just don't want to risk hurting any of you sweet girls who have been trying so long...


PromiseJubilee - January 24

Jesus make the Hazel PREGNANT! Amen. LOL, I hope you're right Hazel, you know how we love adding to our pregnant friends! FRANCES!!!! YOU'RE GOING TO BE EIGHT WEEKS TOMORROW!!!! CONGRADULATIONS! IT'S SO WONDERFUL! Jesus is so wonderful and faithful. Dani, you are so wonderful, and I love you, and YOU'RE ALMOST THERE! Holy cow! I can hardly believe it. Everyone please keep Annie in your prayers because she's extremely high risk. She has type 1 diabetes... but Jesus is caring for her and she's feeling great so far. She's always had a pretty good grip on her blood sugar and insulin, since she's been diabetic since she was 9... just keep her in your prayers, okay? JEANETTE! I luf you. Jesus touch the Jeanette's body and give her your vitality. Let her feel cared for, Jesus, when she's tired. Amen. Oh yeah, and please bless Fraces' son with supernatural recovery. AMEN!


PromiseJubilee - January 24

P.S. To all you pregnant girls that post on here, NO. How can we unpregnant girls live vicariously through you if you don't talk about your pregnancies?! LOL. But really. I don't mind at all and I love you all and want to know when you need extra lovin', or when you are excited about something. Okay?


danimarie - January 24

Oh man Promise!!!! I love you too! Are you still coming to Florence next month? Cause I think it would basically be the greatest thing in the world to actually meet you in real life! LOL! Jeanette...I was thinking about that too when I saw the other thread....but I think (but definately don't want to a__sume) that this thread is a little bit different...more of a stages of life thread with "signs of pregnancy" included..lol. There doesn't really seem to be a good place to keep this specific thread seeing as how we have girls who have already had their babies and should go in the "parenting" threads...and girls who are going to have babies....and girls who are just ttc.....girls who have/are having fertility challenges....girls who have had miscarriages....(lol, I just realized that maybe I should be saying WOMEN instead of GIRLS...but I still feel like a girl!). Anyway...my point is that we are a misfit thread and that is the thing that makes this thread SO amazing! We talk about EVERYTHING in our lives and we're actually friends because of it....it makes you concerned about the other people....anyway..that's my perspective....OBVIOUSLY you didn't ask me cause you were wanting to know from the girls who aren't pregnant...BUT girls..I guess I pose the same type of question as Jeanette. If my view of this thread is wrong or different than it should be and you guys DO feel uncomfortable with any/all pregnancy remarks than PLEASE SAY SO! I want everyone to be happy!!!!! : ) I love all you girls. (PS- I know I am crazy, but I still want us to all meet on Oprah in 5 years....I mean seriously, she would totally do a show on women from all different places who have maintained a long friendship and been through the ups and downs of ttc/motherhood/life and all want to meet in real life wouldn't she???) LOL!!!


LN030905 - January 24

Hey girls..sorry its been a while for my check in..lol. Been busy w. the new job. I took my entrance exam yesterday, so just waiting to see how I do..probably ownt know until next month or possibly the month afterwards! Frances..hope ur lil one feels better! I am still praying for ya girl..hopin the lil one gets feeling better soon, too! Hazel..I hope this is it for ya girl! You and dh sure are going to ahve a cute baby! :) Jeanete and Dani, you guys are awesome and you know this thread wouldnt be the same w/out all u pregos on here! Your right, though Dani..this thread is way different than the others..at least I think so. I know IM leaving ppl out and Im sorry..I need to get of the net though. I am coloring my hair and getting things ready for Tommy to fry chicken for dinner when he gets home and he just called to let me know hes on his way. I miss talking to you guys so often.. I do love you all and know that every single one of you are in my prayers!


sarahd - January 24

Hi ladies - Jeanette I hope that if the ladies here minded us talking about something, they would tell us - I really do! I would completely understand, but I love talking to you all :) Frances - yay for 8 weeks!!! Sending lots of positive thoughts your way (and your son's way to get better). Hazel I think positive thinking can't hurt in any way - that's the best att_tude. How soon are you going to test? Just one pregnant thing today - i actually saw my belly bumping up as the baby was kicking! How cool is that...


sarahd - January 24

Lerin good luck with your entrance exam!! Sorry I forgot to write that in the last post :P


Frances - January 25

Oops! Promise I didn't realize that you would actually like to hear the details and I didn't want to start rambling and bore you!! I also always feel weirdly guilty when I know some of you are struggling still with ttc. I never want to sound like I'm insensitive to the difficulties involved with getting that bfp, especially since all of you have been so good to me. Ok, here goes. I actually have some m/s this time. If I don't keep something substantial in my tummy at all times I end up sicker than a dog. A couple of crackers does nothing for me, it has to be more than that. Unfortunately, it makes me worry about how much weight I must surely be gaining. I've never been so ravenously hungry in my life! It's really taken me by suprise! I haven't had any side effects from the Prometrium that I've noticed. I think taking it before bed does the trick. The strangest thing happened this morning though, I don't know if something happens at around 8 weeks or there's a growth spurt or something but I woke up this morning with the HUGEST tummy! I must have eaten something that bloated the c___p out of me. I had to rubber band my loosest pants. My first appointment is coming up on the 6th of February so I'm kinda nervous about that. I finally broke down and told my SIL and she's been adding her prayers to the mix as well. We don't talk about it, wouldn't want anyone to overhear, but just knowing that she knows makes me feel better. Ok, that's all I can think of now except for the usual, sore bbs, pee more, thirsty like mad, forgetful, tired and spacey. I'll let your guys know as things change and feel free to ask if I'm leaving something out that you want to know! Thank you all so much for your prayers and get-well-soons for my son! Hazel, I'm praying for you girl and mentally sprinkling baby dust on you! Promise, you are the sweetest lady and I'm so glad I get to share this space with you! Jeanette, I need to see new pics of that beautiful belly!! Dani, the fact that we stay here no matter what happens to us and our bodies is what makes us a family and not just a silly thread. I love that I know where to find you guys every time I come online. It's like having a daily coffee klatch with the girls! (If I could still drink coffee anyway! LOL!) I would hate if we started sending ourselves away! Thanks sarah for sending positivity my way! It must have worked because my son went to bed with a high fever and woke up without one! God is good and so are all of you!! Love you all!


Purplehaze - January 25

Good morning everyone. To all the pregnant ladies I love speaking to you all and I look forward to hearing all about your scans and kicks and thoughts and feelings. I enjoy our friendships which have been started by this ttc journey and hopefully will continue through all our pregnancies, births and our 2nd and 3rd pregnancy’s he he. Thank you for your prayer PROMISE it gave me a surge of happiness. I’ve never really prayed before but I do say a little prayer for you all when you need it, do you think a prayer wouldn’t be answered if you’re not sure what you believe? I think that if you’re praying for someone who does believe then that’s got to ok LOL I’m rambling sorry. Have you started taking your tea? Hoping it does the trick how wonderful would it be for you to be pregnant with your friend. JEANETTE I think it’s worth asking the doc as he may be able to suggest something to help with the insomnia. Are you worrying about things? I write a list in bed each night of everything that is on my mind and the solution e.g. what I can do about each thing even if it is a list of to do’s for the next day. If it’s something that I have no control over then I write down that there’s nothing I can do about it. I find that it helps to clear my mind. Or Try some basic meditation techniques as these also help to relax you. It is so horrid not sleeping I used to be a raging insomniac but fingers crossed I am 90% better now. I also make myself smoothies when I am feeling lethargic and they really pick me up. There are lots of recipes on the internet. I make a lovely one with frozen berries that is a great pick me up. I hope you feel better soon. NATASHA how are doing? I hope you are feeling better and you get some answers soon so you can plan what your next course of action is. How is your DH? Please pop on and let us know you are ok. It’s not over yet and there are other avenues you can take. Look after yourself. FRANCIS you have to tell us all you are feeling we want to know. Glad your son is feeling better. How old is he btw? I hope that the next few weeks fly by and you can breathe a sigh of relief in the 2nd tri. SARAH WOW I bet that was amazing seeing your belly move. Oh and I started testing today 7dpo ha ha ha ha obviously BFN, I have the willpower of a flea. LERIN Good luck with your results. Have you started the job yet? I hope it’s me soon too infact I hope that me you promise and Natasha all get those BFP sooner rather than later. EMILY Where have you gone? Hope you are well. I love you all and talking to you all. Hazel x x x


danimarie - January 25

Good Morning Ladies!!!!!!!!!! Aww...I love this thread! How is everyone doing today? Oh man Lerin..that is so long to wait to know test results...I would HATE that! I am so impatient when it comes to things like that..LOL. I hope you did well! 27 weeks TODAY! And 25lbs heavier...lol! Oh well. **Kinda gross story...beware (it's not TOO bad)** So...yesterday I woke up with a cyst/abcess in my ear lobe. I get these sometimes and they usually are just kinda hard bumps and hurt if I touch them or something but go away in a few days. Well this one got bigger through the day yesterday and by last night it was driving me nuts. So I tried to stick a needle in it to drain it.....I got a tiny bit of pus out and it bleed quite a bit but I could not get the majority of it out. So through the night last night it got worse and worse. It woke me up a few times and I could not lay on that side of my head. This morning it was still hurting a ton. SO when I got to work this morning I asked one of the doctors here (Colon & Rectal Surgeon..lol) if he had ever drained an abcess of the ear/removed a cyst and asked him if he wanted to. LOL. Luckily he was willing to try it. So he had to make this incision in my earlobe. Now I have a bandaid on my ear....he said it should get better. He couldn't quite get it all. He said if it doesn't get better he is gonna dig around in there some more and get it all out. The gross part is that apparently ears bleed a lot...lol. So he was trying to look at it and kept having to pull out a bunch of gauze to stop the bleeding. OK....GROSS STORY DONE! Anyway...gotta keep working. Love you all! Talk to you later! PS- I'm glad you guys all feel like I do about this thread (a family/coffee with the girls...that is exactly what we are!)


PromiseJubilee - January 25

LOL, Dani, that wasn't TOO gross. Hahahahaha... I seriously thought you were going to say that the cyst just SHOT OUT AND HIT HIM IN THE EYE or something. Hahahahaaa.. oohh man. I needed that laugh bad. So, my sisters horse had to be put down yesterday. It's taken a major toll on the whole family. I just can't seem to stop crying. It's just so sad. The idea of never barrel racing (see, I'm crying again..) him against Rocky (our other buckskin) is just so... I just can't imagine it. Or galloping down the fields, the swish of the gra__s slapping his hooves.... the smell of hay and horse when we saddle up. It's just so sad. My dad desided to try and help her by getting her a new filly (which is good because I don't think she would have accepted another boy).... and she's the great-granddaugther of Manowar (the greatest thoroughbred racer in the world, literally, won 20 of 21 major races in his prime)... so we're pretty excited about that. We don't even know her name yet. But anyways, I just needed to share that... I hope everyone is doing well and our preggos are feeling good, and our non-preggos are busy GETTIN' PREGGO!!! LOL. Love you guys.


PromiseJubilee - January 25

Okay, here's an interesting little tidbit for ya. This afternoon I got a POSITIVE on an OPK. Which, I know, I know, you're not supposed to use as a HPT, but I just needed to PEE ON SOMETHING!!! LOL. This afternoon Zachary asked if I had started af yet, and I just said no. But I thought it was interesting that he should ask on the same day that I should take an OP test.... and get a +. Hm. Just thought that was interesting and thought I'd share. Good stuff.



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