A New Day 27 All Welcome

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jeanette - February 9

Ok, here it is. Heavenly Father....please bless this new thread and may it bring Your mercy & grace in the form of lots of bfp's for all our TTC'ers, Your healing Hand for healthy pregnancies & babies for all our preggos, and an outpouring of Your blessings & Your heart on our 'already' mamma's !! In Jesus name...AMEN!!!(Dont miss my long post on the previous thread)


sarahd - February 9

Dani - we posted at the same time basically so I didn't see your post - I will send lots of positive thoughts and energy your way. I understand your feelings about the weight gain, I've been there with the almost-eating-disorder thing as well a couple times in my life. I got really sick (salmonella blood poisoning) and lost a ton of weight, (down to about 110lbs at 5'9) and afterwards I had to FORCE myself to gain some weight. Eventually I just tried to stop weighing myself b/c it wasn't healthy to stress about the numbers going up. Like Jeanette said, we are growing a LIFE here, and the baby needs what it needs. Try to celebrate your curves if you can (that's what I keep telling myself!). I know it's tough, but think about holding your sweet baby at the end of all this! Just eat as healthy as you can, and don't stress about the little things - I eat chips a couple times a week (just a few) b/c I crave them, and I figure as long as I don't eat a whole bag or anything, in the long run it's not going to matter much. Just take care of yourself!!!!


PromiseJubilee - February 10

YOU GUYS ARE NEVER GOING TO BELIEVE THIS!!! Oh, Hi Sarah, sorry that I missed you with that post. Irp. How's everything goin' gf? Anyways, YOU'RE NEVER GOING TO BELIEVE THIS!!! Joy. is. pregnant. again. Aubrie is seven months old! She's seven months old and Joy is already pregnant. Hahahahahahhaaaaa! So funny. She said, "yeah. Real funny Prom. Reeeal funny." When I was laughing at her. I knew it. So now Aubrie is going to have a little brother or sister, and Joy's appt. lease ends September, so they're hoping to move to Bishop at the same time as us. But she'd be LARGEly pregnant by then, so we're praying for the fifteen hundred dollars to break their lease so they can move before she's too huge and tired. She's really down right now because she's just eating and eating and eating all day long because she's still b___stfeeding Aubrie and wants to keep b___stfeeding until Aubrie gets her immunizations. Which I think is wise. But she still went down to a size three around Christmas and since then she's gained about a size, sooo, yeah. AND they just found out her husband's sister (who is in an abusive relationship) is having TWINS. *sigh* You know what I'm thinkin'.


danimarie - February 10

PROMISE....oh my goodness! Crazy!! Do you know...was she using any form of birthcontrol..or just b___stfeeding? I think we're just planning on b___st feeding and seeing what happens...so I guess I could end up in the same boat...or even closer! Oh Prom...I'm praying for you girlie! Jesus...thank you for your PERFECT plan for all of us...especially your precious girl Promise! Please give her comfort...and patience...and contentment Father! Give her peace that can only come from YOU and help her emotions to stay in control and please please bless her with a baby soon....but help give us all understanding if that is not your plan! Help Promise TRUST YOU with all her heart! AMEN! Love you Prom.....I will keep praying girl.


Frances - February 11

Hey ladies! Sorry I've been MIA, I've been so tired lately! My dr's appt went well, I'm at 10w2d! I had to jump on because my SIL has always struggled with her weight and has come to a much healthier att_tude about it. What it comes down to is that guilty feelings do NOT come from God. I gained seventy (yes that's 70) pounds when I was pregnant with my son and was about 109 when I started. I never worried about it as long as my doctor wasn't worried. Even now I have no plans to pay any attention to it, I'm just going to keep eating the way I usually do and take cues from my body. When I'm hungry, I eat. When I stop being hungry I stop eating. If I gain a bunch of weight doing that, oh well. I'm at about 146 now and I'm comfortable with that. I never compare my weight with anyone else's because it's a waste of time. Everyone has a different body type, shape, metabolism and different genetics. Nobody gains, loses or carries weight the same. I'm more interested in maintaining my heath and sanity and feeling good. I have found out over the years that unhealthy eating habits greatly effected the rest of my life. I had no energy and a general feeling of malaise and subtle illness when I ate c___p all the time. When I eat well, I have great energy, feel good and actually happier. My state of mind is much less burdened when my body feels healthy. I still give in to my cravings when they are for something that is less than healthy for me, I have pizza and milkshakes and the occasional soda and candy and very rarely fast food. I really don't care how much I weigh as long as I'm feeding my body good things. I also try to satisfy my palate at the same time so I don't go back for more food than I really want. I always feel such sympathy for women who are plagued by their weight. It's so hard to find a good, balanced way to live when you feel so bad about yourself. The most I can say is, don't feel bad!! God loves you all just the way you are, wants you to be happy and healthy, and so do I!! I'm praying for all of you who are having a hard time with this. I wish you weren't, God made us all perfect. If we could all remember how perfect we are we wouldn't be bothered with problems like this. Keep your heads up ladies, and keep happy smiles on those beautiful faces! Love and prayers to you all!!


SweetP - February 11

Hi all...popping in to say hello! Frances!!!!!!! Congratulations honey!! So happy for you, I'm so late, I know! But I'm so glad you're pregnant!! Yippee!!! Promise!!!!! Howdy partner? Jeanette!!!!! Still going strong with a healthy baby boy!!! Congratulations all!! Nothing new with me....been enjoying my break from TTC and TTC forums...just too much for me right now. I did decide this cycle that I would chart, just to know what's going on. I had a 91 day cycle that really got me down for a bit, but in God I continue on!!! Dani!!!! Wahoo!!! Its been so long since I've posted....when are you due? I bet you all are the s_xiest pregnant women in the world!!! SIgning off....


sarahd - February 11

Hi ladies. Had a stressful day that ended up with an ER visit (preview: I'm totally FINE :) ) Did tons of housework etc. yesterday, and today after a walk with my dogs and Mom I started having tons of contractions (at first multiple ones back to back, then about 6 or 7 in one hour). I was always told more than 4 in one hour was a warning sign - and they were the whole uterus (not like before) and I started having waves of pain. Anyway, couldn't get a hold of my doc (grrr), so called a health nurse and she advised me to go to the ER to get checked out. So I did, ended up stopping on its own and being fine, no dilation or anything (whole thing lasted about 3 or 3.5 hours). They ended up calling it an irritable uterus, which I was suspecting I had anyway. The nurse wanted me to start seeing an OBGYN now instead of just my regular doc though. I just want some guidelines - if I'm going to get lots of contractions without dilation, when is too much? How much pain is too much, etc? I dont' want to have to run off to the ER if not necessary, but I also want to know when/if it IS a problem. Anywho, I'm EXHAUSTED now, of course, lol. FRANCES - what a WONDEFUL att_tude you have about weight!! :) And congrats on pa__sing the 10 week mark. SweetP - nice to hear from you! PROMISE - wow hon, that's a lot of stuff going on around you. We're always here to listen!!


Emily - February 12

Sarah that def sounds stressfull. sorry ladies not been on a lot but have been kinda keeping up.....I hope you take it easy and realx now. How far along are you now? I know when I worked hard and got aorn out, I tended to cramp mnore, but nothing as serious as what you had. Just take it easy. Also Dani, I kinda had the oposite problem when preg. Id didn't gain any weight. Well it wasn't a probelm really, it was a good thing as I was a bit heavy to begin with. ANyway I am thinking of you. It seems that I pack on the lbs while not preg and lose them wehn I am......anyway hope it all goes well from here on out. congrats to Frances for making it past ten weeks! yah! How are you feeling Jeanette? When is the due date again? Sorry I am so forgetful.....anyway we are doing well. Mary and Marcy are both sleeping better and I finally got Mary to wear pull ups to bed so I dont have to get up to change her wet sheets. in fact since we have been wearing the pull ups she has woken up dry every inght but one . that means she is waking me up to go potty int he middle of the night, but she goes right back to sleep. Anyway hope all continues to go well with everyone. (and promise that is so funny, I have been there, well Mary was 10 mos but none the less I was there......and then sadlyu we lost the baby but we were crazy enough to try again right away.....and so happy w did, we have Marcy now!) oh and no one can have any trips to Er or anything this week,. lets have a nice relaxing week everyone!


LN030905 - February 12

Hi girls! Man, Sarah, that does sound scary! Glad that everything is okay, though. Take it easy, girly! Your poor dh is probably so stressed out..haha. Are you working from home now still? Frances..I love the positive att_tude that you have about weight...I wish I shared that view..lol. Congrats on the 10 week mark. Its been a long time coming for you, but you deserve every bit of it! Dani..i am praying for you, of course. I think if it were to come down to it that you would bbe more worried about your baby rather than your weight..give yourself some credit. God will protect both of you! Hi Sweet P! Missed ya! Glad to hear your enjoying your break from ttc. Emily, Are you guys getting a bunch of snow dumped on you today and tomorrow? We are below the line of it hitting centeral and N. IL..but we are going to be hit with mucho rain today and tomorrow and then some snow/ice tomorrow night into Wed. Anyone have any big plans for Vday? I think we will be going out to dinner...Red Lobster..YUM! :) Im really kicking my diet into high gear today..lol. DIdnt I say that last Monday?? I got rid of most of the junk food around here this weekend,so hope that helps. Can abundent watery cm usually mean af is on her way? I have been going to the bathroom and my panties are soaked w. what looks like water,even when I wake up in the morning...I usually dont have to wear a pantyliner but I have been lately bc of it. I always feel so bad bc my posts are sooo long. I better get off here..need to finish gettng ready for work..I always put my makeup on while I watch Golden Girls..lol!!! Love ya!


LN030905 - February 12

I just read t hrough my post and I think my comment to Dani sounded kinda snoody..lol..and I didnt mean it to at all! So, Dani, I just meant that you are strong and will do whats best for your baby no matter how hard id is!! ok! watned to make sure you new I wasnt bieng a smart elic! LOL! Love ya girl!


PromiseJubilee - February 12

I can't write a long post because I have to pack and get everything ready to leave for the war. DANI, I STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHERE WE'RE GOING!!! This sucks! NO ONE can tell me where we're going, they're just following directions. Whatev. What. Ev. But I love you all and I'll be back in a week! Hope you're all fantastic and pregnant and everything else you want in life!


Emily - February 12

hey LN, nothing yet,. It is acutually very warm today compared to waht it was. It is 30! yah! (it has been like 3!) It is suposed to smow tongiht and tomorrow though so we will see!


Frances - February 12

Hey ladies! Well, I'm home sick today. I just got over a cold a week ago and now I have another one. What a bummer! I'm glad you all enjoy my thoughts on weight, just say to yourselves "I am not my weight. I am not my body." and it stops mattering so much. When it stopped mattering to me, it just leveled off at a healthy spot. Once I figured out how to recognize when I was actually hungry and only eat at that time I stopped having to pay attention to how much I ate. I think I weigh myself about twice a year these days. Of course, now the doc wants to weigh me every time I go in, but I still have no plans to pay any attention to it. As long as I feel strong and healthy and energetic I know that I don't need to adjust my diet or my activity level. My goal is never about my looks and always about my health and how I feel. I still wish that everyone could find a comfy spot to be in with their weight, but I'm sure it's harder for some. Just know that I'll be praying for you all and hoping that you find comfort with yourselves and remember that your size will never be on the list of important things about you. You are so much more than your weight!! Anyway, thanks for all the congrats on making it to 10 weeks, I'm still mystified that we made it here. I can't wait to see what comes next although I'm hoping it's not more irritating illnesses!! Love and prayers to all of you!


danimarie - February 12

Ahh...Promise that sucks! I wanna meet you!!!!! Have soo much fun k?! Lerin-thanks girl...you're totally right, the baby IS for sure the most important thing to me above ANY of the eating stuff, but the whole weight mindset can be scary cause usually your mind uses real things (like saying you're being healthy for the baby) to mask a real obsessive problem that is starting...I felt like I was starting out with the reason of eating healthy for pregnancy and slowly slipping into a feeling of needing to be in control of it and stuff...it probably doesn't really make sense unless you have experienced it and hopefully you never do-cause it can take you over so quickly and your mind has to be so strong to fight against it all the time. The reason it is scary is because when it needs to be dealt with right when it starts to happen- thats why I told you guys...admitting that it is even starting to be a problem is HUGE for me cause if I pretend it isn't a problem then it is easy to deceive yourself and others. I finally talked to Chip about how I was feeling last night- we have been going on about 20 min walks which have been amazing cause the weather is SO nice here and it gives us a really good chance to talk and not get distracted by chores/TV/computer/etc. Anyway-it was nice cause I talked to him about it when it was getting to an unhealthy point in college so he already knows my past struggle with it. Anyway- basically I am just being careful to ONLY be eating the way I am for the baby. And not for me. Cause I want her to be healthy...which means eating ENOUGH...just of GOOD THINGS! Also...I don't have to worry quite so much about sugar (although I still am not going to eat TOO much of it), cause I got my 3 hr glucose test results back and they were perfectly normal again. I think it would have shown up this time if it was bad enough to make the baby big and make me gain weight...at least some of the numbers would have been a little on the high side or something. Here are the numbers that I needed to be lower than, along with what my numbers were: Fasting (95/72)((So it needed to be under 95 and mine actually was 72))....1hr (180/110) 2hr (155/84) 3hr (140/79). So my numbers really weren't even close to the cut off marks. So I can quit worrying about that now! YAY! Anyway- thanks girls for just being here to listen and for all your prayers! Frances...I feel like I definately know the place you're talking about....I was there for about 2 years right before I got pregnant...I DID weigh myself every morning..but if the number went up or down it didn't matter to me. I would work out when I could, but if I didn't..oh well. And I would pig out on pizza and milkshakes once in awhile, but tried to eat good things for me the majority of the time just cause I felt a lot better- that was the worst part of all this...I felt like it was a relapse and I was getting dragged back to a place I didn't want to go. I'm sorry guys..this is so long again. I guess I am just trying to make you guys understand a little bit. But I am getting out of the funk...and back into a healthy att_tude...so anyway. That's all. Thanks for everything, you guys mean so much to me...being able to talk to you about all this! Thanks!!!!! Ok....TO focus on someone BESIDES myself...Sarah...I am soo glad you're doing ok! I bet that was kinda scary! Is it normal to not see an OBGYN until late in your pregnancy?? When would you have started to see one? It would be nice if you were able to have some better answers about needing to go to the hospital. Frances...I am SOO excited for you and will continue to pray for that little baby! It has to be so rea__suring to have seen the healthy little kiddo though! Only 2 more weeks till the 2nd tri already! Alrighty...Jeanette...I'm praying for you too....I have only been dealing with the possibility of GD and you've been having to deal with it full force...I'll be praying that God calms that blood sugar down girl! Keep hanging in there! Love you all so much!


kvilendrer - February 13

Hello everyone! How are you all? I feel like I haven't talked to all of you in forever! Well, I have good news. I find out in a little over 3 weeks what we are having! Keeping my fingers crossed that it's a girl, but I will be ecstatic with either. I'll check in later with everyone!


danimarie - February 13

Kristi- I can't believe you're already so close to finding out the gender!!! How many weeks are you now?! That is SO exciting! Good to hear from you, you'll have to keep us updated! Jeanette....any news on how things are going? I've been praying for you! I gotta get working- hello to all you other girls...Hazel, Lerin, Tammy, Promise, Nell (& Brenya!), Frances, Emily, Sarah, SweetP....have a wonderful Tuesday girls!


kvilendrer - February 13

Hey Dani!! How are you doing?? How many weeks are you now? Well, I am 14 weeks today. I find out on March 9 what we are having. Did you find out yet??



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