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jeanette - November 16

So..........sing it with me now--- Jeanette is back and she's ok, doo da doo da !! 'SUP girls? ; ) Anywayzzzzzzzzzzz.... I am sooooo sorry I havent been on in months! Things got really hectic as I started an Ebay business selling name brand baby clothes that I buy from garage sales, store closeouts and whatnot, and sell for profit on Ebay. So that kept me busy for awhile...then DH decided I was "a natural" at financial stuff like stocks and sent me to a seminar for day traders to learn the business. SO I got hooked up with a company that started me off with an account of 5K and within 1 month I had repaid that balance, their fee, plus made a profit of my own. Then after 60 days and my contract with them was up I decided to be my own boss so to speak, lol...so I could keep ALL the profits...hehe! Needless to say they didnt want me to leave and offered me a permanent position with salary, an office and everything, LOOOOL! Nope, I am home with my babies and thats not an option! But, in the last 3 months I have grossed more than I made the last year I worked as a legal asst! So, I guess DH was right, eh? I am having fun though! I really enjoy it! So, Matt is 5.5 months old now, can u believe it? He is growing big and strong I must say. He is a character, he is already sitting up by himself and can stand wherever you put him, LOL. He is gonna be an early walker I can just feel it! Ugh! We are getting ready to head for the mountain farm for Thanksgiving week and I will try to get back to update more when I get back after the 26th of Nov. Gosh, my daughter is getting ready to have my grandbaby soon too! I am hoping she doesnt blow when I am gone! She is coming to TN after the baby is born to stay with us for her whole maternity leave, I cant wait! Ok, gotta go! Love you girls, God bless!


Natasha - November 16

Yeh, Jeanette is back! Woohoo. I have soo missed you, I was really getting worried, praying you were okay. I was just thinking it is near your big birthday and hoping you would be on again. Great news about the money making! Everything is so expensive nowadays. Have you updated your piczo?


jeanette - November 16

Natasha ~ no! I havent even touched my piczo in months either! I have to update, you girls wouldnt believe how big he's gotten! I will do it as soon as I can ,I promise! Yep, gonna be the BIG 4 0 on December 1st! woohoo! Ima gettin' old! Did I tell you girls my 6 yr old DD asked me to guide her in prayer to ask Jesus to be her Savior? YES!!!! I was washing her hair in the tub and she asked if she was going to heaven when she died and I explained the gospel again to her and she said she wanted Jesus to come live in HER heart! It was soooooooooo sweet! I just cried and cried and then DH came in the bathroom and saw us crying and when we told him what she'd done, HE started crying and lifted her b___t naked out of the bath and threw her in the air, LOL!!!! Anyway, just wanted to share! SOO proud of her! : D


kvilendrer - November 17

Hello ladies! JEANETTE, good to hear from you! I'm so glad to hear that you are doing good. NATASHA, how are you sweetie? Everything here is good. The job is great and I have the opportunity somewhat soon to become a director of sales. So that would be awesome! I have a new piczo site.... w w w. timandkristi.piczo.com. So come check it out when you get a chance. Caiden is 3 months old now! I can't believe how fast he is growing. It seems like just a couple of weeks ago that he was born. And my little sister got married last week. She moved to South Carolina, and I miss her so much! She was my best friend, and I feel so lonely without her. :( Well, I'll talk to you ladies soon.


krissy - November 19

Hi! nice to see that you guys are doing well sorry i havent gotten on in a few months either. just trying to figure out how to handle a toddler being pregnant and a full time college student! who yeah and i girl friend from time to time lol. but other than that i cant complain about anything thing. i have my next OB appt. today at 2:30 est. and hopefully since i am 17 weeks i will get to schedule my u/s for this coming weekend fingures crossed cuz if i have to wait for another 4 weeks i will die! i wanna know! but i am gonna go for now i will let yall know how things go and you can check out pics of mine on myspace i add new ones all the time at least of my son who is 14months now and 30lbs and 32 in! the url is w w w .myspace.com/littlejoshysmom so take a look and i will check in again soon and keep ya updated bye!


Purplehaze - November 20

Hello guys lovely to have you back Jeanette. How lovely your daughter and grandbaby are coming to stay. WHen is she due? All is well with me. I've finished work now so enjoying being a lady of leisure. I had a midwife appointment today and her head was4/5 so at least shei s moving in the right direction :). I'm 36 weeks now so not too much longer. Staci any news? I've not seen any posts anywhere from you so I'm hoping that you have had your little Graci. i can't wait to see pics. Hope everyone is well. Love hazel xxxx


krissy - November 27

hi! i hope this finds everyone doing well. i couldnt help but notice that everyone must have been very busy with the holiday weekend. happy late turkey day! i know i ate way too much and spent too much money on friday lol. but today i get to go have my u/s done to see if it is a little boy or girl in there..i honestly think its a little girl but you know there is still that thought well maybe i am wrong and its a boy but hopefully we will see! i am gonna start a new piczo since i totally forget what my old one was so i can but these u/s pics on there espcially since i deleted my myspace due to personal matters. but okay here goes nothing right? i will be on tomorrow i hope ya'll are doing good! love ya bye


staci - November 27

hello everyone! sorry it's taken me so long yo post! i did have Graci on monday november 19th at 10:02 pm! she was 7lbs 14oz and 20in long, and perfect! She is def worth the wait we had to endure! Now i know why god chose for us to have her when we did, she wouldn't be the same child i am holding now. she is wonderful! i have pics up on y piczo, lynnard2.piczo.com under graci's page. hope you all are doing well! i need to go, typing one handed! i will be back soon!


Natasha - November 30

Hey all. Staci, congrats on having Graci, glad you are all well. Krissy, so pleased for you, girls are great! I have never heard that name before, not even sure how it is pronounced, is it h-ave or h-aven? (hope you know what I mean!!) I will check out the piczos at home as I can't access the site at work.


sarahd - November 30

STACI CONGRATS on the birth of Graci! She's a beautiful little girl! Glad you both are well - I'd love to hear your birth story if you're comfortable posting it sometime... KRISSY congrats on the little girl! That's so nice you'll have one of each. HAZEL I saw your new bump pics and you look fabulous! I can't believe you're so close, could be any time now! JEANETTE when's your daughter's due date? You must be so excited! Things are going pretty well here other than still not getting much sleep. Lucas has two bottom teeth now! We were finally able to make the switch to formula successfully and I'm sooo happy to be able to eat good food again! Lucas is loving his bottle too and gaining weight better now, so I think it was the best thing all around. Poor little guy has a nasty cold right now though so he's having a rough go... hope it goes away soon and dh and I don't get it!


staci - November 30

Krissy I added you to my piczo but haven't had time to check out your pics yet, I will soon! And Congrats on your baby girl!! Natasha how are things with you? Hi sarah! Congrats on succefully switching Lucas to formula and that he is doing so well with it! And 2 teeth already!? Time flies and that makes me so sad right now! Ok here is a quick version of my birth story. I had had my membranes stripped two times in a row. The last one I had was on a wednesday. I started having contractions on Monday morning at about 7am and they started out at 6min apart and stayed that way all day up until my appt time at 12:50pm. At about 12p they went to 2-3min apart for about an hour and went back to 6 min with a mild one in between. She checked me and I was 4cm already! Yayyy! So she sent me on over to the hospital to be monitored. The dr. there said that he would keep me and break my water soon. (we chose to have my water broke first to try to avoid pitocin since I can't have an epi). This all happend at about 2pm (yeah, took me that long to get back to see the dr at the dr office, geesh!) Anyway I finally got into a room at around 4pm (they were packed!) and had my water broke at 4:30. The contractions came on stronger right away and closer together right away. Labor was very hard and painful this time around. Def. different from when I had ds. It was so painful that I threw up and was very vocal. I didn't scream, just alot of groaning and breathing very loudly ( and a few oh my gods thrown in there!) It was very hard, painful and fast! Did I already mention the painful part? LOL! So I was dialated fully at around 9:30pm, and they started to let me push around 9:50pm. These were suppose to be "practice pushes", well little Graci didn't think so! Her head was coming out fast! Her head was half way out when the dr. came in and he said to stop!!!!! WHAT!???? So I tried to stop it but I could feel her sliding out (at this point I was groaning very loudly because it hurt like hell to have a head half way out down there and not be able to push! I am very embarra__sed because I knew they could hear me out in the hall, but they also said I was the only one out of 12 that night with out an epi so screw 'em if they were making fun of me! Sorry, getting very defensive over nothing!) So finally he said I could push, I think 3 pushes later she was finally here at 10:02 pm!!!! It was such a wonderful moment as you can see on my 1st picture on my piczo on Graci's page. We were so surprised that she didn't have black hair! She is so cute and so little! And such a good baby! Things are going well here and I am already getting sad becasue I know how fast they can grow up. Well, I hope you all are well! Soon we will be hearing Hazels story yayy!!!!!


staci - November 30

Oh and forgot to mention that I tore from my c___toris down because she came so fast! ouch!!!!


Natasha - December 2



danimarie - December 4

OH MY GOODNESS! Ladies! I feel so out of the loop. LOL. I have it set up to send me an email whenever there is a post on here. I know we don't post as often anymore, but tonight I was sitting here and thought, my goodness...I wonder why no one has written anything lately! So I come on here and find this NEW thread and YAY! I'm so excited! So let's see here.....JEANETTE!! Look at you little at home worker....sounds like a Proverbs 31 woman to me...lol! I am excited for your grandbaby. Let us know how all that goes! I can't believe that Matt is 5.5 months. Kenzie is 7.5 months and getting into everything! She is a fast learner too. She was crawling....like real hands and knees crawling...by 6 months and she is already walking around furniture! I hope she doesn't walk too early. She has been pulling up for over a month too! NATASHA- how are things going for you?! SARAH- So glad to hear that you got Lucas switched over to formula and it is going well for you both! Yay for eating good foods : ) KRISTI- So sorry about your sister moving. That stinks. But congrats on the job opportunity! I can't believe Caiden is 3 months! WOW! It flies by! KRISSY-Congrats on having a girl! That is awesome that you'll have one of each! SO FUN! STACI- Graci is BEAUTIFUL! SOOOO much light hair! It is awesome! I wonder if she'll stay blonde! I think she has more hair than Makenzie...lol! You look AMAZING in your delivery pics by the way. They made me really jealous...lol! And ouch about the tear....I had a labial tear from Kenz coming too fast too...not fun. I thought I would never feel normal again!! But I do. LOL. Well...not much new here. Just getting ready for the holidays. I am sorta wondering if I finally ovulated?! I guess I'll find out in a few weeks! Talk to you guys later! Nighty night!


PromiseJubilee - December 4

Hey ladies! How are you all? So much news! So many babies! Craziness. Well, guess what guys? God has totally opened the doors for Zachary and I to become foster parents!! We're so excited, and he's going back to school full time this coming spring semester, got accepted and grants granted and everything! It's wonderful. Okay, just that quick note. Love to all!


jeanette - December 7

Dominick Giovanni born Nov 22nd Thankgiving Day!!! 9lbs, 1oz, 21.5 in long, and NATURAL BIRTH, OMG! Her epi didnt take! My grandson will be here with me for christmas and new years! They are coming this Monday! See my piczo site --- jeanfam (dot) piczo (dot) com for pics of Nick and a new page of Matt! Love you girls! pop back in later this weekend!


Natasha - December 7

congrats on your first Grandchild Jeanette! Thank goodness all went well, I totally love the name. I just realised I forgot to send you birthday wishes on the first, doh, so forgetful these days! I hope you had a lovely birthday. I wanted to ask you about the poas test you did for the gender of Matt before birth. My best friend is pg again and doesn't want to find out via ultrasound what the s_x is and when I told her about your test she thought it might be fun. Can you tell me where you got it?



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