A New Day 35 All Welcome

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sarahd - May 3

Okay ladies it's been FOREVER! Does anyone check in? Hope so. LERIN I'm so so so ridiculously sorry to hear about your bleeding. Sending love and prayers to you. DANI it's a boy! YAY!!! 1 of each, how nice. You're already so far along! 25 weeks now? Crazy! HAZEL - Iadded you as a friend on facebook :) Glad to hear things were going well with you and Isobel, hopefully I'll get to see some pics! I hope everyone else is doing well and just too happy and busy with their fams to check in :) Lucas is great - he started walking around 10.5 months, although he's not totally independent yet. He still likes to have me hook my finger in the back of his shirt, mostly for comfort I think. He's 11 months old now if you can believe it! Nothing ever happened with that oops, thank goodness. I'm getting more ready for the 2nd but I don't think hubby is quite there yet. It'll be within the next year though sometime - no rush really. Anyway, hope you all are well and hopefully talk to you all soon!


danimarie - June 4

Hey girls....I miss hearing from all of you! How are things for everyone? I don't know if any of you will see this or not...I just know that I have it set to email me when there is a new post on here, so hopefully some of you have it set up the same way and will see this : ) I would love to hear what is new with ALL of you! I am 29.5 weeks now and being giant in the summer heat of Phoenix, AZ is quite the experience....I think I liked having a baby in April better : ) This little boy is QUITE active and is getting BIG now, so his strong little kicks have quite an impact on some of my internal organs now! OUCH! But I think I can manage for another 10 weeks (or less.....maybe?!) Anyway...we just had a summer vacation to California and it was perfect.....lots of fun. But good to be back home and in my own bed and normal routine too.......Hope you're all well and would love to hear from you all soon! Love, Dani


LN030905 - June 4

Hey girls! Long time no chat! Sarah and Dani..thanks for the prayers. Things are going pretty well right now...cant really complain. Tommy is still working quite a bit. Ive been offered a cheer coaching job at my old hs..super excited! Still going to school. Starts back up next week. Going to the bahamas in a few weeks and cannot wait!!! Dani, when exactly are you due? Any names picked out? Sarah, I cannot believe Lucas is so big! It is crazy that he is already walking. You seem to be doing well and loving the mommy life though! TTY girls later! Love, Lerin


Frances - June 4

OK, I'll give y'all the abriged version. I've been busy. My oldest has been diagnosed and medicated for ADHD/Obsessive disorder and that's been a real struggle. My hubby left a love letter to another woman for whom he'd been having major feelings for about 5-6 years on the computer and I found it. She is married to someone else, but they had known each other longer than he's known me. He was trying to get something going with her when I found the letter and left him. We are attempting to work things out and they are going ok, but it was ugly for awhile. She, incidentally, was never remotely interested in him and never caught a clue what he was saying. The only one that is doing perfectly is Linc, who at nine and a half months is enormous. He weighs 23 pounds and is in the 95th percentile for height. All his clothes are sized 18 months. I'll try to check in a bit later but I've got company coming. Hope everyone is doing well!!


LoVeLyMoMmY - June 6

WOW its been forever!!!!...I barely read through but I got the most of it...so glad to hera all the babies and Mommy"s are doing well. I haven't been on here for a long time. After my m/s DH and I really were trying hard and NOTHING...so we stopped trying and 2days ago I got my BFP!!...I am not getting my hopes up yet as I went got a blood test yesterday we will see the results..I hope its a nice HIGH number!! Lets pray for this to stick!!!...Well hope all of you are well and I will check in again soon!!!


LoVeLyMoMmY - June 10

Well update when U guys get on here and see...my Numbers were 3134 or something last thursday and 7342 around there on saturday,,,I am 5weeks today and its early so I am staying guarded but I hope to talk to u all soon....gotta go


danimarie - June 10

JEANNE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!! What great news : ) And it sounds like your numbers are WONDERFUL! I am so happy for you guys! Of course it ended up happening the month you stopped trying huh? : ) Keep us posted! FRANCES- aww I am so sorry about what is going on. I will be praying for you guys. That is so hard. I have no clue how I would react in your situation....stay strong girl...it will probably take a VERY VERY long time, but I am sure that things can and will get better. I have heard of people having major issues and struggles in their marriages and having awful times but if you work and it and get through it God can really bless you and make your marriage even stronger and closer (I know it probably doesn't seem like it right now, but keep working at it!!) Sounds like little Linc is one healthy little guy! He is bigger than Kenzie! : ) But he's also a boy.... I am totally having trouble remembering your older son's name, but I will be praying for the whole situation with him too....that he would get on the correct dosage of medicine and that you will just know how to deal with all of it as his mom! That can't be an easy decision to make. LERIN- Congrats on the cheer coach position! How fun will that be?! And have SOOO much fun in the Bahamas! I'm jealous : ) I'm due on August 15th and we're naming him Ryken Chip Brown! We haven't told our family the name yet..they are working on a guessing game right now to figure it out! Alright....well, thanks to the girls who updated : ) I miss you guys and will be praying for all of you and hope everyone is doing ok!



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