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LadyD - March 10

Hi everyone, hope everyone is well. I have a dilemma. I lashed out b/c I'm ready to make my fiance my ex-fiance any moment, he's driving me mad!! (Story is too long to share right now, sorry) Anyway, I'm not here for critizism so please save it for someone who is still learning the ropes, I am here for opinions. I had PROTECTED s_x with someone on cd10 ( I have avg 32 day cycles) but the condom broke & I didn't know til we were done & of course, he came in me. Now yesterday, cd14, I had unprotected s_x with my fiance twice. I don't temp or anything anymore (kept messing up the time) so per the online calculators, I am due to Ov around cd18. Although I would love to get pg by my fiance, is it possible I could still get pg by the other guy? Wouldn't that have been too early in my cycle (unless I have a short one- my shortest ever was 28 days). QUESTION- should I be worried? Should I take one of those 72 hr pills? ( I have sucky luck- after all this time it would be my luck to get pg this month, the one time I decide to lash out!!) I can't have a "maybe baby"- I need to know who the father is from conception & I'm not with the abortion thing...I'm up the creek w/o a paddle! Thanks for your opinions!! And if anyone was following my other posts re: cysts, I had an u/s done last week & get the results tomorrow. Of course, the u/s tech couldn't tell me the results, but I pryed a couple words out of her (she said it doesn't look too bad- yeah!!) I'll keep u posted.


brads wifey - March 10

Lady- if you haven't already ovulated, the sperm from the s_x on cd 10 should be dead. If you're on cd 15, it would be too late to have the emergency contraceptive pill. It kinda sucks that you don't know when you ovulated though because if you ovulate early, there could be a slim chance of pregnancy. If you're positive you haven't ovulated yet, you should be ok. good luck


hope-31 - March 10

my opinion is it sounds like he should be making you his ex-fiance!


Gigi19 - March 10

I think even with a short period of 28 days, CD 10 is to early to ovulate. Believe it or not, but those on-line ovulation calculators can give you a really good idea of when you are ovulating (at least for me they have been pretty dead on remember +/- 2 days. Good Luck.


Jezebel - March 10

gigi cd10 is absolutely NOT too early to ovulate, i ovulate on cd10 or 11 every single month


Jezebel - March 10

and have an extended luteal phase


sqv3 - March 10

Jezebel, how long does that make your cycles then? Just curious.


Naomi98 - March 10

Disagree with Gigi, the online calculators only work if you have stable luteal phase (some of them automatically use a luteal phase of 14 days which is useless). My ovulation varies by 4 days and my luteal phase varies by 3. Basically LadyD it's impossible to know what the chances are if you don't know when you ovulate. Given that your cycles are a bit longer than average, chances are cd10 would have been too early to cause pregnancy. But it's not impossible (as Jezebel proves!) to ovulate early and have a long luteal phase. Looks like you might just have to wait it out and deal with if it happens. Good luck.


Grandpa Viv - March 11

In my opinion you are far more likely to get pregnant by your fiance in this scenario, though only you can decide if break-up/make-up s_x is a secure way to do it. If you are going to be obssessing about paternity for the next 50 years, maybe PlanB is the way to go. It is supposed to work for 72 hours after s_x, maybe 120, and on top of that you probably have not ovulated yet. Can you not tell ovulation by v____al mucus, cervical position, and ovulation cramps? Good luck!


Jezebel - March 11

my cycles are 27 days


pod - March 11

I have a 25 day cycle and O around cd's 10-12


Jezebel - March 11

maybe before, when i was just opking and not temping...i missed o...i get positives frequently throughout the month so they are not effective for me and for a few months i was going by the 'day 14' thing but when i started temping is when i learned i o early. now that i know i just adjust, im going to the gyno in a few weeks to see if we cant figure out why its been a year & nothing & dh is going for a___lysis next week...just in case its the swimmers


Jezebel - March 11

oh wow...missed the cancer thats harsh...i mean ok so she didnt follow the 'only nice things' rule but then it is a public forum but to wish something like that on lost me there lady...good luck to you...hope it doesnt come back to bite ya


pod - March 11

Yeah, I agree Jez., I wouldn't wish that on anybody. We are here to get advice, but obviously people are going to have opinions when you have a question like this which involves cheating on your soon to be husband. It's just some of us can keep it to ourselves. Lady- I wish you luck and hope things turn out the way you want them to in the end. Good luck.


krissy2006 - March 11

ROFLMAO at Lady! Don't expect to come onto a public forum, put a precursor to your 'dilemma' about not wanting rude comments, tell us you cheated on your current fiance and expect everyone to pat you on the back and tell you it will all resolve itself. I for one agree with hope-31 and maybe its you who we should all pray never has children because of her 'hoe tendencies' and the effects it could have on those future children. How dare you wish cancer on anyone. Your maturity (or lack there-of) shows in brilliant colors with that tirade! I surely hope Karma misses you on her way 'round but she's a b___h, somewhat like yourself, and I doubt my hopes will be answered. I hope for your fiance's sake and the poor man who made the mistake of sleeping with you and for the poor angel soul in heaven who deserves better as a mother that you ARE NOT pregnant.


Naomi98 - March 11

Oh my God, I must say, I've seen some cruel words on these forums but LadyD, you take first prize. As long as I am on this forum, I will make d__n sure that those words follow you and you never get a civil response here again. Oh and by the way, I watched someone die of cancer, and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.


brads wifey - March 11

I agree with everyone else ... I was trying to be nice but I don't agree with anything you just said about Hope! No matter how much I disagree with someone, I would never wish that on anybody. good luck with everything .. I think you're kinda on your own in this forum.



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