Am I Or Aren T I Experienced Or Educated Advice Only Please

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Sarah B - July 16

I am 22 years old, and have been married for three years. I’d been on the pill (Loestrin) from the age of 19 – however, due to a recent move back to the US, my husband and I returned to find ourselves unemployed and without the luxury of the inexpensive and immediate health care that was available to us while in England. In an attempt to cut our costs, we decided to rely solely on the protection of condoms until we were either comfortably employed, insured or, (ideally), both. June 6th was my last day of use and what followed was a slightly abnormal and consistently heavy, period that lasted until about the 18th. I expected this and attributed it to natural hormone changes. Towards the end of the month, however, I started feeling a sudden change in my br___t sensitivity and a slight "lumpiness" that seems to be similar to largish fatty deposits (not noticeable to the naked eye except for a slight change in br___t size). They, (the lumps), are not firm to the touch and have movement when pressure is applied to the area. My br___ts have also become sore (a sort of dull ache that comes and goes throughout the day) and my nipples are unusually and, at times, uncomfortably sensitive. I now find myself nearly two weeks late for what should be my second period while off the pill, I am still experiencing br___t sensitivity and have also been aware of sudden bouts of nausea that have come and gone over the past couple of weeks. (At this stage, the nausea could easily be down to stress.) If these symptoms were occurring separately I wouldn't immediately suspect pregnancy, (as we’ve been very careful and have always used at least one form of protection), but as they seem to have come together all at once, I felt the need to get a second opinion before nipping off to the store for a HPT. My question is - could these symptoms be attributed to coming off the pill and if so, what other symptoms can I expect? I would appreciate any help – it’s always best to be informed and prepared. Thanks in advance. :)


mary - July 16

Yes can be the pill, try to dring sage tea for a week, and test just in case


SaRaH - July 16

I didnt have any symptoms after the pill! I think that it would be best to take a test if u dont start soon. Stress also plays a role in ur cycle! I wish u the best of luck and i hope that yall find employment!! :)


Sarah B - July 16

Thank you both for your input - I'm already planning on purchasing a HPT if I still haven't started my period over the next week or so. I just wanted some advice about possible symptoms of coming off the pill. I also know that every woman's different so symptoms may vary. If I'm not pregnant, I would still like to know what it is that my body's trying to tell me. Just want to avoid running straight to the doc for every little thing. :) And if I am pregnant, although it would be completely unplanned and unexpected - we would still be happy and content, though a little frazzled as to how we'd pull it off in our current situation! :) I just wanted to ensure we were prepared as we are both out of work etc etc. We're blessed to have a supportive family rallying around us. Please keep the comments coming - I really appreciate it.


Jess - July 16

Hello. I recently came off the pill in the beginning of April, after being on it for a decade or so. A couple of days after my last pill I had week-long period (which I suspected), then my period came again at the normal time and was seven days in length. The next month my period was regular and lasted seven days. In June my spouse and I started trying to conceive (previously we had relied on the rhythm method and condom). Two days after my suspected ovulation day I began experiencing symptoms of pregnancy (nausious, cramping, bloating and frequent peeing and hot flashes), I for sure thought I was pregnant. After about aweek I started bleeding - the first day being moderate/light with period-like cramping and dizziness. The second day was lighter still and the next three days were spotting (I thought prehaps this was implantation bleeding). The symtpoms I had experienced greatly reduced and the cramping disappeared. The bleeding came four days early and was unusually light for me. All pregnancy tests - urine and blood were negative - so I have to a__sume that I am not pregnant this time around. This month (July) I have felt bloating and the odd cramp here and there and odd sensation in my abdomen area. I have put on weight aswell - I am currently waiting to see if my period comes next week. So I understand what you are going through. So I hope this helps.



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