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jeanette - February 9

Hey darlin....your chart looks good this month. Have you tested, or are you going to? Hoping for you sweety!


amyree - February 9

Thanks Jeanette - yep, I tested : ( bfn on 13 dpo. I figure it would have showed up by then, so I'm just waitin' on the witch to show her ugly face. How are you doin'?? When are you going to update your belly pic?? I bet that boy is gettin' big, huh??


jeanette - February 9 have no idea! I am huge! I have such a short torso that baby has nowhere to go but OUT..LOL! I am only just shy of 5'4" tall. I will post a new pic sometime this weekend. Have to get my 24 week pic up there! Do you have my website or just looking at my FF homepage? I havent updated that FF one in awhile. My piczo site is three W's and Are you gonna test again or just wait to see if the witch shows or not? Hope she doesnt!! I'm doing fine, other than hormonal mood swings and off the wall emotions, LOL. And my gestational diabetes is not going to be controlled with diet and excercise alone this time I'm afraid....Doc is thinking about insulin around 28 weeks. Bleh. I guess my body is tired and old and cant fight it anymore...ah well, ya gotta do what ya gotta do, eh? ; )


amyree - February 12

Aww, Jeanette, you little cutie!! You're all belly!! Yeah, I didn't have your piczo site, I was looking at your old ff page. Sorry bout the gest. diabetes - that sucks!! I'll be adding that to my prayer list. Things are going good for me. My hubby has been going back to church with us, and that makes me really happy and makes for a more peaceful home life. Yay!! God is Good!!


amyree - February 12

Oh, is a little late showing up, but she's coming for sure. My temps are way down. Oh well, on to the next cycle ;-)


amyree - February 12

She's here.....the witch!! Arrived this afternoon. Ugh!!! I knew she was coming b/c of my temps, but I guess I was holding out hope to the very end. I am seriously thinking about taking some time off from ttc. I need to lose about 35 pounds that I packed on this summer after my daddy died, so maybe I'll concentrate on that for a while :-( It will happen in God's time, right??? That's what I keep telling myself......



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