Another Possible Pregnant Question Sorry Guys

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RebeccaB. - November 23

I've been reading through the threads, and I find it helpful to read posts about what you all went through when you find out you were pregnant.. your signs/symptoms, and how you found out. I'm not currently trying to get pregnant, but my birthcontrol hasn't been working properly the past few months, and my periods have been *very* erratic- going from a 22 day cycle, to a 35 day cycle in the course of just a few months. My pills weren't working properly and I'd have a period earlier then I was supposed to, and then in changed to later and later. My last period was 2 weeks late. My doctor finally changed my scripts (I went off Depo *bad, I know* after being on it for 5 years, to nothing for a few months, and once I started my periods again, I began taking Ortho-tri-cyclen, and it really messed me up hormonally, so she's putting me on just Ortho-cyclen.) but I'm waiting to start my next period before I start my new pills... My boyfriend and I have been taking extra precautions since I've had to go off the pill, but I'm still worried because I'm not sure my pills before were all the effective. I'm on day 42 of my cycle right now, and although I was late last time, I haven't had *any* cramping, my br___ts are tender and incredably swollen (which they normally do, but this has been for the past 2 weeks rather than my normal 3-4 days prior to my period)... I'm swollen around my stomach, but no where else... I can only seem to smell bad smells anymore.. and I'm peeing a lot and craving insane things.. I took a preg test when I was 5 days late, and it was negative. So I assume that I'm not..? but a lot of things I've read said that you can't always tell by a urine test? I know that when your mind thinks you're pregnant, you'll attribute all these other signs to it, so I know I sound hyper-sensative, and I probably am.. but I'm only 21, and a pregnancy would impact my life in SO many ways right now.. it wouldn't be unwanted, but it would defanitely be unplanned. I'm sorry for writing the book- but it's my first time on the site and I just wanted to try and cover all my bases.. I'm just curious as to what all signs/symptoms you all had, and if you ever had a test come back negative? I know most of my signs point to no, but I'm still tentative about completely ruling it out. Thank you all SO much. -Rebecca


Dionne - November 23

Hi RebeccaB, I have never been on the any kind of birth control before, but just reading some posts when ladies stop taking birth control it takes their bodys a while to adjust. I think this might also be the case with you. I'm sure there are threads on here, asking ??? about woman being on the pill etc. I'm sorry I couldn't be of much help. Goodluck and I hope you find your answer.


Daisy Jean - November 23

Hi, Rebecca. I think understand what you're saying. Are concerned that you might have gotten pregnant from the time when your pills weren't working properly? I would test again. If you are still worried after that, ask your doctor for a blood test. Did he/she test before giving yout the new prescription? I had a longer than usuaul cycle the second month off the pill. You may be worried for nothing. Good luck!


RebeccaB - November 23

I appreciate the feedback, and I'm shaking as I write this.. I took a test this morning using my first-morning pee, and there was an undeniable line there.. I'm on my way to get a second one, and if it's positive too, I'm going to make an appointment with my doctor today... I'd still like feedback since I'm probably going to be coming back to this site a whole lot more from this point on... Wow.. I didn't know it was this.. scary... The realization of it overwhelms me...


Jeanette - November 23

Hang in there, sweet girl. You will be fine. Don't get concerned until you get a confirmation. And even if you are, many other women have experienced unplanned pregnancies. My first was unplanned at age 20, so I know where your head is right now. It was hard, but everything seemed to just work out after adjusting to it and I have no regrets. And now she is a beautiful 18 yr old about to go to college, and I am so glad I had her. Chin up, we are all here for you for your questions and support. If you need a thread with some supportive women, go to the threads called "Baby Poops" or "Turkey Day O" or "Ladies in waiting" as there are many women who are going thru what you are. God bless and good luck!


RebeccaB - November 23

thank you SO very much.. you have no idea how much that helps...


Keri - November 23

oh,you sweet girl, just hang in there. It will be ok you sweet thing.Happy Thanksgiving sweetie.


Sian - November 23

well, I am peeing alot too. It is a smelly pee, so maybe that means something. good luck.



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