ANTIBIOTICS Use In Early Pregnancy

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patrizia - May 28

hi- i did not get my BFP yet but i will be testing in a few days since i am 7 days late. but i have really bad asthma bronchitus. so my DR. but me on amoxocillan for 3 days with a chest decongestant. i told him there may be a possibility of being pregnant- but he said that is ok. because it is not a long duration therapy. has anyone used antibiotics in early pregnancy and what was the end result? did everything go well? i am ttc for 14 months with many ups and downs.


angel - May 28

hi :) go online or ask your dr what cla__s of drug it is... there are different types like A B C and i think D ..... A is totally safe for pregnancy, B hasnt been tested as much but is still considered safe, C isnt as safe and D is bad.... ask your dr and they can tell you but chances are this early on there would be no effect on baby :) good luck!!!


Lin - May 28

Actually, category C means that there have been no tests done and so the safety is not known.


ashley - May 28

actually Lin thats B that means that its been only tested on Animals.


ashley - May 28

and C woops sent it too quick


ashley - May 28

NO drug is safe, but category A means the risk is remote. Cotrolled studies have been done and have failed to demonstrate a risk of fetal harm when moderate use is used. Chronic use or doses higher than recommended have not been tested. Category B-higher risk than A. Animal studies have shown no risk to the fetus, but no controlled studies have been done on woman (human fetuses). Category C-animal studies show a risk of fetal harm, but no control studies have been done in woman, OR no studies have been done in animals or Women Category D-Proven risk of fetal harm. Some times these drugs are still used based on the risk vs benifits.


Lin - May 28

Category B means that there have either been animals tests showing negative affects and human tests showing none or animal tests showing no negative affects and no human tests done at all. I guess I should have been more clear, but I was referring to tests on humans above; so yes, we're both right. Category C means there have been animal tests done but none on humans.


Patti - May 28

Patrizia, this link provides the information for amoxicillin during pregnancy (cat. B) make sure to remove any hyphens, if there are any. Basically says "1st trimester exposure in 8,538 infants resulted in no increase in major or minor anomalies."


patrizia - May 29

thanks ladies for all your help-i will be looking into those websites.


ashley - May 30

Lin I took my information straight out of my pharmacology book.... please quit trying to out do every one. I just graduated nursing school, I think I have a little bit of credentials to be quoting something straight out of my pharm book.


San_dee - May 30

i was prescribed amoxicillan, my dr pulled out his little catogory book and it was cat A.



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