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RLW_WiiFEY07 - October 7

Well my period ended sept 24th and everyday since then me an my husband have been having s_x unprotected 2,3 or 4 times a day but haven't had s_x since the 3rd of october and he would c_m inside of me atleast 2 times...we are trying to get I been feeling period like cramps ma nipples jus started hurting today and all day yesterday and the day before I been gettin sharp paines out of nowhere right under my ribs and ma pelvic I noticed a thick white lower bacc started hurting today as well and right after I eat I get naucious (sorry if I spelled that wrong) but is there a possibility I can be preg? I know your not dr. Or anything


RLW_WiiFEY07 - October 7

Also my cycle is about 24-28 days I dnt knw when I ovulate cuz I cnt really figure that out. And I haven't been able to sleep for the past week or so I jus toss an turn all night


GimmeaBub - October 7

I just found i am pregnant, and i only just been getting thoes symptoms youa re explaining along with alot of indigestion and and heart burn, Plus i am exhausted. Try and wait a week, then do a test, and if it comes up negative wait for your next period. Goodluck Hun


RLW_WiiFEY07 - October 7

I also have been tired but unable to fall asleep..and I been very ga__sy which isn't normal for me..anybody that might knw anything or has experienced all this so soon please let me knw your advice is greatly apprecciated thankyou


keerthy - October 7

ended ur period on 24th sept.... i think u must be ovulating now! ... how is ur cervical mucous.... some people get pain during ovulation tooo.... so its time for full time BDing.... enjoy it gurl!!! lolll!!! all the best!


RLW_WiiFEY07 - October 7

The discharge isn't clear and stretchy like it supposed to be its white and thick sorry TMI lol thanx for advice :)


RLW_WiiFEY07 - October 7

Anyone else???...


RLW_WiiFEY07 - October 7

I just woke up after about an hour nap and earlier my nose was runny and I was sneezing like crazy and now my nose is stuffed and I have a sore throat worse than what I went to sleep with. My stomach has been feeling weird like I'm about to start my period kind off but a lil different anyone else had any of these?


RLW_WiiFEY07 - October 8

Why isn't anyone helping me I'm so anxious to know ur guys' stories please lol


GimmeaBub - October 8

So when is your af due? have you done a hpt???


RLW_WiiFEY07 - October 8

My af isn't due for like another week


BrandiH - October 8

RLF I know your pain, I'm anxious to find out too and my af isn't due until Monday. I have many of the symptoms, but I just want to see a BFP.


RLW_WiiFEY07 - October 8

Ugh..I just wanna knw already lol I'm so anxious but its too soon to really knw now huh? I just hope I am and goodluck and baby dust to the rest of you


sarah21 - October 8

I am 16 weeks pregnant now. I had a TON of cm before I knew I was pregnant. I would head to the bathroom, grab a tampon, and sit on the toilet and I would be shocked that there was no blood. I would be crampy and wet and nasty feeling and bloated and ga__sy but there was nothing. I thought it was just going to be a really bad period once it came, but it didn't come and here I am. My nipples were also sore, but those got worse and worse for a couple weeks. So those were my first symptoms. Hope that helps.


RLW_WiiFEY07 - October 8

I got heartburn earlier today and I never get nipples really hurt and I almost threw up this morning and lastnight..I have this cramp like pain on my sides and on the right side of my pelvic area anyone else? So soon?


RLW_WiiFEY07 - October 9

I knw that when ur prego u usually get hungry but I seem to have lost my appet_te and I still have the white creamy discharge...anyone knw if loss of appet_te is normal and the discharge?


RLW_WiiFEY07 - October 12




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