Baby POOPS Sat Sun Part 35

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amy (n) - November 12

here's the new thread for the weekend, the other one was too long


amyn - November 12

Ashley- I don't think my moodiness is different than the other months, my dh doesn't either.. i dunno.. i'm pretty much thinking af will start if it doesn't I'll test wed or so


Justine - November 12

I've been back to check that stick about 50 times already and the second line is still there and pink but faint. Ashley - i think we are both 10dpo today, how dark is your line? amy - hold on in there, how many dpo are you now?


Ameena - November 12

Hi Ashley and other great Cuties... pray it sowed up negative few days back my AF is due sunday....i am keeping my fingers crossed....


Indie - November 12

Hi ladies...YAY Justine! A faint pos is a bfp!! Ashley your dh is just in denial. hehe. As for me...I am counting myself out of the running. Got another bfp today and starting to get the pink wipes and backache I get the day before AF arrives. It's early, because af isn't due until Monday, which I can't say NEVER happens anymore because it happened for the first time last month. So sorry I can't join Em, the Ashleys and now Justine on the baby wagon. I am so depressed I think I am just going to not go to cla__s and stay in my room and do nothing. Worst part is I didn't bring any af supplies with me because I thought I had at least a small chance this cycle, but looks like I am out of the running for good.


Indie - November 12

bfp should be bfn... typo. wish it wasn't


ashley - November 12

JUSTINE that is so awesome. You just made me start crying. I am so excited. My line yesterday was pretty faint. This morning it is a little darker. Still pretty faint! HOW exciting... I am 10dpo like you. Do you temp? What did your temps do?? I used two tests just to make sure. Both are light, but there!


Ashley - November 12

Amy I don't know that my moodiness is worse. I get pretty cranky regardless. ha ha. Heads up.. I have a good feeling about this. You have such a great att_tude this month. You're not temping, OPK'ing, don't loose faith yet.


ashley - November 12

INDIE-please don't give up yet. I believe suebecca spooted and Em had one wipe of pink! Keep us posted. Its not full b__wn AF is it? And if Af is not due until Monday, may its IB! Please keep positive until the AF sings. Shared the new test with DH this morning. He acted happy. I think he is in a bit of denial but he hugged me tight and smiled alot. We decided to keep in underwraps for a bit. Probably wont tell family until we know we are out of the woods. Or at least until xmas! Okay AshB and Jusinte, due dates? Justine my due date is July 26 so yours has to be around that too huh? OH how fun! Im so glad we are getting bfp's this month. Girls until af arrives don't give up. Amy-to tell you the truth, when I started getting b___hy I thought for sure I was just getting a bad case of pms with the sore bbs and all.That is a cla__sic sign for me that af is on her way. I can be so b___hy! I am mad at everything. How many dpo are you? Indie-just because some people get results early, so many don't. Like I said before when pregnant with DD I barely got a faint line when af was 2 days late at 16dpo! I tell you what. I prayed every night that this would be my month. have faith! Where is Emily. She'll be so excited to hear some more girls are joining her! Carrie-i would start temping, and using OPK's that way you have some idea of your cycles!


ndie - November 12

Thanks Ashley, but this feels just like af, so it's not just a pink wipe. I have the backache and the faint cramps creeping in and the wipes are pink and lots of clear cm, like I usually get day before since af is due the 15th, this stuff should have showed on MOnday, but here it is Saturday and it's started early. I wish I could be hopeful and say it was just IB, but it def feels like the witch is arriving and here I am stuck in a hotel with no female supplies.


Justine - November 12

Indie - im sorry you're so down but don't give up yet, i'm still hoping it's going to be your month too. keep chatting on here today if you need to and don't go to cla__s, we're all here for you to vent. ashley - i cried too! and almost gave dh a fright as i was just so speechless and slightly hysterical - he thought there was something wrong with me! my due date is exactly the same as yours... yey! i knew something was different today because of my temps. they had been steadily climbing from ovulation to cd8 and then yesterday (cd9) they dipped and i thought it was all over. but then this morning they had shot up again so i raced to the br to test and there it was, a faint pink line... i am in shock but so happy. carrie - i agree with ashley, you should definitely temp and use opks as it just helps to pin-point when everything is happening.


amy - November 12

ashley- I'm not sure on the dpo, maybe 11 or 12..?? Since I've been off bc and my cycles have been 24, 29, 22, 24, 26 so I haven't got a clue.. I feel like Indie, this isn't my month and I'm very depressed.. It's not helping that 3 people this month have gotten bfp's. I'm totally happy for you all but its depressing on this end. I'm not trying to think about symptoms this month because every time I do I'm let down so everything I see and feel I a__sume is PMS..


Indie - November 12

Hang in there Amy. You're still in the running and this seems to be the month for bfps. I really wish I could join you ladies in the celebration. My due date would have been the 24th. I wish I had some more chocolate so I could drown my sorrows. Actually, don't really have much of an appet_te.


Indie - November 12

I am going to go lie down and zombify myself in front of the tellie. It's either that or begin crying hysterically.


Justine - November 12

Amy & Indie - i totally understand your frustration and feelings right now. this is my 9th month ttc and i was beginning to feel like it was never going to happen. indie - i stuffed myself with chocolate and pringles each month that af showed up and spent a fortune at the mall just to cheer myself up. amy - i had no real symptoms just like you and in hindsight the biggest 'symptom' was the lack of any changes in my bbs as usually they get sore and hard almost immediately after ovulation. it's only in the last couple of days that i noticed they seemed much fuller so i just a__sumed it was because af was coming.


ashley - November 12

Indie-i sure hope your mistaken :-) I hope you are just so use to AF coming and a__sume it is... Some times pregnancy is just like Af except the dark heavy bleeding. I so want you to get your bfp! Im sending good thoughts your way whether you think its your month or not... Im still holding out hope for you anyway!


Chas - November 12

Hi everyone.. congrats on all the bfps! I have talked to ashley and I thought I would post on here. I thought af was here. yesterday cramping and sore bbs, but just a spot. So far nothing yet today at all ! I'm confused. I didn't temp last month or anything, but I took my temp this morning to start a new cycle and it was 97.6, which is sort of where they have been starting at the start of my cycles. I don't know.. Im still hoping, but wouldn't my temp probably be higher if I was preg ? I am just trying to vent.. thanks in advance !



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