BFP Have You Been DREAMING More

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kim - October 4

i have read they when a woman is pregnant she happens to dream more at night and oftens remember them. has anyone gotten a bfp lately and noticed this fact or is it just a myth?


faith - October 4

i have heard once that pregnant women tend to have more vivid dreams but i've never known anyone to say that.


Amanda - October 4

My best friend had that happen. She was having really vivid dreams before and after she found out she was pregnant. She couldnt figure out where the dreams were coming from bc she never really had many dreams that she remembered prior. Once she found out she was pregnant, it explained a lot. I think her doctor told her that the hormone levels in your system can cause this. I have been having really vivid dreams for about a week now. I am waiting to find out if I am pregnant or not. I normally dont dream this much or even remember them if I do. I have remembered every dream that I have had lately.


patty - October 4

hi amanda---i too have been dreaming alot lately-and remembering them ! i do not knew if i am pregnant either af was due 2 days ago but i have irregualr cycles-too scared to test- we are ttc for 6 months ! you ? let me knew and good luck-baby dust !


Emily - October 4

Im 10 weeks pregnant and have been having really vivid dreams-I had one that a goat was chasing me and one time I dreamed I had a baby girl that was walking at 2 months. really weird.


Amanda - October 4

Emily, when did you start having your dreams. I noticed mine starting last wednesday. I am probably about 11 dpo today. I am not totally sure when I ovulated because this is my first month off the pill. The last time I got off the pill, I had a 6 week cycle. So I may have ovulated 2 Fridays ago. So far I have gotten bfn, but I am going to test again this weekend. I ordered Aimstick online so I should get them in this Friday/Saturday. I will test when I get them in. I just started having back pain yesterday. I have had the weird dreams and my b___bs feel heavier. I also have has slight twinges of pain in my lower right pelvic area. I dont feel like af is coming at all. I have also been pretty tired. I have been sleeping really heavy feeling but still having the weirdest dreams.


sly - October 5

i had a dream before i found out that i was pregnant.i dreamed about my neighbour who was at that time about 6 months or so.I was in the bath in my bathroom and she was giving birth right in front of me.the baby girl was so huge she was crying in pain as she was pushing.When i told her she told me straight to go check myself because in our black culture if a woman dream that she is in the water especially dirty water it indicates pregnancy.Later i found out that i was pregnant with twins which came as a shock.i had had operation an never in a million years thought i can ever be pregnant.Funny,few months later i dreamed about my cousin who was swimming in a dirty lake and found out that she was also pregnant.I never used to believe in such things but now i really do.


Amanda - October 5

Last night I dreamed that I had a baby girl in my bed. I was playing with her and then my dog tried to jump on the bed withouth seeing her, and nearly landed on top of her. I was angry and pushed my dog off the bed, and looked at the baby to make sure she wasnt hurt. Then I played with the baby until she fell asleep. That was was the normal dream that I had. I had a few other dreams that were really messed up. I read yesterday that increased progesterone causes women to dream more vivid dreams and be able to remember them. If you look it up, the sites say that women tend to dream certain things in each trimester. It's like most of your dreams have themes per trimester. Usually the first trimester is about finding out you are pregnant. Anyway, it is really interesting.


Kate - October 5

I'm 9 weeks at the moment, and I've been having really weird, extremely vivid dreams every single night. It'd be ok, but my nightmares are also way more intense too. I have noticed that I've had a lot more surreal stuff - the sort of stuff that doesn't make any sense at all, and you wake up thinking "what the......?" But yep - I don't know if it's related to pregnancy or not, but I've had loads more vivid dreams since about week 6.


Maria - October 5

I am 5 weeks Pregnant and started having these dreams before I even knew I was pregnant, they started the week after ovulation. I dreamt I took a pregnancy test, one of the digital ones it is clearly read "Pregnant", another night I dreamt I had a big belly. Now I have just really weird but vivid dreams.


Amanda - October 5

I am testing this weekend. I hope these strange and vivid dreams are due to pregnancy. I'll just have to see what happens this weekend. I have been having the dreams for about a week now.


Holly - October 5

After 9 pregnancies I can tell you that I have had many types of dreams. They can range from being flowery, love type to very irrotic to very scary. The point is that a lot of women dream more.


Emily - October 5

Amanda, I started having dreams right away. I found out I was pregnant at only 8 dpo and I was having dreams before that. Hope this helps


Amanda - October 5

I am even dreaming during my naps. I never dream this much. It is really weird. They are about all sorts of things. They are either pleasant or they can be nightmares or a combo. It is strange how your body does this. I hope that this is not due to stress.


Baby Sox - October 8

The last few nights I've been having unusually vivid dreams. They are very clear. Usually, I don't remember. In one, my friend was pregnant. In another I saw a ghost and my family saw a ghost, but my best friend couldn't. I don't know why I'mtelling you all of this! I can remeber them and they seem so real- that's really oddfor me. I won't know if I'm pregnant until next week or later. Good luck to everybody.


Mike - October 10

To SLY: About the "dirty water" dreams. About a week ago, my wife had this dream where she was in a house and the bathtub and toilet were overflowing. She said it looked like pee running all over the floor. Kinda gross. I didn't think anything of it until I read your comment. I mentioned it to her and got a "hmmmm" in return. She's taken about 7 HPT's and all NEG. Not going to do a blood test until a week after AF is due (17th). If she makes it that far, it will be enough tie for us. If she is pregnant, then she would be around 6 weeks. She normally doesn't test + on an HPT until after 2 months.



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