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T - November 22

I became regular with my period last month (after finishing the bc pill 3 months ago). I had unprotected s_x 3 days before OV, on the day of OV and the next 2 days after. I'm not due for my period until 25th Nov. but have been having abdominal cramps (like period cramps) for the last week. I've had no other symptoms at all. My cycle is 25 days. Could I still be pregnant? Also, how long after concieving will it show on a hpt?


NT - November 22

T, usually you can test as soon as you miss your period and get a pretty accurate reading. Your cycle seems to be even shorter than mine and it takes longer for hpt to show up in me because of my short cycle. I was wondering since you went of the bc pill if you were trying to get pregnant. If so I would recommend having s_x for the 3 or 4 days before OV and the day of instead of the days afterwards. If you want you could take a test now but chances are if you are pregnant it won't show up yet. If it does come up positive than a positive reading is pretty accurate. You can trust a + reading alot more than a - reading. Good Luck


T - November 22

I did have s_x on the actual day of ovulation and was hoping that I'd concieve that day. I'm just concerned about these cramps. Thankyou for your help NT.


NT - November 22

If you are pg than those cramps could be implantation cramps. It is about the right time that implantation would take place for you. Me and my husband are currently trying to concieve aswell and if anyone understands how frustrating this waiting game is it is me and plenty of others on this site. Good Luck and keep me posted. Wishing you the best.


NT - November 22

There is a much higher % rate of concieving the day before actual ovulation than on the exact day, but you still have a good chance. If infact you don't get your period this month than it would propably be safe to a__sume that this cramping you are experiencing is implantation cramps and your uterus preparing for pregnancy. My husband and I are also currently trying to concieve and if anybody understands the agony of the waiting game it is me and plenty other woman on this site. Good Luck, and wishing you the best.


Shauna - November 22

Wow! I am so glad you said that! I am due to start my pd on the same day and the waiting and wondering is making me nuts... I have tried a couple of tests already ( just so I could do SOMETHING) and of course they came out negative. It's just so hard to sit and wait! How strong are your cramps if I may ask... I had ovulation like cramps from Ovulation and for the next 4-5 days. Now just getting subtle " squeezes" - they are not painful like menstrual, but I know they are there. What are yours like and have you just started getting them or have you had them all along?


T - November 23

Hi Shauna. I've been getting the cramps for over a week now. I usually get just a slight cramp a couple of days before I'm due on but not like this. It's hard not to get my hopes up but fingers crossed for us all a.


Stephanie - November 23

When I was pregnant with my son I felt crampy for about a week , *during the time I was supposed to get my period* The only difference was the cramps werent like menstrual cramps they were like ovulating cramps, they were pretty uncomfortable. More like a sore abdomen. Anywho My b___sts starting tingeling like little needles. Everyone doesnt get the same symptoms though, I am now 4 months pregnant with my 2nd child and my b___sts werent sore at all I get a little morning sickness but not nearly as bad as my first. My answer to you is dont take a pregnancy test untill your period is two weeks late otherwise you risk a false negative. I took a test 3 days before my period was due with my fist child a got a negative, took one again a week later and it was positive.


Shauna - November 23

Stephanie and T- That's me exactly! I am so crossing my fingers and trying not to get too excited ( how can you not when this is what you've wanted for over a year!) I hope yours ( T) comes out only the way you wish! My b___bs are sore, but more tingly like you described. it's been 6 years since my first ( and presently only) and I honestly don't remember how I felt. I have taken HPT's and so far negative, but the more I read, the more I am convinced that I am testing too early. Thanks to you both for the listening ear! I'll keep you posted!


T - November 24

What ARE we like huh girls. I have lost pink discharge this morning. I have a real horrible feeling I'm going to come on tomorrow..............I'll keep my fingers crossed for all of us girls...........good luck to all of you and I hope you all get your prayers answered.


Shauna - November 24

T- Keeping my fingers crossed for you! Maybe just implantation bleeding!


tiah - November 24

HI ladies. I am just wondering what the cramps feel like because i have been trying to get pregnant since beg of sept. and it almost feels like someone is kind of pinching me on my left side its actually really uncomfortable. but i`ve been having every symptom and neg tests could some help me please


shauna - November 24

Hi Tiah. Mine might be different, but they are a cross between ovulation and really faint menstrual cramping. Mine come and go.


TkG - November 24

Wow, thanks girls for your inciteful conversation. Not trying to get pregnant, but not using any protection. I want more that anything in the world to be pregnant. My period isn't due for a week, but I've benn nauseous and throwing up, with heartburn for almost three weeks now. It's only in the mornings, every morning. Took a pregnancy test three hours ago, and it was negative, I coulda cried, but now, the way I figure I just took it to soon, right? I'm glad I bought two


TKG - November 24

oh, almost forgot, last night I couldn't sleep b/c the area around my pubic bone was cramping up, is that what you all are talking about? And, I couldn't sleep on my stomach, not b/c of the pain, I don't really know why, it wasn't comfortable for me


shauna - November 26

Tiah- it's sounding good! I am still lower ab cramping even today with lots of low back pain. Still negative HPT this morning ( should have started pd yesterday). Hoping for +++ results in the next couple of days. Good luck to you as well!



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