CORRECTION March 18th Awaiting AF Anyone Else

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T - March 10

I had both protected and unprotected (condom broke) s_x on the 3rd (the week of my ovulation) Im waiting to see if I see a period on the 18th... Anyone else.. I hoping Im pregnant.. and Im hoping Im not.. But Im praying God does what he thinks is best..


if not ..sorry - March 10

let me guess... your a teen right..???


sophie - March 10

i am waiting till about then yer.fingers crossed


T - March 10

Sorry.. no teen.. just someone who made a mistake and hope God makes the best out of the situation...


ld824 - March 10

Hey T I will wait with you. I'm expecting af on the 20th. I really hope that it doesn't come. I want so badly to be pregnant. Hopefully God will take care of both us. Keep me updated.....


Lil - March 10

Hi T, I'm due on the 17th. I am praying I'm pregnant so maybe we can keep eachother company along the way if you are. But I hope that it all works out for you either way. Just a few more days although I'm sure it feels like an eternity. Are you having any symptoms?


sm - March 10

I am awaiting af on 3/18..hope she doesn't show...but husband has a low sperm count. Best of luck to all. Keep in touch!!


Celia - March 11

I also am due 4 AF on the 18th. Been trying for 3 years,since my last shot of Depo, not sure but believe the Depo is the reason why it is taking soo long. Any symptoms? I feel ga__sy, a little nausea, and slight b___st tenderness when touched. Anyone else?


jenny - March 11

I think i am due for af on the 18th, not sure since I had a m/c and d&c. It could be longer. I am hoping it doesn't come at all! I have been having a lot of nausia and cramping. Could I be pg?


claire - March 13

Hi All, I'm expecting af around the 19th so a week to go now. What a long week it's gonna be!! I hope everyone gets the BFP that they want. I'l keep my fingers crossed for everyone!


Tracey - March 14

i am expecting AF on the 22 March. i only recently come off the pill so i dont think that i am pregnant just yet. i already have a 4 year old and it took me two months to get pregnant with her.


Lil - March 14

Hi all, Still feeling b___st pain, tired and now slight nudging lower right. However, I took a test yesterday and it came BFN... too early I hope. Also noticed CM now thick. My DH is so depressed as am I but maybe I tested too early! From what I've read suppose to be thin... did anyone else experience anything like this? I'm still hopeful.. baby dust to all!!!


Ana - March 14

Hi! My AF is due Mar 21. For now, no simptoms, can't even make one up. Can't wait to start testing. Any one used OPK this cycle?


ruby - March 14

Ana-i used OPK this time, but i got a + on Feb. 12th, still no AF...50 days since last AF. seems like i take a HPT every other day and still neg. have OPKs worked for anyone here?


Dawn - March 14

Hey, I'm due on the 20th.....I'd love to chat with everyone....What are everyones symptoms? Mine are swollen, tingly ichy b___sts, high temps, burping, cramps on right side and center under belly b___ton, extreme fatigue (not so bad today) and I'm hungry, but nothing sounds good. I went off the pill Nov 2004 and from the time I ovulate til AF comes, I get strange pregnancy symptoms, and then it ends up being a false, so I'm hoping this is the one.....Baby Dust to all!


Ana - March 14

Hi ruby! Wow, I would go crazy by now if I were you, but I guess this is better than AF. Did you do blood test? Hang in there, a lots of baby dust......


ruby - March 14

thanks ana. i am going crazy. i'm wondering if it's just my body going back to its irregular self (as in before i began BC). i was able to get pg pretty quickly though (3 months) after getting off of it. i'm trying to avoid blood test because i don't wanna see the negative in black and white if that is the case. i've already had 4 dreams that i read a +HPT. aaaggghhh! :)



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