Early Colostrum Leakage

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amanda - March 9

How early can colostrum leak from the br___t? After a shower one night, while drying off, I noticed a drop of clear yellowish fluid come from my nipple. It happened just as I started to rubb the towl over them. A little more came out when I gently sqeezed the tip of my nipples. It does not drip out or anything, just a little drop appears. Later that night I started to itched and when I went to scratch, there was this dryed and goey stuff on my nipple. What is going on? Could it be Colostrum?


kim - March 9

I thought b___st milk was white. What is colostrum?


Candee - March 9

Do you know for sure u are pregnant? If not... it could also be as result to ever being on the pill or a previous pregnancy. I had that too... but now that I am pregnant it has cleared up completely and I know the real colostrum will not produce untill the last weeks of the pregnancy.. If you are concerned u can also ask you GP. Good Luck to u!


Sara - March 9

Actually colostrum can come as early as 8 weeks pregnant. My Lamaze teacher gave a lesson on this last week. It all depends on your body.


amanda - March 9

No leakage today. According to a due date calculator, I am exactly 10 weeks pregnant today. My first appoint will not be until 2 weeks.


Erika - March 9

Im not sure about the answer, so Im bumping this up to see if It gets any new reviews. ITS DEBATING TIME!


dm - March 9

when i was preg with my daughter in 02, i started leaking at about 12 weeks...i remember this because my husband and i had just gotten married and we were on our honeymoon and it really freaked him out...so i guess early leakage is normal...good luck!


Erin - March 9

I have leakage too. It is white not yellow though. I have taken two tests which were both neg. I would be about 6 weeks if I were pregnant. My dr.'s appt is not for another 2 weeks. i am going crazy!! I am tired all of the time but that is really the only other sign I have. I am so sick of being disappointed every month that I have tried not to get my hopes up. I have never been pregnant before so we will see what is causing it!



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