Expecting AF Around October 17 Join Us Part 9 Wednesday

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C Lynn - October 12

I decided to start a new thread, the previous one was getting quite long the scroll through. Anyhow...good morning ladies!


Indie - October 12

YAY! Hi again. Man, I need to go to bed, but my throat is on fire and I can't sleep. Hoping for some good news from someone out there! GO BABYDUST!


C Lynn - October 12

**singing** Goooooood Morning, good moooorning! It's great to stay up late! Good morning, good morning.... to you... and you...and you...and you! -- Sorry about that...just a little "Singing in the Rain" mood there! LOL I love that film...and oldie but a goodie! Good Morning Ladies!!! (actually I'm going to bed, it's way past my bedtime! 12:49am)


C Lynn - October 12

I don't know if this will help, if you're having heartburn I was told that cold milk helps. If it's just your throat that's burning my only guess is to suck on icecubes, the freezing cold may numb it. I hope that helps somewhat. I'm off to bed now. *yawn* G'night.


Justine - October 12

I'm still awake but seems the rest of you are quite sensibly asleep by now. C lynn - i love that film too. it's one of my favourite oldies along with doris day in calamity jane! well i'm going to try and go to bed again as i've already tried once and then got up again as i couldn't sleep and was rolling over and over like i was on a spit or something! see y'all in the morning.


Sally - October 12

You guys are such nightowls; These 2 weeks as soon as I tuck the kids into bed I'm in bed too and practically asleep before my head hits the pillow. Yesterday afternoon I started feeling less of everything... I got a little down thinking I've probably been obsessing over nothing. This morning I even felt like trying a little coffee again but after a few sips that was enough. I don't feel nauseaus but a little shaky. My bbs don't feel as sensitive either. I wish I was singing like CLynn but I just feel confused and tired of waiting and obsessing. I just want to know.


ashley - October 12

good morning. 5:40 am again came way to early! I got to go start my car and head off to clinicals, YUCK! I think my patient finally went to surgery yesterday, the poor thing. They hadn't let her ear all day and as of noon yesterday when I left she hadn't gone to surgery yet. At least I will have the same patient again, but probably more med cards to do (she got more meds from home for her high blood pressure and it was extremely high yesterday! Anywhos I suppose I better make this short. Any body getting closwer to actually testing. I tested again, BFN but at the soonest im not expecting to actually even maybe get a faint positive is for two more days. 8dpo today! YAY. No signs of spotting, but we'll see tonight.


Lucy - October 12

Morning All......nothing new to report except that i am so tired i went to bed at 10.00 last night fell straight to sleep work up at 6.45 and i just want to go back to bed now. I wish Friday would hurry up so that i can get to the first appointment. How is everyone feeling today. Did anyone make a list of where everyone is in tehir cycle.....if they did can you post it so that everyone can catch up.


elleboogie - October 12

Morning Ladies! I just wanted to sign in and say hello! I hope that all is well and that everyone is in a great mood!!! I am feelin refreshed today.I prayed for you ladies last night and asked God that His perfect will would be done as far as these babies! Just want to let you know that if you have a desire to have a baby for your husband,that is a blessing and a desire from God in itself! Every good thing that we desire comes from the Lord! Be ecouraged today and everyday,that the desire that God put inside of you will be fulfilled! I am so ready to hear those praise reports and to know that He is working those little miracles for us that people sometimes think are so unimportant! GOD BLESS!!!!


Jessica - October 12

Good Morning ladies...fight with dh last night, not good but hopefully we'll get through it....I'm going to try and stay far from him today until he cools off...Last night wasnt a very good night....I sure hope that today is a better day....DH called me (before we fought) and said that he had a sty on his eye so to go to the store and buy an hpt. I told him it was too early to test and he said I think you might be pg again so go and get it. Well they were on sale @ cvs first response early detections 3 for 15.99 so I took one, of course I knew it was going to be a bfn but whatever I still have two more to play with next week when it comes time to test. Terri - dh & I have been through alot and still go through alot, I cant wait for the day that we're actually free of all the nonsense that we face all the time. Ashley - good luck at the clinic today, hope today is a better day for you. Lucy - are you feeling better? I dont feel as emotional as yesterday but I still feel a little blah. I feel just like this weather, I think it's rained for about 1wk 1/2 straight, I'm so ready for some sunshine in my life. It's been cold, dark and dreary and my life has been the same way. Emily - how are you feeilng? 3 more days to testing, are you excited? Nervous? Ashley - funny that your FIL patted your belly, I think older people sense alot of things that we just tend to brush off. He must see the glow in your eyes when you hold your nephew. Ok, that chinese gender predictor is kinda weird. It goes according to your age in chinese years not our regular calendar years so that can be why everybody is getting different things. I'm 27 but according to the chinese calendar I'm 28. Check it out on another site where it calculates the age also and then try it out that way. I'll check for you ladies. I'm at work right now trying to sort out what I have to do for today and also trying to figure out when the coast will be clear to call dh so that we can talk and I can apologize to him and so we can square our differences. He says that I'm selfish, he works far away from home and he's sick now from being outdoors in the rain. So I'm upset because it's been 2 days since I've seen him, first night he stayed at his brothers house since he lives 2minutes from his job and yesterday since he and his brother got into an arguement (dont know the reason yet) but he said since he had to be back to work early again he was just going to catch some quick zzz's at a motel and then go to work from there. Well I miss him and was upset that he can be away for 2 days without any worries and I'm home. He says that I'm too jealous and need to relax a bit that he loves me and I need to give him time to do what he has to do. So now I feel like c___p. Dh thinks that I dont trust him. Help.....I definitely need you all to pray for me, keep us in your prayers. Today I have alot of tugging behind my bellyb___ton..Hmmm...Could it be stress or pg....My body is aching me....cm is weird, it feels moist but when I wipe w/ tp its basically not there. Good morning, Clynn your singing made me smile, thanks...I see you ladies were up so late last night, if I had a computer at home I would be joining you. Here's to a happy wednesday, we need a Sunshine dance to make this rain go away....


Suebecca - October 12

Morning everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful night. Today is again a c___ppy day.... I cannot wait to see the sun again. I woke up at 6:45 this morning and it was pitch black out. I had waking up in the dark. It really screws w/ you head! :) How's everyone doing today?


Jessica - October 12

Elleboogie - your words are so uplifting, thank you.....Please keep dh,dd & I in your prayers just for strength and of course for a beautiful gift of life that we yearn for so much.


Emily - October 12

Okay, confession time...Who actually tells their dh about this site? I didn't, caus ehe would think I was obsessing, which okay, maybe I am but hey, it's hared not to. Also does anyone actually tell the dh about when they test? With the first preg he read the results on all my tests. We tried for four months. The first month I tested twice cuase I was 2 wks overdue for af. Both neg of course. CLynn it took me awhile to get back to normal after being ont he pill for a while. The last time, I took a test without him knowing it. I jsut felt like I should, I am still not sure why, cause again we weren't trying and I was only two days late. Plus my cycles were all screwed up because of my nursing my daughter and the bc pills I was back on....that aparrently weren't working...Anyway that test showed the faintest of a pos, so I showed him. Three days later I tewsted again, and well it was hell waiting, but he read that one and it was def pos. I took the first test on thursday and then tried again saturday night and that one didn't show anything at all, so I had to wait until Sunday mornign befoer Church. I woke up at 6am and had to pee. I didn't have anymore tests so I held it for a hour until the store opened...dh thought I was crazy...Anyway back to the present, I almost tested this am, but dh hadn't left yet. I want to surprise him with this one...I had to pee so bad, so I couldnt' wait ten minutes for him to leave. Plus I am afraid to test. Silly isn't it since a week ago I wanted to fastforward time so I could test....Anyway I hope all are having a good morning. How's everyone felling? I have a heavy feeling in my lower abdoman....and a headache....


EMily - October 12

Jessica, All I can asy is chin up. I hope it all gets better. I will be praying for you. Just got to trusti n God's plan for us all...anyway hope today and tonight is better for you...Hey all I got to see somthing really cool yesterday. We had a big (HUGE) dead ash tree taken down in our yard. It was up next to the house and if it stormed, it could have fallen, and it was leaning toward the house. So we finally had someone take it down. Talk about an earthquake. People all up and down our block were watchign as they prepared to cut it down. When it hit the ground, it shattered, it was so brittle. It was cool, except now my front yard is full of a dead tree. My dd and I and my sis were standing between the neighbors house and thier garage (far enough away from the tree) and when it was done, Mary pointed at the tree and was baby talking, like she was telling the whoel story about how the tree came down...came tumbling down... or something..it's a song on an old tape my dad had when I was still at home....CLynn got the singing thing started....


Emily - October 12

I got it…the song went something like…never saw them when they were standing, never saw them when they fall, but the walls came down, all the way to hell…. Okay not the best song, but I think that is how it went, not real sure what the song was about. I don’t’ really remember. Does anyone know what I am talking about? Did anyone listen to cla__sic rock like my dad? He is a big ZZ Top, CCR, Traveling Willburys (sp) kind of guy…great now I got that song stuck in my head...BTW, Ashley, the story about your neice and the vet, v. funny!


Jessica - October 12

Emily - no way dh doesnt have a clue about this site. He's absolutely clueless...When he told me to test yesterday I told him it was too early and he had no clue what I was talking about...lol...I was like well af (said period) isnt supposed to show up til next Friday so it's still too early to test, he said I dont care please go and test anyway. Thanks Emily - I sure hope things get better. Thats all I do is pray whenever we have our differences. I just need the strength and he just needs the patience and we'd be better.


elleboogie - October 12

Father in Heaven,I pray that you would bless us today to put our trust in you.I come to you on behalf of my sisters here on this site,and ask that you would bring your peace that pa__ses all our understanding,and that it would guard our hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.Please firgive us for our sins and forgive those who have sinned against us.Help us to stay focused on you and not on our circ_mstances.Where there is fear,I pray that you would take it out right now.Where there is hopelesness,I pray that you would give us hope.Be our guide and help us to overcome the obstacles that are in front of us.Teach us to always pray when things are good and bad.Lead us in the paths of righteousness for your name sake.Keep us when we feel like we are about to lose it! Make us stronger women so that we can raise our children to be strong.No matter what our race is,no matter what type of background we come from,be with us today Father and cover our sins with your loving kindness and your grace and mercy! We give You all the Glory,Honor and Praise today...In Jesus' Name I pray,AMEN



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