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LadyD - June 27

My dh & I were bd'ing this morning & as soon as he entered, he said it was warm. Now here's where I don't know if I am stupid or not...lol. I said is that a good thing or a bad thing? I don't really know what he meant by it being "warm." Why would my va___a be warm? Just so everyone knows, I am currently on cd35, usually have a 32 day cycle, give or take a day & this is my 2nd cycle that's been thrown off for no reason I cold think of. I tested earlier & got a bfn :( I was just curious to know if anyone knows what this means & if it's related to pg or anything? Also I was wet, but I noticed being wet right before af before so I'm not counting this as a pg symptom or anything. All opinions welcome!


rhamel - June 27

I would think it would always be warm, I mean like 98 degrees-ish lol. Did you ask him if it was warmer than usual? I don't think it's a symptom but it is funny


LN030905 - June 27

im with Rhamel..Im sure its always warm since, like she said..the body is 98 degrees roughly..i dont know though..i dont know..doesnt ur temp increase whenever implantation is going on or whatever...your probably going to be warmer this time of the month than the beginning..I would think anyways. Good luck!


LadyD - June 27

Lol. Thanks. I thought it was kinda funny too. I actually stopped to ask what he meant & he said "it's warm"....real helpful..lol. LN, that would be great if it related to implantation. Guess we'll find out if I decide to test again. Being that af is already late & I tested bfn, do you think it's worth testing again? With my daughter, I didn't get a + til 10 weeks. Maybe I'll wait another week & try again.


ashleyd - June 27

thats men for you "what do you mean by warm?" "I dunno, just warm" ... lol. The only thing that my fiance noticed is that I seemed swelled to the point he had a little trouble getting in (this was about 3-4 days before AF was due...) and now other than this discharge, things are normal, except I have a little bean on board...lol


Rhonda - June 27

My fiancee says that to me alot.We have a lot of s_x,and sometimes he will be playing around and he will be going in real slow and coming out real slow and he will say on the way in"warm"and when he comes back out he will say"cold"and go back in and say"warm",and so on.Men can be silly though.but maybe you tested too early.


LN030905 - June 27

do you chart? I dont..so IM not sure..but I know they say if your temp is higher after ovulation and close to af being due its a good sign! Best of luck!! Id wait a while if u can hold out on testing and see if any other signs come..since you didnt a positive til 10 wks, did you hve any symptoms before hand?


Emma2 - June 27

They all say its warm or hot. Its nothing new or different. it is much hotter in there than you think .LOL


JessicaC - June 27

Yep, that is what my b/f answered when I asked what it feels like in there, haha. I'm sure the temp difference is comparable to sticking your finger in your mouth.


LadyD - June 28

Well, ladies guess "warm" means af is on the way...lol. I'm down for the count- back to CD1. I'll see you all later, I'm done ttc, I'll wait for nature to take it's course. I'll stop in from time to time to see how everyone is progressing. Good luck.


Rhonda - June 28

LADYD,If you have not received af yet,dont give up hope.Maybe it wont show up.think positive and have baby thoughts.Sometimes it takes longer to conceive than other times.The first time i decided i wanted to be a mother,it took me 3yrs to conceive.Just dont call it quits girl.it will happen.


LadyD - June 29

Rhonda, what I meant was it's over for me being pg right now. I got af yesterday, I am now on CD2, af is way lighter than usual,though. It didn't come full force, I usually change my tampon like 8 times a day, yesterday, I wore a pad just to see what it looked like & I didn't fill one pad. I did fill 2 tampons though. Sorry if I worded it incorrectly. I didn't have a problem conceiving my daughter, she just wasn't planned, but definetely a blessing. I guess I need another "unplanned" pregnancy...lol.


Rhonda - June 29

Well,there is always next month.Maybe july will be your month.good luck



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