Hey Girls Over Here Part 8

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Missy - October 23

New thread!! Brandi - clomid is going GREAT. Thus far, no complaints whatsoever. I even asked my DH if I was being weird or moody and trust me he would tell me if I was but even he said no...So, things are good. I am STILL spotting - UGH - but i have my US scheduled for 10/30 to check out my ovaries and see if there are any follies ripe and ready! Ann - no temp input today - you're killing me!!! Regan, I know you are feeling bummed, we are all here for you. Brandy, your chart is comin together - we are on the same CD only my temps are freakin ridiculously high hahahha. I expect some more chatting in this thread ladies - no more letting us get buried!!


kelbabe - October 23

hi missy. glad all is well with the clomid, i really hope it works for you. i broke down and tested today at 9dpo and in the afternoon!!! obviously a bfn! dont really know why i did it!!


bell07 - October 23

hey everyone...how is everyone going? missy ............ you wont feel any symptoms of clomid till your at your 3rd week ...or the 3rd week in next cycle....but i hope with all my might you will be symptom free as they can be very nasty .....im currently on day 5 :( .............. ovulating end next week ..i shouldnt come on here makse me think about it all too much lol


babynewbie - October 23

new thread..yay. i'm just checking in because i miss you girls!!! :) still off really ttc for now. loving the new job, its really intense but just enough to not be too stressful. have been a__signed a fantastic project..redesigning a new funky sushi restaurant! how perfect for me? anyway, i will be around because you girls are like my crack! LOL...without all the nasty side effects! i don't know where in my cycle i am but trying not to care for now!!! i got the nicest new pyjamas today and i'm wearing them right now and having a gla__s of wine. waiting for my spaghetti to be done and i'll be back. ann are you still watching beauty & the geek? missy i'm so happy to hear you are getting back on track! brandy, bell and kelbabe so happy to hear from you all!!! XO Regan


Kobysmom - October 23

Hey you all - Regan, so glad to hear from you. It sounds like you are really enjoying your break. I know exactly how stressful it can be. I was actually starting to relax a little and then all this "c___p" with the PCOS started. I am back to temping and peeing, temping and peeing, so on and so on. Well anyways, enjoy the new pjs. I LOVE new pjs (especially in the winter). Missy, hang in there on the clomid and keep me updated. We will be your calming squad when you get good and moody. I just saw that Krissy is preggers and Cynthia is having twins....wow! We are so going to have to hurry up and get some BFP's. They are leaving us behind. BTW Missy - I am getting up every morning at 6:30am to temp. Friday is the only day I get up before then for work (around 5:30). So that might be a little off.


cnasmom - October 23

hi all!! Ugh, i have been sooooo nauseous the last 3 days! i have taken some internet cheapie tests, 5 for .99 off of ebay, but all bfn. I am gonna take a first response in the morning, cause the only time i ever feel this way is when i am prego and i am definetely feeling that way, but no sore b___bs which isn't bad, i think they were only sore with my first. wish me luck!! baby dust to all!


annmarie - October 23

Hello!! Yipee for the new thread! Sorry I haven't been around much. Work has just been crazy. I usually have time to atleast check in with you girls but I haven't this week. Yesterday was a living nightmare. Me and another nurse delivered a baby without the d__n doctor there. I called him and we pushed for 30 minutes before the baby made an appearance and he still wasn't there!! The shoulders were stuck and we weren't sure we were going to get him out, he had a BM before being born and had the cord around his neck. We had to put in a breathing tube and suction his lungs before we could allow him to take a breath so then we had to resuscitate him. He was a nice purple, gray color and we were freaking out!!! I hate those situations. Needless to say, we were about ready to kill the doctor. I had some real choice words falling out of my mouth! haha Fortunately, the babe is ok today. Anyway, my temp went up a little from yesterday but still low. I went ahead and did another OPK which was still VERY positive and I still have ewcm. This has been going on for 3 days now. I don't know what's going on! I'm going to try talking DH into coming home early so we can BD. I'm exhausted but a girls gotta do what a girl's gotta do! Sorry this is so long! I miss you all. Regan, it's great to hear from you.


cnasmom - October 23

annmarie, r u an ob nurse? i am going to school and hoping to get into the RN program this fall and wanting to be an ob nurse and deliver babies! I am really glad that the baby was ok, that had to be awful!


bella24 - October 23

Hey ya'll!! I know I have been gone for awhile- I am getting married this Sunday!! But I have to tell ya'll my woes at the moment. My LMP was Sept 22. they have been ranging 21-28 days apart. Well, here I am am and AF still hasn't showed and I am so worried that it will come on my my honeymoon. I talked to my doctor about it and she had me take 20mg of Provera for five days. That should cause it to start for sure. I have been cramping for 2 weeks now like AF was here and them nothing. I have this nagging though that maybe I am preggers but the test I have been using are BFN. We did a little BDing around the time FF said I ovulated but we didnt finish... I dont want to get hopes up, but this is a really lousy time to have AF problems


cnasmom - October 23

CONGRATULATIONS on getting married this weekend! I hope AF doesn't ruin the honeymoon too! I hope you have a beautiful wedding! and maybe make a little one on ur honeymoon, lol!


annmarie - October 23

I am a nurse but I work in a very small hospital so I do everything. I do OB, ER, acute care, surgicals. You name it, we do it! ER is where my heart is. I love a good trauma or heart attack. Twisted I know!! haha I used to love OB but then I delivered a full term still born baby and, needless to say, that ruined it for me. Unfortunately, I was reminded of that same fear again yesterday. If it was up to me, I'd never do OB but sometimes I just don't have a choice! I'm in school to get my Master's so I can be a Nurse Pract_tioner. No more OB!!!!


annmarie - October 23

Oh yeah, bella, Congrats and best of luck for your wedding. Enjoy every moment of it because it goes by faster than you can even imagine. People kept telling me that and I didn't believe it until I actually had my day. Your AF situation does suck. I hope it all works out. It's great to hear from you again and I'll be thinking about you Sunday!!


cnasmom - October 24

ahhh, thats awful, i don't know what I'd do if that happened to me. But ob is what i've always wanted to do. i am almost 26 and just now going back to school with 2 kids and hoping for another one, lol. I probably wouldn't be so adament about having another if I hadn't lost one in june, but thats really made me want one. And i have felt bad the last 3 days especially toward the end of the day, so i am gonna test tomorrow, hopefully i'll get a BFP!


Missy - October 24

DARN - I was hoping if the s/e were gonna come it would be while i was taking them - not AFTER. I'm so sorry she showed bell - I was SO CONVINCED this was it for you....Regan, so glad you love teh new job - sounds exciting!! Brandy, good for you for temping timely - as of late I dont even care about it haahha cuz my temps are wacky wacky from the Clomid. Ann - what a day! I dont blame you for any combonation of choice words for that Dr!!! Cnasmom & bella - welcome back! Bella, congrats on teh wedding - I was married on a Sunday morning too and it was really nice - I enjoyed it at least hahahaa. Hopefully BFPs catch up to this thread - we havent had one in AGES!


cnasmom - October 24

hi all! well i tested and got a bfn! I think i am supposed to start friday or sat. according to FF. But i have been sick Everyday since saturday afternoon. It always hits around 2 or 3 and goes on and off through the day. I used a first response with fmu and bfn. Is it possible to get nauseous for a few days in a row and it not show up yet?? I really just feel like I am. I cried when it said neg. do u think i still could be? i just figured since i had been sick for a few days that maybe there was enough hormone to show up. what do u think?


annmarie - October 24

cnasmom, I'm so sorry about the bfn. I know how extremely devastating that is. I'm a bit depressed tonight myself. I know I've already O'd and didn't get any BDing in to speak of. Our work schedules were just terrible so I know this month is a bust for me. It's almost worse than the 2ww. It feels like a whole month is just wasted as if I haven't already had to wait long enough! I just have to make myself get over it though and gear up for next month. Why does this ttc journey have to be so emotionally draining?! I don't understand these people who get pregnant all around me without ever trying or even being ready for a little one. I guess life just isn't fair!


Kobysmom - October 25

Ann- I know exactly how you feel. It is so emotionally draining. Just keep your head up. My friend tried for 2 1/2 - 3 years and finally gave birth to a little girl this past April (with no medical help), so she is my inspiration and reality check. Hang in there girl. What month was it that Cheri told you? Maybe, just maybe, she knows what she is talking about. She told me May, and with all this PCOS and medication stuff, maybe that will be my month.



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