Hi Looking For A Quot Waiting Buddy Quot Part 15

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Me2 - June 20

Hello Ladies Just figure to start #15 since it is a new week. Hope you all had a nice week end. L~thinking of you and your Dr. Appt. Then after talking with the doc this morning and her saying something about getting a spermalysis done on the DH and how if carried to the doc office that it need to be in a warm spot and I was thinking of the Gap bag and wanted to laugh when she was talking but I did not I just had a visual of "Sperm Buddies". I had a blood test done today to see if I am PG and if I am not to also to check the blood to see if I do Ovulate. She told me the results should be back by Wed. I really don't want to get the hopes up to much. I have only told you all and 2 people at work. I don't even want to tell DH that she took blood to see if I am PG. Is that so wrong? Well, good luck to you all...


Lynette - June 20

Hi Me2 - thanks for starting the new thread. How exciting getting a blood test for pregnancy - I really hope it's positive! Good luck not getting your hopes up though - I don't imagine you'll find that easy to do. Roll on Wednesday, hey?? I understand you not telling your dh - I don't even tell my dh when I'm hpt'ing now because I hate seeing his disappointed little face :-(. Well, you never know - you deserve to be pregnant, that's for sure, so good luck and fingers crossed for you. Take care :-)


Emily - June 21

Hi all. Well not much to report from me. I found out about two days ago that yet ANOTHER couple I know are pregnant. It seems to be fashionable now in this town to be so as they are all around 21 years old and suddenly getting pg. A friend of mine who is also ttc said, why not us? so at least I know that she is in the same boat as me (although ttc much less time than me). Also I talked to the nurse at the laboratory about my bf´s problem and she just said to try and convince him so I´ll have to talk to him again! Me2, hope you get a BFP on your blood test. And I send good wishes to Alison xxxxxx


Me2 - June 21

This thread was so addictive that I would check it numerous times during the day since there was so much going on in everyones lifes no matter what time of the cycle it was. Now there is no daily how you doing. I check only twice a day since nothing is going on...we all use to talk about daily stuff in our lives and that is missed...like all the friends just got up and moved away...:(...L~how was the appt? Melanie what went on with you and the fast forwading? Anybody...How is it all going ladies...Emily thank you and I hope the BF comes around.


L - June 21

Well, I LOVE my ob/gyn. Seriously, love the guy. He's so smart and he actually DOES stuff! So I went yesterday to see him (it was cd25) he said that my cd 21 blood tests showed that I had like NO progesterone - which confirms that I haven't ovulated. So, he said I can go for my HSG whenever. HE BOOKED IT FOR TOMORROW!!!!! No more lame waiting around , no nothing!!! THen, if it comes back good, I go on clomid, Wow, that guy certainly doesn't mess around. Love it! so what did your doc say, Me2? I know what you mean about the thread. Sad, huh? I guess alison's loss just shook us a bit! I'm sure it'll bounce back - we're all full of too many funny stories to let it go!


Me2 - June 21

L~I had a blood test done to see if I am PG and if I am not to also to check the blood to see if I do Ovulate. She told me the results should be back by Wed. I really don't want to get the hopes up to much I am getting a bit negative about the bloodwork results...If I had some progesterone then she said that the Ol DH will have to carry his sperm around in a GAP bag...LOL...Then if he shows up fine then I get the Clomid also. Sounds like a great doc...Wow tomorrow is great...Let me know how it goes since I might have to do something like that in the near future. I was thinking the same about how it all stopped after Alison's bad news. I had gotten an email from here saying that she is doing the best they can for the moment...But I just came to my own decision today that it will be negative...I just feel that the af wench is going to pop her ugly head anytime soon...I also don't think the doc is going to get back to me tomorrow either...Ok I know it sounds like I am being negative...lol but that is my luck...If there was no bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all...Hey BLUE what happened to the mult_testing?


Lynette - June 21

Hey there! I'll answer for Blue on that one, Me2. We were all due to test on the Saturday the day after we heard about Alison. So needless to say nobody felt like doing the group test! It was a good idea, so maybe it will be adopted on another thread that is "waiting for such-and-such a date". I hope your Doc calls you on Wednesday - pity you're not in Australia 'cos it's Wednesday here now :-)) Maybe I could take the call for you and let you know early? (ha ha!!) L - it's good that you finally know what's going on with you. I bet you'll fall pregnant as soon as you start treatment. Exciting, hey?! I'll be starting my 2nd month of torture sticks (oh, sorry - ovulation predictor kits!) tonight. Hopefully I'll get a positive one this month! Have a good day :-))


Me2 - June 21

Well, here comes some more negativity...I had gone to the loo and when I wiped there was apink spot so I take it that the wench is on her way...Hey Lynette~ I guess the doc told you to tell me sorry huh? I am so Bummed right now, but hey I guess I am heading in the right direction with the docs. I hope My dh won't have problem giving a sample...He really didn't say much when I mentioned that he might have too. I guess I will have to sweet talk him...Well, I guess I will go to bed and get rested for the bad news...Laterz, Until 2morrow


Melanie - June 22

Me2, sorry to hear that af seems to have appeared. I hope things go well with testing and you get squared away and pg next cycle. L, glad to hear you're heading in for the hsg. Nice to get rolling on sorting things out. As for me, I'm impatiently not waiting for af NOT to show on Saturday. Tested tonight just for strokes and just got the one line. Where the heck is that other one? Will prob test again on /thurs. In the meantime, hoping for some sort of symptoms to appear. Good luck to us all!


L - June 22

Sweet mother of God I'm tired today. The kids started wirting their final exams this morning so thus begins 4 days of sitting around plaing computer games all morning and then goofing around all afternoon. It sounds like fun, yes, but can be waaaaaaay boring (like right now) and that makes me tired. So far, in the last hour and a half, I've played cards online and my new favourite game - Dynomite - I highly reccomend it if you get bored! I go for my HSG in 2 and a half hours too. I really am a little nervous as some people say it's CRAZY painful and others say it's no big deal. I don't know who to trust!!!! I hope it won't be that bad and I think I have an ok pain tolerance (I sat through 6 hours of tattooing so how much worse can this be?) Hopefully, it won't suck!!! How's your days out there? Lynette - I didn't know you were from Australia!! Very neat! I'm from Canada so almost your exact opposite!!


Melanie - June 22

L, if you can get through a tattoo, you will be just fine. I had sharp, sharp cramps that REALLY did not feel good, but it was only for very short periods of time when they were letting a little more water in. Ouchy, but nothing you can't handle, I'm sure. just breathe through it. I imagine you're already headed to the doc. I hope your uterus and tubes are found to be happy and healthy! I'm in Alaska, so we're sort of neighbors....maybe very distant neighbors if you're in eastern Canada!


Me2 - June 22

Hello ladies...Doc called and informed me that I did not ovulate this past month...Just a question to re-edgemegate(lol) me on ovulation. I thought I heard that to get your af you will need to ovulate...So I do not understand how I could not be if I still get af's...I feel like a big dummy not understanding this poop...Just as I thought I got the bad news...on the ultrasound see had told me she saw a spot and that kind of got my hopes up but now I want to know what that spot was...I have not had a chance to talk to her just yet I just had got the message that I did not ovulate. I am waiting for her to call me back to see what options to consider...Option? Get me PG NOw is a pretty d__n good option if you ask me...lol...I am bummed...I have the problem...Well, L~we have alot in common don't we...lol I hope the prosedure wasn't to painful. Good Luck...


Lynette - June 22

Hey there Me2. Apparently, it is quite normal for you to have one or two cycles per year in which you don't ovulate. Now, I'm thinking that if not ovulating meant you didn't get af, there'd be a LOT of women thinking they were pregnant a couple of times each year. Last month I (a) didn't get a positive opk (b) got af 6 days late and (c) af was really light and only lasted 2 days, so I'm thinking that I didn't ovulate, and that's why af was late/light. So it could have been a once off... L - I understand those sort of days - my boss is away at the moment and it's a struggle finding things to do! I was so looking forward to the break but now I want him to come baaaack!! I hope your testing goes well and look forward to hearing how it went. Melanie - I think there is a place where all the "second lines" hang out and look down at us and laugh. Maybe if we could find out where their hideout is, we could storm it and grab a heap of the little suckers! Take care :-)


Melanie - June 22

Lynette, haaaaa!!!! Oh, you really cracked me up with that! I'm game if you are - let's storm the place.... or maybe we smoke the little boogers out of hiding!


Celia - June 22

Hi girls! Good to see things picking back up around here. Wow seem's like everything has fast forwarded around here. Guess time flies when your moving. Don't have time to catch up on all the reading tonight, just wanted to pop in and say hello! Hope everyone is doing great and getting close to some BFP'S!!


Chila - June 23

Hello everyone!!! I'm so sorry I've been away so long. So many things going on with me and my family, but all is well. But I finally got caught up on all the reading and I'm glad to see everyone still has their humor! :-) I've been emailing back and forth with Alison and she's trying to get through the loss and pain. Her Dh has been very supportive throug it all and their taking it a day at a time towards healing. She will be away visiting her Dh's family for a week so hopefully she'll be pre-occupied for a while and try to relax and enjoy herself with those that care about her. As for me.. I'm doing well, nearing the end of the 1st trimester and I haven't had much morning sickness at all. Just very tired most of the time. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for you all and sending you baby dust!!!! I'll make this one short only because it's midnight here and I need to get to bed. I'll check back again soon. Miss ya'll!


L - June 23

Morning, morning, morning. Well, today isn't as boring as yesterday - It's only 9:30 and we've had to call the ambulance for 2 kids who got into a fight. One has a great concussion to say the least and the other has the worst broken nose I have ever seen! (Don't worry though, they'll be fine!!) That's what I get for complaining about boredom!! Other than that, the HSG went just fine! Really not as painful as some let on (for me anyway!) When they inject the dye it really just feels like big af cramps and once it's in, it's there for literally, 1 minute. Then RELEASE - it felt great at that point!!! But, my tubes etc are just fine - nice and clear and I go back on Tuesday to start the road to clomid. YAY!!! (who knew I'd be so excited about a drug that has so many crummy side effects!) I'm glad to hear that Alison is working through it all. I hope her appt at the special clinic comes up quick!!! Melanie - No, I'm in Western Canada - Alberta to be exact so you're VERY close. Dh and I were considering a road trip to Alaska (about 24 hours driving) because it looks so pretty (looks very canadian - a lot like Alberta!)



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