Hi Looking For A Quot Waiting Buddy Quot Part 21

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Alison - February 1

Hello to the "golden oldies" and any "newbies" that want to join in! I started this thread AGES ago I think it was after my 1st miscarriage when I was TTC again-it's so long ago I am forgetting lol! Anyway since then I have had 2 more miscarriages but now am pregnant again and believing and hoping for the best this time. This is a place to encouarge each other/vent/ask questions etc if you are TTC just now to help get through all the waiting! Wishing everyone BFPs very soon and the best of health and blessings to those who have got pregnant. May we all be blessed xxx


Cindy Lou - February 1

WOW 21...Golden Oldie here...lol...Well I am having some bad cramps right now. I been having them for the last 30 minutes...I never have cramps b4 AF and if this is what they feel like O I am so sorry for the ladies that have to go through with them...I really don't think it is AF cramps since my Cervix felt soft and they say it is supposed to feel hard right b4 AF so some more confusion for me. Gosh I hope it isn't bad. Well welcome to any newbies that join in this month...Til later take care.


Vicki - February 2

Hi Cindy I've read that a high, soft cp is a really good sign. Did the cramps come to anything?


Vicki - February 2

Hi Alison, thanks for the heads up on that website. I've just ordered 20 opks and 10 hpts for £13 - bargain!


Cindy Lou - February 2

Good morning Vicki~I still haveing some cramps and this morning I had some pick on the tp.. :( I never had cramps like that b4, someone said that our bodies go through change and I guess it picked this time to do it...I hope it is a one time deal because I did not like the cramps and I feel sorry for the women who have to go through with them...The CP wasn't that high so that had me worried but it just did not feel right...It is p__sing me of that I think I just want to end all this...I know I have said it before but I get sucked back in whe I dance and then think could that have been O time...I try not tho think about it but it is hard not too...So what was I thinking already, HMMM if the LP's are about 14 days well we danced exacly 14 days from last night so you know where my mind went...But anyway I took a HPT and it was BFN....So that thought went right down the drain....I am so tired of obsessing...Well good Luck to everyone else TTC.


Cindy Lou - February 2

oops I mean *PINK ON THE TP*...Well until later. Take care.


Vicki - February 3

Hi Cindy any more news on that pink you spotted?


Cindy Lou - February 3

Nothing new~Still just some pink spotting...I thought it would be here and I put a pad on and nothing all day yesterday...Put another on today to see what happens....It is plucking my last nerve. How is everyone else doing...Thanks for asking Vicki.


Vicki - February 3

Hi cindy, I think that spotting instead of af is a promising sign. Hope that she doesn't turn up for real for you over the weekend


Alison - February 3

Cindy oh it must be driving you mad just now! Sorry you had the cramps have they stopped for now? I always get cramps with AFs I can't imagine not lol! So it is still just pink spotting? I do hope it won't come to anything please keep us updated! Sending you ((hugs)) Vicki that's great about the OPKs & HPTs sounds like you got a good deal with them! I find that website deliver quite quickly too which is good. Well just thought I'd pop in to say hi, I'm glad it's Friday feeling very tired. Just continuing to think positive thoughts and telling myself everything is going to be ok! Take care everyone, Alison xxx


Cindy Lou - February 3

Af not coming is wishful thinking...I am not really having cramps as bad as it was the other day...Thanks for asking...I think the darn AF will show up soon since now that it is not some spotting on the pad and not just the TP. SO I would say for sure tomorrow. Good luck with your OPK's. I hope it works for you this month...I should try them...How many days after Af are you supposed to be testing? I tried it once but got confused with the lines...I wish it was all so much easier...Allison just keep on being positive...You have all the help also from the medical center always testing which you did not have before...I am so elated about you being PG...Have a nice weekend, I am also sooooo happy it is Friday...I will check back in later over the weekend...Take care of yourselves...God Bless.


Vicki - February 6

Hi cindy, has she shown up for real yet? I think a little light spotting on your pad can't count as proper af. I used my first opk yesterday but it was completely -ve, not even a faint second line. I guess that's to be expected though as I'm not due to O until thursday. The kits that I bought tell you the best day in your cycle to start testing depending on how long your cycles are on the back of the box. Alison how are you feeling this week?


Cindy Lou - February 6

Yes AF came full force Saturday...I really was hoping not but that is my luck...I want to start temping to see if that works. But of course I did not do it Sat or Sunday. This is something I really have to try to remember to do in the morning. I know it has worked for others see if I can do it this way to. You say that OPK have a chart on the back...Does it go all the way up to 50 + days...lol. Well Back to the 'ol drawing board...I would like to be PG by April or June. April is DH Bday and of course June being Father's Day & I already have a fathers day card from years ago to tell him that way if I ever get there...It will probally turn old & crusty by the time I get PG....Alison are you doing ok...Good luck to you Vicki...I hope to hear from Enail soon about the baby.


Alison - February 7

Cindy I am so sorry about AF. So how many days was this month? Temping might be good to help you know better what is happening. Did you say you might try OPKs too? Is there nothing else the docs can do to help understand your cycles/when you ovulate etc? I hope so much you have a pregnancy to celebrate for your Dh's birthday in April. How are you feeling just now are you ok? I hope AF wasn't too bad a one for you. Sending you ((hugs)) Vicki my experience of OPKs is that I only get one line for a few days, then a second one that is not as dark then one that is the same or darker, then back to just the one line again. Hope you get your + by the weekend I'm sure you will! I am doing ok. I have been having bad nausea/sickness most of the time but don't mind as it is all worth it! :o) very tired too-I guess even though it's not great for the money it fits in well that I go down to part time hours as of next week so I'll get more chances to rest! I'm 7 weeks 5 days today. I am hanging in there waiting for Friday and that all important rea__surance! Hope Enail is doing well and her new baby which I presume will be here now? Love to everyone xxx


Cindy Lou - February 7

Good Morning Ladies. Well it started on CD50 well Cd 1 now. I went to Fertility Friend and started marking my Temps. While setting up my info I marked 0 for my cycle since it is all over the place and they marked my O time at 14 days. I don't think that would be right so I put in 35 days, but then I thought should I put 50...But maybe it will change the O days from the tempatures I am taking...I figured maybe since Chila swore by temping and that website maybe it can work for me too. I still have 5 clomid pills left since I stopped taking them because of finncially I wanted to stop but I know that it is so hard to stop thinking about it..I have said that so many time and I am still here hoping to get that BFP because everytime I dance I am like can it be it and then drive myself crazy waiting. I told myself that I will not think I am PG until I go pee every fricking 30 minutes cuz I would think that would be the only sign that would be a good one cuz I definately go by my darn cycles....Yada Yada Yada...Alison~I thought the same that as long as you are PG I would take those icky feelings. I have your appointment set up on my Calender and it has a pop up reminder So I will never forget your important dates.:)...This other threads has themselves a group site set up on Yahoo so everyone on there thread can look at the calender for everyone...I thought that was neat...But it seems to be just the 3 of us here and I am very happy with y'all. I love you ladies and the little bean...lol...Vicki any + opk yet? How are your cycles? Are they pretty normal? Shucks if I could be normal...I have been told before "You are just not Normal"...LOL...Well I gotta get back to work...Shhh..don't tell the boss...lol


Vicki - February 7

Hi Guys, I'm sorry that af turned up for you Cindy but I reckon that at least by temping you should be able to pinpoint exactly when you O so therefore you'll know if your af is actually late or not instead of all that wondering. I had a negative opk yesterday but I test in the afternoon so I shall be taking the next one in about an hours time


Mel907 - February 7

Alison, hoooorrrraaaaayyyy for you! This is Melanie, from ages ago. I'm so glad to hear that you're pregnant! How far along are you? I'll be sending positive, healthy thoughts your way. I'm 32wks today....wow, huh? It's an amazing journey so far! Much luck to the other ladies here, I've been there and feel your pain. May your babies find their way to you soon!



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