I Am Freaked I Need Help Please

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ShockNrockN - February 9

Well my period was almost over December 18th and, my ex b/f and I then, would loose control he knew I was waiting for marriage and I still am. But no matter what we did we still kept loosing control when we were together we loved each other of course. I got scared and broke things off around January 8th. But the conclusion to December 18th we lost control again and all we did was foreplay. But can foreplay mess up your period??? Meaning can his hand there ruin that??? My period was soooo loooonnngggg after that and, my mom told me you can only have that problem is unless you've had s_x. But I know we didn't because I would have felt him in there... But All I felt was his hand unless he snuck in and I thought it was hand. But excuse me for this language he is very big so, I would have deffenitly felt him in there. I am just concerned about my period, I took two pregnancy tests today and they both said negative. So I am still freaked most pregnancy tests can be wrong. I haven't had any symptoms of pregnancy that I have read on here.... If you are wondering about my age I am 21 and my ex b/f was 20 sorry if I don't sound my age I am bad with writing.


rm - February 9

Well if your saying that y'all didn't have s_x then you should just quit worrying. you are not pregnant if y'all didn't have s_x and you would DEFINATELY know if y'all did.And also foreplay will not mess up your period but stress will and you sound stressed. Don't worry honey it sounds like your ok but take another preg. test in a week or so if it makes you feel better.


ShockNrockN - February 9

Thank you Rm, I am just freaked about my period is all... I took two already if I have to take another pregnancy test I will. I am also wondering would I be showing by now if I were pregnant? Because it's been a while December 18th...


ShockNrockN - February 9

I also have been pushing in my stomach a lot all around and, I haven't been feeling any pains by doing that. Also been pushing on my stomach with my hands really hard and I don't feel any pains or anything on my stomach as well. December 18th was the last my ex-b/f and I did something.


Lin - February 9

I agree, it sounds like you're stressing yourself out over nothing, and your stress is what's causing your period to be late. Believe me, if you've never had s_x before, you would *definitely* feel it if it were in side you, *especially* if your boyfriend is particularly big.


ShockNrockN - February 9

Ok, I hope that's all it is and thank you for the advice. I hope it's just stress but I am going to the doctors today. Just to get a real pregnancy test and to just be sure. Because I wont be on birth control pills until next month and, I am afraid I will be showing by then if I am... But I am just getting a real pregnancy test done today so, I know for sure then I will be less stressed. I will also know for sure that my period is late just because of stress.


ShockNrockN - February 9

Ok I skipped the doctors I got embara__sed so, I decided to buy another test again and see how that goes... But I am gonna take my time with this one this time. I hope I am not pregnant...


LN030905 - February 9

Hey there! Take the test with your first morning urine for more acurate results!!!! Good luck!


ShockNrockN - February 11

I am ok! And thank you all for the advice I got my period finally a couple of days ago! I was so worried that I was but I did take the test before my period came but it said not pregnant again. So I think I am in the clear!!! :D



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