I Am So Confused

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Sarah - May 1

I just want to know if I might be pregnant. I've got some of the symptoms,for example My br___ts are kinda sore, I've been in moodswings, and my appat_te has changed. Also, my boyfried is telling me that I have a glow about me. I'm not really sure what he is talking about, but I guess I am glowing? But one thing is, I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative, but then again it's about 8 or 9 days before I am supposed to get my period. I don't know if this is my imagination, If someone could let me know soon, that would be great! Thanks!


Nica - May 1

You sound pregnant. Try another test in a few days. When I became pregnant I took a few tests and they were negative, yet I just KNEW I was pregnant. A week later, I took a test, and the faintest of faint lines appeared (you really had to strain to see it - it was really ghostlike and most people wouldn't have noticed it.) So again I tested a few days later and the line was a little darker. So you probably tested just a little too early.


Grandpa Viv - May 1

Ovulation is normally 14 days before your period, and implantation about a week later. It would be unusual to have early signs of pregnancy 9 days before your period, unless you ovulated early for some reason. Certainly it is far too soon to test. The box says 3 days before, but many women have to wait until the week after missing to get a positive.


amanda - May 2

I have got alot of signs that says I maybe preg. I just had my period about a 1 1/2 - 2 weeks ago.in between that time i woke up one morning and i had been bleeding. i have taken two hpt but both neg is it just to soon, and would a blood test show up now


jd - May 2

i'm in a similar situation amanda, i have all the signs of pregnancy (no bleeding though) and I have about 2 weeks until my period and i took a hpt which was neg. I was thinking of seeing if the doc can do a blood test to get a sooner than waiting another 2 weeks? Pls let me know if you find out if its possible. (pixiejovo@hotmail.com)


Jessy - May 2

try another test just after you've missed your period, I've always waited a whole week after my period is late(cuz I don't like to waste those expensive tests on a negative response-so far everytime it's been positive! That's been 3 times so far and I'm on my 3rd baby!) and you should get a positive yes or no...but it certainly does sound like you are!


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 2

We conceived on Valentines Day and I got my BFP on March 1st, just 15 days after. Most women don't get results this early, but for some reason, I do. I found out a week before my period with my last pregnancy too. I got my results early using a hpt from the Dollar Tree with first morning urine. Good luck ladies. :o)



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